Whats your goal outfit?! Motivation



  • gr8pillock
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    I want to be able to dress as Rogue, or another superhero in a catsuit. That's what I want.
  • jrniven
    jrniven Posts: 74 Member
    A banana hammock! BOOM! No all kidding aside I want to walk down the street without a shirt on in shorts and flip flops while not feeling self conscious about myself.
  • shadow2soul
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    I'd love to be able to wear something like this again:


    Ultimately I'd like a slightly lower bf% than in that picture, but I know I'll be extremely excited when I can fit into all the clothes I used to wear again.
  • jadedone
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    A dress like this. Assuming there is an actual bra that would work for it. :)


    Or something like this:
  • Shiroi
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    I want to people able to wear fitted women shirts without worrying about if I look decent or not. I know it sounds silly, but I've been very overweight my entire life (Being in 2x-3x in mens shirts for my adult life) and I'm adjusting to being thinner. I can fit into a 2x women's shirt now, but I want to be able to fit into a XL-L without any extra baggage. XD
  • AshDHart
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    So pretty! Also, everything you've pinned is gorgeous. I love your style.

    Thanks! Now to get the figure to wear my style. That's one of the frustrating things being so overweight. It's like a part of your personality is hidden.
  • danamariers
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    My goal outfit is my favourite thing I've ever bought but never fit in to, and it's got a peasant's price tag to match the look :)

    It is:

    My fave pair of wedge sandals (which do fit me now)
    Black leggings that zip up in the front (kind of retro in look, but simple)
    And a 3/4 sleeve tunic top that's robin's egg blue, with slight and simple embroidery around the collar.

    Except for the sandals (which were a steal of a deal at $40 on sale in Vegas), the leggings and tunic top are both from a second-hand store and ran a bill of $15.

    Can't wait to wear it :)
  • JuniperT
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    This, I can't wait to be able to dress like this again....