May Weight Loss Group



  • gd34
    gd34 Posts: 16 Member
    I'm in again! I lost 8 pounds while in the April group.

    SW: 204
    CW: 186
    GW For the month of May: 180
    UGW: 140

    Good luck, everyone!

    May 3rd 185 (-1 lb)

    I've been really sick this week and unable to exercise, so I wasn't sure if I'd lose anything. I'm looking forward to feeling better and getting back on track with my exercise next week.

    May 10th 183 (-2 lb)

    I totally got back on track with exercise this week after my illness last week. It was really hard! My stamina was no where near where it was before that week of no exercise. Finally, toward the end of the week, I felt like myself again. I'm happy to see that number on the scale - I worked HARD for it.

    May 17th 181 (-2 lb)

    I'm only a pound away from my May goal weight! I'm hoping I'll have to adjust my goal next week. I started C25K this week. It was the perfect week to start because the weather was gorgeous here this week. It was hard for me to get over the idea that people might see me, but I finally just did it!

    May 24th 180 (-1 lb)

    I reached my May goal! I hope to lose at least another pound by the 31st, which would be 7 pounds for the month.

    May 31st 175 (-5 lb)

    I was shocked this morning! I didn't do anything much differently this week, so I don't know why I lost so much. But I have noticed that type of pattern with my weight loss before - I lose a pound or two steadily for weeks, then lose 4 or 5 one week. Hey, I'll take it!

    I lost a total of 11 pounds this month! Now I'm only 3 pounds away from being halfway to my goal!

    I love reading about everyone's progress. You've all done so well this month. Keep it up!
  • kar328
    kar328 Posts: 4,098 Member
    SW 248
    CW 222.2
    GW for May 216

    No specific dates for weighing in yet. I work 12 hour nights, different each week and weigh in after I'm off a day or two with real sleep and hours between eating. But I do check in once a week between Sunday and Saturday.

    5/03 222.0
    5/06 219.0 (just checked for the heck of it, but I'm taking this for this week)
    5/14 217.4
    5/30 215.4 Fought a 3 lb gain these past two weeks, finally got it back.

    5/31 214.8 My body is trying to be nice after the plateau. So 7.2 lbs in May. I'm happy with it :smile:
  • SassyMom23
    SassyMom23 Posts: 112 Member
    MAY 24th weigh in!

    SW: 199.8
    CW: 187.8
    GW For the month of May: 182
    UGW 130

    May 3rd: 186.8
    May 10th: 185.8
    May 17th: 185.8
    May 24th: 185.4
    May 31st: 182.8

    YAY!!!!! Didn't think I was going to make it!
  • Bibliothekar
    Bibliothekar Posts: 19 Member
    SW: 202
    CW: 196
    GW For the month of May: 192
    UGW: 145

    Weight on May 1st: 197.5

    Check in dates:
    May 8th: 196
    May 15th: 194
    May 22th: 193.5
    May 29th: 190 (Woot! Past my goal weight!)
    May 31st: 190.5

    Final tally for May: 7 lbs. Yay!
    SW: 182
    CW: 175
    GW For the month of May: 172
    UGW: 130

    5/3: 182
    5/17: 178
    5/24: 178
    5/31: 175
  • keyariloses
    keyariloses Posts: 74 Member
    Last May check-in!

    May 1st stats:
    SW: 256
    CW: 230.6
    GW For the month of May: 219 (making it a challenge :-)
    UGW: 170

    Check in dates:
    May 3rd: 227.2
    May 10th: 227.0
    May 17th: 225.6
    May 24th:225.6
    May 31st: 225.2

    So my total loss for may was 5.4lbs, not my goal and I had some definite struggles this month but I will take it! on to june
  • schonkreuz
    schonkreuz Posts: 493 Member
    SW: 277
    GW For the month of May: 218
    UGW: 120

    May 1st- 227
    May 3rd- 226.5
    May 10th- 224
    May 17th-224
    May 24th-220 water weight defeated!

    May 31st 219

    Not a big loss the last week but its still a loss! Lost 8 lbs this month :)
  • Ok.... I started a group named "June Weight Loss Group" .... If anyone is interested in joining!

    I loved this group, it helped keep me accountable and it also helped me see how much progress I made!!
  • AmberleyAngel
    AmberleyAngel Posts: 160 Member
    SW: 193 kg
    CW: 132 kg
    GW For the month of May: 128 kg
    UGW: 85 kg

    Weight on May 1st: 132 kg

    Check in dates (I prefer Saturdays):
    May 4th: 132 kg
    May 11th: 131 kg
    May 18th: 130 kg
    May 25th: 129 kg
    May 31st: 128 kg

    So happy I lost my goal of 4 kg. :)

    Congrats to all who have made good progress. Well done all!
  • rainysue34
    rainysue34 Posts: 42 Member
    SW: 143
    CW: 143
    GW for May: 138
    UGW: 115
    Height: 5'2"

    May 1st: 141.3
    May 4th: 140.7
    May 15th: 141.1 at least I'm maintaining
    May 31st: 138.5

    Only half a pound from my May goal! I think it was a pretty successful month! Now on to June!
  • Taking engagement pictures next month. I need something to keep me accountable... and ALSO to keep me motivated.

    Weight on April 29th: 134

    Check in dates (feel free to change dates to your specific weigh-in days if these don't work for you):
    May 6th: 133 (even with cake tasting and mothers day dinner, niceee!!)
    May 13th: 132!!!!!!!
    May 20th: 131 (I need to work hard this week, lots and lots of temptations!)
    May 27th: 130 (I was down to 129 this weekend BUT fiance's birthday/lake weekend happened).

    June 1st: 129!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally in the 120's again, reunited and it feels SO GOOD!
  • Ally_93
    Ally_93 Posts: 45 Member
    I'll join :)

    SW: 95kgs (209lbs)
    CW: 74.5kgs (164.2lbs)
    GW for the month: 70kgs (155.4lbs)
    UWG: 65.5kgs (144.4)
  • channy70
    channy70 Posts: 178 Member
    Didn't lose anything this week, actually up by 0.4lbs that's too PMS, missed my goal by 4.4lbs:cry:, but there's alway next month.

    SW: 187
    CW: 178.8
    GW For the month of May: 168
    UGW: 130

    Weight on May 1st: 178.8

    Check in dates:
    May 4th: 177.6
    May 11th: 175
    May 18th: 175
    May 25th: 172
    May 31st:172.4

    Down a total of 6.4lbs for May...:drinker:
  • viciouslitany
    viciouslitany Posts: 187 Member
    SW: 292
    CW: 245
    GW For the month of May: [let's make it a little tough.] 236
    UGW: 222 [for now]

    Weight on May 1st: 241 lbs.

    [changing the goal I had when I first signed up for this!]

    Check in dates:
    May 4th: 242. could have been worse. xD
    May 11th: 240.
    May 18th: 239.
    May 25th: 236.
    May 31st: 237!

  • Diamond05
    Diamond05 Posts: 475 Member
    Check in for May 14th
    SW: 273

    CW: 241(April)

    GW: for Month of May : 230

    UGW: 160-170

    Weight on May 1st: 240

    My check ins

    May 7TH: 236
    4 POUNDS OFF!! YAY!!!
    May 14th: 235.2
    0.8pound... better than none I guess.:huh:
    May 21st
    May 31st

    I really don't know how they came off because I`ve excercised less this past week, I ate junk sunday and i binged a bit, ate 3 ice cream bars like the magnum ones.... I do have a cold, maybe that's it?? Anyway, I`ll take it and I`m not complaining for the past 2 months, I've been losing a pound or two per week!! This really made my day...:love::flowerforyou:

    Keep on going everybody!!

    Just got off the scale and......

    I'm at 230.4! I consider it goal reached!:bigsmile: :smokin:

    I couldn't weight myself on the 31. Hope everybone is happy
  • Diamond05
    Diamond05 Posts: 475 Member
    I'll join :)

    SW: 95kgs (209lbs)
    CW: 74.5kgs (164.2lbs)
    GW for the month: 70kgs (155.4lbs)
    UWG: 65.5kgs (144.4)

    Lol this was for the month of may! But im sure there will be something for the month of June!:smile:
  • H0llyG0lightly
    H0llyG0lightly Posts: 214 Member
    W: 155
    GW For the month of May: 149
    UGW: 135

    Weight on May 1st: 151.5

    Check in dates:
    May 3rd: 153.5 :grumble:
    May 10th: 152 -- after a week-long semi-break and several drinks after a finance final, not tooo bad.
    May 17th:152.5 -- meh...I'm not trying as hard as I should be
    May 24th: 152.5 -- ditto
    May 31st: 151.5 -- try again in June
  • PaliDNAnge
    PaliDNAnge Posts: 81 Member
    SW: 291
    CW: 251
    GW For the month of May: realistically: 241; optimistically: 239; ideally: 236
    UGW: 150

    I weigh in on Sundays, so I may have a couple days of April and June included.

    Check in dates:
    May 5th: 251 (no loss boo!)
    May 12th: 249.6 (week: -1.4lbs; month: -1.4lbs)
    May 19th: 243.6 (week: -6lbs; month: -7.4lbs)
    May 26th: 240.6 (week: -3lbs; month: -10.4lbs)
    June 2nd: 238.6 (week: -2lbs; month: -12.4lbs)

    Realistic and Optimistic goals reached!!! Yaay!!
  • MyHealthyTemple
    MyHealthyTemple Posts: 46 Member
    SW: 175
    CW: 171
    GW For the month of May: 168
    UGW: 155

    Check in dates: :
    May 10th: 175
    May 17th: 175 (rejoined MFP on Monday 20th May):wink:
    May 24th: 170 - 5 lb's lost! Happy with that, a good start :-)
    May 31st: 169 - 6 lb's lost in total for month of May!!
  • Jane_1705
    Jane_1705 Posts: 152 Member
    Love this for keeping track. I am close to my goal now so 0.5lb a week target

    SW: 170
    CW: 145
    GW For the month of May: 143
    UGW: 140

    Weight on May 1st: 145

    Check in dates (feel free to change dates to your specific weigh-in days if these don't work for you):
    May 1st: 145
    May 6th: 144
    May 13th: 143
    May 20th: 142
    May 27th: 141
    May 31st: 141(and still 141 today as had a break in Dubai)