Gallon a day water drinkers?



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    you should drink 1/2 your body weight in oz so if you weigh 120 lbs you drink 60 oz.. i have a free app on my phone called waterlogged it alerts me to drink up lol
  • I freeze my water bottles for about 20 minutes so that I have the ice in there to crunch on. I like cold cold water... and I add the liquid crystal lightelight every now and then just to change things up!
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    I drink lots of water and have had such an improvement in my skin! No kidding...I used to have horrible skin, now it feels amazing~EVEN IN THE HARSHEST DRY WINTER CLIMATE where I I swear by it, to hydrate and moisturize! I love my water!
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    I could never drink a whole gallon each day, but I do drink 8 glasses pretty easily.
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    8 bottles (16oz) of water = 1 gallon of water
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    I drink close to that, usually 96oz+ a day. My medication makes me thirsty and if I drink a regular amount, I get dehydrated.
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    Some days I drink a gallon or more...
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    I drink as much as I need to quench my thirst. I've realized that what I thought was hunger was actually thirst. Somedays - I'll just drink 48 oz. and other days I'll drink up to a gallon. Cold refrigerated tap water is the tastiest - but I'm fortunate enough to live in a town where the water quality is very good.
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    I've put down a gallon of water daily for most of the last eight months. I don't feel like Internetting all the researched reasons in favor of consuming that much water, so I'll post my experiences. Consuming a gallon of water a day has:

    given my kidneys enough water to process creatine supplementation
    seriously reduced muscle tension, especially in my calves
    kept me, in general, "fuller" on less food
    cut down, if not elimination, extra subcutaneous water retention
    eliminated post-cardio headaches

    for me.

    Your results may vary, offer invalid outside o the 26003 zip code
  • I agree that the camelbak bottle has me drinking a lot more. It's good for my edema as well as limiting hunger cravings. I did a gallon yesterday and close to it today.
  • I am a swim instructor.I always tend to drink a lot of water throughout the day.I notice that when i dont drink much water i prune up more.Most of the time when i drink water throughout i dont prune at all i attribute this to keeping well hydrated.Better bottles work great for me they are easy to carry around and fun to drink out of. I have notced that its easier for me to drink my gallon a day if start in the am with a pint glass of water (16oz) An hour or so later if im thirsty i will drink another before work.And then i continue to drink all day.I find having a 2 serving size bottle is easier to drink and easier to fill.if you are trying to lose weight or if you like to over eat (like me ) a good way to help cut down on over eating is to drink one full 8 ounce glass of water before each meal.this helps you feel full faster and if you don't finish everything on your plate you can always wrap it up and eat it later in the day or if its dinner save it for lunch tomorrow.
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    Depending on how thirty I am, on an average day I drink at least 3-4 500 ml bottles of water. I keep a bottle of water next to me at work, and keep it filled. I have a weak bladder due to a chronic gyne condition that affects my bladder. Drinking so much water has actually helped strengthen my bladder a bit, though I still run to the bathroom quite a bit. It takes a while, but your body will get used to drinking appropriate amounts of water.

    On days when I go to the gym I drink between .5 L and 1 L depending on what I'm doing (HIIT, cardio or weights). I wouldn't be surprised if I'm hitting a gallon a day on certain days, but I don't intentionally doing it.

    I say keep drinking water, but up your consumption by a glass a day every once and a while if you're not doing much or you and the pot are going to become best friends.
  • Thanks for these answers.
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    I have started drinking one gallon a day, and walking (or jogging) 1 mile to the refill water station at night, and 1 mile back with my water gallon filled for the next day. If the gallon of water a day doesn't get results, perhaps the walking will.

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  • I tend to drink as much water as possible, but not like I'm gonna have 3 glasses now! I just get a big bottle fill it up and sip it throughout the day, it works well if your hungry to keep your throat and mouth wet as it fools your stomach.
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    I get Perrier lemon water and drink it with a lemon slice or two to up my water intake
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    I typically drink 138 - 160 oz of water a day. Plus 4-6 cups of coffee and 2-4 diet sodas. Hydration is good mmmmkay.
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    You all know a gallon is 9 pints, or 4.5 litres - right?

    The 8 glasses they recommend per day are 200mls each. That is 1.6 litres. Or three pints.

    You risk water intoxication if you drink too much.

    Just saying - don't go overboard!
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    I am starting the "gallon a day" club for the next few weeks to see if I think it makes a difference for me.. We will have to see.