Women's average THIGH and CALF size! What's yours?



  • I am 5'5"
    139 lbs
    Thigh: 23.5"
    Calf" 15.25
    My last BF% was 27.7%, but that was 6lbs ago....

    Glad to see I am not the only one that can't get her legs into some boots and jeans!
  • chymerra
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    i have huge thighs and calves because the majority of my muscles are there. my thighs are about 20", calves i'm not sure but let's just say that i have trouble fitting into boots that do not have an elastic running down the boot. lifting and plyometrics have further built my quads/calves but i'm happy with them because they look strong.
    Hi MFPals!

    I'm trying to find the average thigh and calf sizes for women online and found nothing substantial to compare myself to. I am bottom heavy and my goal is to fit in regular rain boots but am unsure what the standard calf size is for women. I want a number to set my goals to! Here are my stats:

    Calves: 14.25"
    Thighs: 21"
    Height: 5'3"
    Body fat: 24.5%

    Stats from women of all shapes & sizes welcome! Thanks for helping a girl out!
  • Justjamie0418
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    Im 5'8.5
    164 lbs
    22 inch thighs at the thickest
    15 inch calfs
  • ThinUpGirl
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    I'm 5'6, 166 lbs.

    My thighs at the thickest part are 25 inches.

    My calves are 16 inches.

    I do a lotvof jogging & walking so my calves look muscular, but I hate my thighs.
  • kw85296
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    I'm 5' 4.5"
    Weight 132
    Thighs 18"
    Calves 14"
  • jenilla1
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    Body Fat 24%
    BMI 20.1
    130 pounds
    calf - 14.25"
    thigh - 20.75"
  • Sparlingo
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    5'0", 27 years old.
    Weight: 137 lbs.
    Body fat: 35%

    Thigh: 24"
    Calf: 15"

    Have a lot of work ahead of me. :smile: I don't mind having proportionally larger legs, honestly. Just want to get my overall weight down. If my cellulite becomes less visible, bonus!
  • blu_meanie_ca
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    age 34
    height 5'9
    weight 246lb
    bodyfat 28%
    thigh 28"
    calf 18.75"
  • charliebitesback
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    Age: 16
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 108lb
    Waist: 26''
    Bust: 32''
    Hips: 34''
    Body Fat: 24%
    Calf: 14''
    Thigh: 20''

    I hate my legs. xD
  • mazdauk
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    I don't know all my measurements but I know my thighs are around the mid-20s (:grumble: ) - bt my calves have always been big, legacy of dancing then riding. In fact, even when I was in my late teens I had to get "wider leg" riding boots (and I was a UK 10-12 at the time).

    one of my friends suggested going to a shop for larger ladies because they tend to do larger leg boots! Or my mother-in-law favours shorter wellies. But that's her.....:wink: I feel your pain - even when I reach my target weight I know I'm unlikely to fit into ALL long boots.:noway:
  • Lainny21
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    5'4.5" 137 pounds
    Body fat-22.6%
  • HonoriaLucasta
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    5'10", 165, 25" thighs (mostly muscle) and 17" calves (ALL muscle). Love them both except when I'm shopping for boots. :)
  • 5' 1.5"
    115 lbs
    18% BF
    14.5 calf
    21.5 thigh

    My husband is 6'4" and his thighs and calves are smaller than mine. X-D
  • Zombriana
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    136 lbs
    24.2% bf
    23" thighs
    15" calves
    I always get picked on for how big my calves are compared to my height. lol
  • 5'1
    90 ish pounds
    Not sure about BF
    17-17.5 inch thighs
    10.5 inch calves

    I know the measurements themselves may seem small, but I'm a petite person so I feel like my thighs are HUGE! My calves are a decent size, I just wish I could slim down my thighs a bit. Even lifting and doing squats hasn't helped, if anything they've made them more muscular!
  • chelseascounter
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    Weight: 107

    Calves: 12 inches

    Thighs: 19.5 inches

    Waist: 26 inches

    Bust: 32 inches

    Hips: 35 inches

    Height: 4'10"
  • AmyMgetsfit
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    I just calculated my body fat today using healthcentral.com

    Calves: 13 3/4"
    Thighs: 19"
    Weight: 137lbs
    Height: 5'3"
    Body fat: 22%
  • sozisraw
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    5ft 3
    Calf 14ins
    Thigh 20ins
  • 5'9"
    Cw: 135.7
    Gw: 125
    Thigh: 21
    Calf: 13

    Jw, does that seem skinny to y'all? Or normal?
  • 215jenn
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