61lbs & 15% BF buned in 365 days (VERY PIC HEAVY)



  • WickedZoey
    WickedZoey Posts: 401 Member
    amazing transformation girl! what an inspiration!
  • mark_in_mo
    mark_in_mo Posts: 19
    This is fantastic and your pictures are beautiful. Very motivational and compelling story.
    Thanks for sharing it!
  • amandacroberts
    amandacroberts Posts: 12 Member
    What a story! Congrats on the transformation and 365 days - you look amazing! :D
  • oddyogi
    oddyogi Posts: 1,816 Member
    You look absolutely stunning! And so much younger too!
  • 3furballs
    3furballs Posts: 476 Member
    You look amazing! I love that you didn't let the scale be your guide, but instead a healthy fit body. Great inspiration!!
  • rhea420
    rhea420 Posts: 68
    you are awesome and very inspiring!
  • nalie879
    nalie879 Posts: 12 Member
    You're a true inspiration! Congratulations on your accomplishments and goo health!
  • jlt5425
    jlt5425 Posts: 19
    Unbelievable! You look smokin' hot! I can't wait to finally take some "after" pictures. You're such an inspiration. Thanks for posting.
  • morkiemama
    morkiemama Posts: 897 Member
    Gotta love that heavy lifting and eating more! :D Congrats girl you look AMAZING!!!!
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