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HALP! Heavy Lifting Made Me SUPAH Bulky!!!



  • notworthstalkingnotworthstalking Member Posts: 531 Member Member Posts: 531 Member
    You look amazing. My profile pic is me looking bulky this morning :)
  • CliffslosinitCliffslosinit Member Posts: 5,134 Member Member Posts: 5,134 Member
    You are awesome Lea...can you pick me up??
  • betoarangobetoarango Member Posts: 222 Member Member Posts: 222 Member

    Congratulations on your Bulk!!
  • Alisha_countrymamaAlisha_countrymama Member Posts: 821 Member Member Posts: 821 Member
    You look stunning! Keep it up girl! Lift on!
  • BurtHuttzBurtHuttz Member Posts: 3,925 Member Member Posts: 3,925 Member
    OP, you aren't bulky. I've looked that that picture and all I really see are long, lean, and toned muscles. You look like what the dancers in my head look like. You might have body dysmorphia if you think you're bulky. I recommend talking to a specialist.

    With love,
  • MudRunLvrMudRunLvr Member Posts: 226 Member Member Posts: 226 Member
    Lea you are sooo inspiring! <3 hehe Now I wanna eat better so I can have abs. lol


  • sarita446sarita446 Member Posts: 28 Member Member Posts: 28 Member
  • MiloBloom83MiloBloom83 Member Posts: 2,756 Member Member Posts: 2,756 Member
    You need to stop curling in the squat rack.
  • spade117spade117 Member Posts: 2,545 Member Member Posts: 2,545 Member
    As always, good stuff here.
  • DelicateDelicate Member Posts: 628 Member Member Posts: 628 Member
    I want to look bulky like you!
  • DontStopB_LeakinDontStopB_Leakin Member Posts: 4,096 Member Member Posts: 4,096 Member
    Oh look, heavy lifting made me bulky, too!

    No heavy lifting, after losing 23 lbs:

    One month of heavy lifting, 5/3/1 program
    The weight difference from the first to second photo is one pound.


    *mfkn swoon*
  • juliemouse83juliemouse83 Member Posts: 6,899 Member Member Posts: 6,899 Member
    Bump...can't see pictures from here.
  • DontStopB_LeakinDontStopB_Leakin Member Posts: 4,096 Member Member Posts: 4,096 Member
    Lea you rock! Heavy lifting made me bulky too.

    And by hyooge I mean effin' tiny. Amazing.
  • MidwestAngelMidwestAngel Member Posts: 1,930 Member Member Posts: 1,930 Member
    I think I'll stick with my zumba. Way too bulky for my liking.
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