Busy Mom of 5- 60+ GONE in 1 year



  • moosecub
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    So inspiring -- congratulations on taking the initative to take care of yourself! I'm currently pregnant with #4, working full-time and going to school, so I'm hoping to follow your shining example after this next (and last!!) birth. Thank you for sharing!!
  • warriorprincessdi
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    Awesome work!! I am curious though... how tall are you? :)
  • MommaChocoLatte
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    I have five kids too.. amazing job! Truly inspiring! Keep up the great work.
  • Makeda1211
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    Fellow Beachbody Alum here. I am here to tell you that you are awesome. I can't wait until next month. I am going to do a fitness challenge with insanity. Can't wait to see the type of results you got. Aweseome!!!!!!!!!
  • JessMason24
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    Wow! Amazing job! I also have 5 children, and it can be so hard to fit the time in to exercise. But no excuses...I just gotta do it! Thanks for the inspiration!
  • Awesome, inspiring story. You look great and I am sure much more healthy and happy. You needed that time to take of you!
  • mforkins
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    Thank you! Your story is what I needed today. I have five kids in five years and work full time and I hate my body. I started last month working out seriously and have only lost 20 pounds and I cant tell but after reading your story I am not giving up. It may take awhile but I will get back in to my two piece. Thank you again you look amazing.
  • momswanson
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    You look amazing!
  • chunkydunk714
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    Ur adorable!! Looking good and thank you for posting!
  • MrsBozz1
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    Go girl! :drinker: You look great! Your tummy is very encouraging to me!! I "only" (lol!) have three kids but both of my boys were 10 lbs so I have a baby pouch (not too bad and not bad stretch marks, just some loose skin) but you give me hope that it can tighten back up :smile: Thank you! I wish you all the best! :flowerforyou:
    Also my Dad and my husband are both veterans... My husband and my brother did Tough Mudder last summer and I am VERY interested in doing one maybe next summer (I have alot of training to do :smile: ) its awesome they support veterans! You go girl!! :drinker:
  • MadeInDR022
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    5 kids?? You've got to be kidding! You look fabulous! Great work!
  • welltrainedmama
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    You look fantastic!

    A glimpse at my 40+ lbs weight loss journey:
  • JewelE77
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    Phenomenal job, way to go! Thanks for the motivation! :flowerforyou:
  • silvergurl518
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    my goodness!!! i'm in awe!

    *picks jaw up from floor*
  • strongmindstrongbody
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    Note to self: I can no longer blame my flabby body on being a mother. :tongue:

    You look amazing!
  • Glorian13
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    Wow.... what an inspiration u are. Good job. God bless you and your family too! ;-)
  • ourglasswalls
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    Wow, you look amazing.
  • savemama
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    You have done amazingly well! What an inspiration :)

    I am also curious how tall you are?

    You are beautiful before and after. But obviously so much stronger and healthier after!
  • Becky_Smith72
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    Wow.. I went out to play with my kids and came back to this.. thank you guys so much.. I really wasn't expecting to many replies! Hope no one minds that I sent out friend requests to everyone. I've only been on MFP for about a month and always looking for new motivation! And I am 29 years old and about 5'8 (always varies depending on who is measuring me lol)
  • Cacoates90
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    This is so amazing!!! You look incredible!!!