will you ever be happy with your body?



  • Akimajuktuq
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    What benefit are you getting from deciding to never be happy with your body? I've had a child and also been extremely obese. My body will never be perfect and it's too bad that I spent all my youth focusing on my flaws when I looked HOT. However, I'm 40, with a child and I'm proud of how I look. I'm enjoying the best health of my life, including the best mental health and a big part of that is accepting and loving myself. I owe it to my daughter to set an example of self love. I'm breaking the cycle of self-loathing because NOTHING good is gained from it... except a bunch of corporations make a ton of money from us always trying to "fix" ourselves. I'm done with that bs. I love me.
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    i don't think being happy with your body really has anything to do with your body. i think it much more has to do with your mind. i never had any problems with my body at my high weight...and i doubt i will as i reach my goals. i really wish more people could feel the same way. it's sad.

    This! I've never been unhappy with my body, even when I was over 200 lbs and barely fitting in size 16 jeans.. I've wanted to make improvements primarily so I can be healthy and strong, but that has nothing to do with being happy with my body. Define happiness. Is it just smiling? Is it just being able to fit into cute jeans? Is it just making heads turn like they did when you were younger? While those things would give me a sense of pride, my happiness does not hinge on those things. Happiness is a state of mind - you choose what gets you there.

    Me, I'm close to my goal weight, I'm stronger than I was when I was in my teens, and I'm looking forward to having rockin' abs by the time I turn 50 (2-1/2 years from now). I have a hubby who has loved me at all sizes, and two teenaged boys whom I can beat in a sit-ups contest. I have a job I like and coworkers who respect me. My life is a work in progress, and I choose to be happy about all parts of the adventure.
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    Yes, I am happy with my body. For the most part, it serves me well. And I'm healthy as a horse. Why should I complain?

    On the other hand, no. I'll never be satisfied with status quo. I'm always trying to figure out a way to improve myself.
  • I am not only happy, at 43, Im freakin estatic!! : )

    You should be. You look great and you make me ecstatic :smooched:
    Awwwh Thanks for making my entire day, beautiful! :flowerforyou:
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    I'm thrilled with my body!
  • Emily_20x
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    Nope, never!
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    I have gone from 196 to 118 and NO I will never be happy! I have the stretch marks and have had 2 c-sections. The first c-section I was cut hip bone to hip bone to save my life as well as the 2 babies I was carrying. (only one survived) I still see the fat girl in the mirror every day!!!
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    I will never be able to peddle fast enough for long enough, so no. :)
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    I went from 260 to 138. I am SO VERY happy with my body!!! Every single person in this world has imperfections, whether they were ever overweight or not. I am not saying there arent any things I would change if it was possible, but for the most part, I am proud and pleased with my body. I can actually walk around naked in front of my boyfriend and not feel self conscious. Thats something I had never done before. So YES. It is possible.
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    I'm happy with my body right now - It could constantly be improved but what is the use in hating yourself? I accept how it looks and change what I can.
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    I'm happy in my skin, yes I have a jelly belly but hell I've had two very large babies as well as being over weight for years so I can live with that, and I'm old enough to realise that I had my perfection in my twenties I just didn't know it then as I was still looking for it, now being older and hopefully wiser I believe there's so much more to life than what I look like ????
  • meramirez2012
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    Yes! I hated my body for my entire 20's. At 31, I finally love my body. I'm always trying to improvement myself overall, which includes my body, but I never stop loving it.
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    I don't think I will every be truly happy with my body but that doesn't mean I won't try and doesn't mean I won't come to a point where I am happy enough even if it isn't 100% what I'd wished for.

    I don't think anyone in this world will ever say they can be 100% satisfied with the way their body looks, there will always be something they see as flawed.
  • jamielynas
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    as soon as your happy, you stop trying, I know I'll never be happy, but that's what keeps me motivated, small improvements and progress, while enjoying the process :)
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    So far, not really. Im still working at it though! ;)
  • meramirez2012
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    as soon as your happy, you stop trying, I know I'll never be happy, but that's what keeps me motivated, small improvements and progress, while enjoying the process :)

    I hear what you are saying, but I don't agree. Happiness is a major source of motivation for me.
  • FindingMyself24
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    Happier...yes....completely satisfied...no....there will always be something i dont like about my body...its normal....
  • meshashesha2012
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    yep. but then again i was raised to view my body differently than many other american women. i was taught to celebrate my body and be grateful for what it can do. i might be mistaken but i think in general caribbeans are taught to think they are beautiful no matter what they look like. :smile:
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    I am happy with my body.
    I am 49 years old, and my body isn't perfect for sure.
    But after 60 lbs weight loss and two and a half rounds of Insanity I am in the best shape of my life and I like it very much.
  • lilawolf
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    Yes and no. I am pretty happy with my body now, but having goals to strive for are great too. I'm not unhappy if I don't lose the last five pounds or if I never manage to benchpress my own body weight, but I like trying!