Stomach bloat after eating ANYTHING.



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    The last post is a little contradicting. First you dismiss food intolerance, then say she should be tested for a food allergy. Food allergies and food intolerance are different, and testing for allergies won't make a difference. I'm not trying to pick a fight, just someone who resisted the idea of food intolerance and after 44 years found out that the bloat I experienced after eating was not normal. At all. It may not be gluten, or a food intolerance at all. But it should be considered. I experienced bloat after eating anything it seemed, and eliminating gluten changed everything.

    I didn't dismiss it, I'm not a doctor there for a cannot dismiss anything. I said it may not be the problem. Sorry for not using the right word i did mean intolerance. I also didn't say test for it because you can't really. I also cannot eat gluten or dairy for the same reason but i experience other stuff along with the bloating and i think is is pretty unusual not to have any other symptoms. I'm just saying that MAYBE is isn't and to try other things first before ruling out gluten etc if you don't need to. It could be a simple fix, instead of freaking the poor girl out with worse case stuff.

    I'm also entitled to have an opinion, If she doesn't want to take mine that's fine.
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    I wasn't trying to be rude, just seemed like lots of people seem to dismiss food intolerance. And people do confuse allergies with intolerance. Just wanted to let her know that allergy testing won't help, it wasn't an attempt to tell you you're wrong. And a food intolerance is certainly not the worst thing in the shouldn't freak her out. And yes, you are entitled to your opinion. I didn't mean to imply otherwise.
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    I know I'm a little late with my response but hopefully it will help. I too had the same problem and it went even further because I became nauseated at times and was just miserable. Anyway, after visiting a Gastroenterologist I learned that my food wasn't breaking down (digesting) like it should. Well, I started taking Align that is a probiotic and I must say that it changed my life. No matter if I ate healthy, junk, or whatever I had the same issue until I faithfully started taking the OTC med. Good luck!
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    I have the same problem! :mad: This post was very informative, thank you everyone. :wink:
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    isn't that normal? Probably go away once you reduce your bodyfat percentage.
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    bump. the exact same thing happens to me & i can't figure out why. i love dairy too much so i won't give it up if that is the cause, i do eat dairy on a daily basis. i just deal. i would love to hear what others have to say.
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    I can relate as well. (I have posted the same question a few weeks ago!). I have had this probem all my life, and for those sceptics out there, the difference can be up to 2 sizes in pants compared morning to evening! No fun on a party night!

    A few things that helped me: water, lots of it. Eat more fiber (up to 28-35 gr./day), but increase intake slowly! Chia seeds work well for me. If I have a night out and really need to get rid of the bump, I eat asparagus the day before (?). It works, lol. I have cut out bread and grains and found out dairy is fine for me (no difference if I do or don't).

    If probiotics work for you, perfect. Me, I get cramps from them and bloat even more. I have now started on digestive enzymes as a test. Stomach acids first, if there's no change I'll switch to a natural digestive aid for bowels.

    My abs are visible, I work out a lot , but it does not help me get rid of my little Buddha Belly. Maybe I can learn to grow attached to it ;-)

    Good luck!
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    I am SOOO glad I'm not the only person with this. Even when I think of losing the weight I put on now, I think, "well, it doesn't matter because when I was at my smallest, my stomach was always sticking out anyway unless I just didn't eat and I don't like being hungry just to keep a flat stomach 24/7." This has been so encouraging. Now I actually want to lose my weight again and figure out a way to get around this. I'll try the probiotics like mentioned. I DO have IBS, was diagnosed with it a few years ago. I had no idea that it could even be related to the bloating, stomach sticking out. I always thought I was just doomed to have a pudgy tummy. Thanks SOOOO much for posting this and thanks for even showing the pictures. I can totally understand where you're frustration is coming from.
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    Another one here that has dealt with this my entire life. To those dismissing her concern, she isn't talking about an "oh I ate soooo much my belly is sooo full and big" kind of thing. It gets big and bloated no matter what you eat to the point where you look a few months pregnant even with a small meal~ you get bloat and distention. In other words, you don't just FEEL bloated you ARE!
    It was suggested to me by my gastro dr before to try an elimination diet to get to the root of my digestion issues and I've recently (about 2 weeks ago) started attempting to cut out grains to see if I notice a difference and I definitely do! I'm not 100% strict about it so I still have days where my belly gets bloated (probably because of some form of gluten I didn't notice) but when I'm really watching what I eat and checking the labels for any grain products it's like I have a new stomach! Once I get the hang of grain-free I want to try and add back in one type at a time and see how my body reacts. It's a somewhat slow process (to say the least) but seeing results is very encouraging! It was also suggested to me to try cutting dairy and see how that helps but I figured I could only handle cutting one thing at a time~ mentally~ so I'll focus on that later on! :wink:

    Good luck in figuring out your trigger(s)!! :smile:
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    This same thing happens to me. I take probiotics and it helps some but not near enough. If i cut out simple carbs and most sugar its sooo much better but that's really hard for me to do.....
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    This happens to me too. At night before I go to bed I look prego then first thing in the morning I look 5-10 lbs lighter. I have noticed for me it happens when I eat a meal that is high in carbs and/or too much sugar.
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    Mine is definitely gluten related. I look 5 months pregnant after I eat ANYTHING with gluten in it. Since it is only an intolerance and the only issue is the swelling of my stomach it's easy to slip up every once in a while. It's an ongoing joke at work because everyone can always tell when I've had something with gluten in it. Completely changes my shape!
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    I'm having issues with stomach bloating. Frustrating...
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    Not sure if this was the right forum or not, but oh well. So my stomach always looks good in the morning. But as soon as I eat something or drink something (no matter what it is) my stomach blows up. I finally took some photos this morning. The first two are before I had my breakfast which was; 2 chocolate crunch rice cakes, 2 tbsp of peanut butter and about a 1/4 cup of Bob's Redmill granola & NOTHING to drink. That's clearly not a lot of food, but the the 3rd and 4th photo clearly show how much my stomach blew up after. Obviously the more I eat, the bigger my stomach gets, then the next morning it starts all over again. help ? /:

    SAME HERE!!!! No matter what I eat!
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    I get this with anything starchy... not just gluten. So even gluten free bread as well as regular ... I also get like this by having too much beansprouts and too many tomatoes. It took me ages to figure out what are my trigger foods but make a diary and eliminate and add accordingly....
  • I get this as well, Im so over it I've been to two different doctors and have had blood test and recently had a hydrogen breath test, with the results coming back normal. No one can tell me why my stomach bloats after anything I eat or drink. I love going to the gym and running as this helps my bloating but im just so frustrated as no one can help me!!! I might try probiotic tablets to see if they can help
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    What kind of probiotics are you guys taking? I also have this issue so I cut out gluten and lactose about a year ago and had great success. However, I do find that sometimes I do still get bad bloating so I decided to try align yesterday. Was wondering if there was anyone who had success with this product, or can recommend a better product?
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    I had this problem for years and it drove me crazy. It could be linked to IBS which I was diagnosed with last year. However I find foods that contain wheat (gluten) to make it a lot worse.

    I have since avoided wheat for almost two weeks and my stomach is not as bloated as it was before. It is trial and error or cutting out foods to see what works.

    My GP said preservatives and yeast can cause reactions like this, as so many foods are pumped with preservative to last longer. I am considering clean eating for a while to see if this reduces the bloat.