what's on your MFP Most Used Food List *Show Me your Top 3*



  • Rado_SVK
    Rado_SVK Posts: 442 Member
    I try to put variety in my food,but with current 3800 calories diet its not easy,specially to keep it as cost effective as possible.
    But my top 3 daily would be:
    1. Gainer shake with high protein and carbs
    2. fruit - banana,Pink Lady apple
    3. meat - salmon,chicken breast
  • Topher1978
    Topher1978 Posts: 975 Member
    Top o the mornin:
    Coffee, black
    Topher's Mango Banana Smoothie
    Topher's Black & Blue Strawberry Banana Smoothie

    Kroger - Organic Seedless Raisins
    California Grown - Shelled Walnuts
    Ghiradelli - Intense Dark Midnight Reverie Chocolate - 86% Cacao

    Topher's - Gala Apple, Medium
    Topher's - Refried Pinto Bean & Adobo Rice Whole Wheat Burritos
    Topher's - Large Tangelo

    Great Value - Skim Milk
    Chicken Thigh - Baked
    Organic Valley - Organic Raw Sharp Cheddar Cheese

    Midnight Coal:
    Optimum Nutrition - 100% Natural Casein - French Vanilla
    Simple Truth - 275mg Omega 3 Nat Cage Free Lg Brn Eggs Gr A
    Lifeway - Kefir Lowfat Yogurt - Plain
  • jchenks
    jchenks Posts: 164 Member
    1. Eggs
    2. Dairyland - Cottage Cheese - Fat Free
    3. Chicken - Breast, meat only, cooked, roasted

    Protein much? haha

    Eggs are amazing. I"ll have them any and every way possible.
    Cottage cheese - I'll pour a table spoon of reduced sugar maple syrup for added sweetness
    Chicken - i think that one doesn't need any explanation.

    Yum food!
  • britkneemeyer
    britkneemeyer Posts: 54 Member
    1.Organic Baby Spinach
    2.Starbucks - Grande Soy Hazelnut Latte
    3.Fru - Avocado Raw

    haha accurate.
  • scoob1983
    scoob1983 Posts: 18 Member
    1. Coffee
    2. Raw Milk
    3. Garden of Life- Vitamin code
  • owllison
    owllison Posts: 8
    Mine are weird. Coffee, Tim Horton's medium coffee with cream, and 1% milk. WTF? I guess I like coffee?
  • owllison
    owllison Posts: 8
    Mine are weird. Coffee, Tim Horton's medium coffee with cream, and 1% milk. WTF? I guess I like coffee?

    Oh, nevermind. It was set to show breakfast foods only.

    Now my top 3 are: coffee, weight watchers bread, Tim Horton's coffee with cream. Well that isn't much different. To make myself feel better I have to mention that the next two are red peppers and pink lady apples.
  • dunnodunno
    dunnodunno Posts: 2,290 Member
    Perdue - Oven Stuffer Whole Roaster Chicken (7lbs)
    Generic - Great Value Zesty Italian Dressing
    Kind - Healthy Grains - Cinnamon Oat Clusters With Flax Seed
  • Sharkington
    Sharkington Posts: 485
    2. Bananas
    3. Eggs

    A bit surprised about the eggs, but yeah...I do eat a lot of eggs, but I seriously thought avocados would would beat eggs.
  • Rivka007
    Rivka007 Posts: 26 Member
    Old fashioned rolled oats, raw blueberries, and Chobani (vanilla). Fourth is pizza..... lol
  • Sunflowergirl1
    Sunflowergirl1 Posts: 33 Member
    Organic grass fed whole milk

    Smoked, uncured, center cut bacon

    Organic, grass fed butter
  • jgcurry3
    jgcurry3 Posts: 172 Member
    whey protein
  • gonnamakeanewaccount
    gonnamakeanewaccount Posts: 642 Member
    Bananas, peanut butter, and tomatoes.
  • lovemitch125
    lovemitch125 Posts: 257 Member
    Banana, egg substitute & 100 cal popcorn :bigsmile:
  • Hopelessone
    Hopelessone Posts: 270 Member
    maple brown sugar oatmeal, banana, yogurt
  • lovemitch125
    lovemitch125 Posts: 257 Member
    1. Olive Oil EVOO
    2. Eggland's Best Eggs (I have them for breakfast most days cooked with olive oil)
    3. Chicken Breast

    Before MVP it probably would have been

    1. Bread
    2. Cheese
    3. Beer

    Before MVP:
    1. Pasta
    2. Bread & Butter
    3. Vodka- actually still in my most used :laugh:
  • teamAmelia
    teamAmelia Posts: 1,247 Member
    Planters - Honey Roasted Cashews ***they're a healthy snack when I'm craving junk food
    Taco Cabana - Chicken Breast Fajita Taco ****sure, I eat them w queso, but it's much healthier than what I normally eat at fast food places
    Mcdonald's - Fruit & Yogurt Parfait With Granola (From Website As of 4/20/12) ***another healthy snack
  • TracyJo93
    TracyJo93 Posts: 197 Member
    1) Oatmeal - it keeps me full!
    2) Apples - low cal and high in fiber
    3) 0% milk - I put it in coffee, tea, and drink it plain.
  • conorpatmanCHANGED
    conorpatmanCHANGED Posts: 253 Member
    vitamin, apple sauce, milk
  • Confuzzled4ever
    Confuzzled4ever Posts: 2,860 Member
    Morning Mayhem:

    Coffee - Brewed from grounds Qty: of
    Bananas - Raw Qty: of
    Bountiful Baskets - Organic 9 Grain Sandwich Bread

    Sneaky Snacking:
    Apples - Fuji (Small) Qty: of
    Fruit - Strawberry--Medium(1.25"Dia) Qty: of
    Adams - All Natural Peanut Butter Chunky ( I do eat a lot of PB..but haven't had this brand in awhile!)

    Ethereal Equinox:
    Carrots - Raw Qty: of
    Generic - Avacado - 1/2 Small Qty: of
    Generic - Minced Fresh Garlic (YUP! goes in everything !LOL)

    Naughty Nibbles:
    Nuts - Almonds (Raw) Qty: of
    Generic - Walnut - 1 Nut (2 Halves) Qty: of
    Bananas - Raw (I love bananas! but I only eat one a day lol)

    Crazy Concoctions:
    Generic - Minced Fresh Garlic Qty: of (haha yup!)
    Onion - Yellow Onion, Raw Qty: of (goes in most things!)
    Kroger - Traditional Salsa - Medium

    Nocturnal Noshing & Vitamins (I skipped the vitamins as they were first)

    Kedem - Tea Biscuits Qty: of
    Bigelow - Chamomile and Mint Tea Qty: of
    Chocolate banana protein pick me up

    If you switch it to all meals:
    Coffee - Brewed from grounds Qty: of
    Bananas - Raw Qty: of
    Apples - Fuji (Small)

    Yep and this is pretty accurate :~)