The Truth About Jillian Michaels



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    As for the supplements, I've heard that a few PTs recommend them as they give you extra energy to complete your work outs and supposedly boost your metabolism to maximise the effects of your diet changes. If you personally find the diet and exercise you're doing is enough to help you lose weight then great but not everyone does and certain pills can help. I personally drink a load of coffee which basically has the same effect.

    Yeah. But personal trainers are notorious for giving really bad, broscience diet advice. Jillian Michaels has a reach that most PTs do not.
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    seriously, she had surgery to shave her jaw and brow down to size after taking so many steroids....? I'll believe that if someone can show me proof that such a surgery even exists.... and if it does exist, then I'd want to see evidence that it was actually done, i.e. pics from before and after.

    He's accusing her of copyright infringement, i.e. stealing his workouts, etc, but why doesn't he sue her for it? He'd be awarded a huge amount of money. Unless of course he doesn't actually have a case, i.e. she didn't steal his workouts, or what she "stole" was in fact common knowledge among fitness professionals, i.e. not something he can claim copyright over in the first place.

    Her personal life is her personal life, sounds like he's exaggerating that to the max and so what if she has a girlfriend and sits on her lap, ffs.

    If that product he's talking about is so dangerous, then why isn't he campaigning to the FDA and other authorities to get it banned? Why not attack the company that's making the product, rather than the celebrity who's endorsing it... many celebrities don't fully know what they're endorsing, because the company sells it to them then gives them lots of money. She might not even be aware of the deaths. He paints the whole thing like this whole product is 100% her creation, that she chose to include dangerous ingredients knowing all the danger, etc.... it doesn't work like that. I'm not saying she's 100% innocent either, celebrities should be careful to do their research about what products their names are being used to endorse, but it's not a conspiracy to kill people either.

    Whole thing sounds like either sour grapes or a long term feud which has got out of hand and is six of one half a dozen of the other. I'm not even a fan of jillian michaels, or the biggest loser, and I've read a lot of criticism about how that show is run, so it really wouldn't surprise me if there's a few skeletons in her closet but really he doesn't come across as being any better, and this whole mentality of "exposing" someone is just puerile. If he's really got evidence of her doing something illegal, or of copyright infringement, or that the product she's being used to endorse is dangerous, then he should go to the authorities or take proper legal advice about it, not make a video on you tube "exposing" her.
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    I love, love Ms Jillian Michaels DVD and I totally got a fantastic body shinkage from doing 30DS a while back, just on week 3 of Body Revolution and I know she'll motivate me even more. My own feeling on this, having not watched the video, as I don't have any interest in people bashing is as far as I'm concerned what she does in her personal life has zero interferrance on my life and as far as I'm aware she's hasn't killed or harm anybody so, PEOPLE MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! She also for me has a beautiful body.
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    I personally drink a load of coffee which basically has the same effect.

    Yeah but for those with small or weak bladders that can put a damper on exercise. I can't drink ANYTHING before working out or I'm going to the loo ALL the time. Personally I take the Hydroxycut...daily..... I'm fine. I'm not dead & I been on them before every workout for about 6 months.

    They work for me.
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    Of course it's all about the money. She lives a lavish Hollywood lifestyle. She's cashing in, kaching, kaching.
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    it's more fun to watch her talk when the mic is still on:
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    I can't understand why he waited a decade before coming out & claiming it all as his? Sorry but if he had PROOF he had the whole workout stuff going before her.... then he could/should have acted sooner. Tall poppy syndrome..... and most of the ppl here seem to be falling for the same crap...... but you will STILL use the DVDs right????

    That's being hypocritical.
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    Okay, through reading some of these posts...I kinda want to try a JM DVD! I need help improving! What video is recommended...or are they mostly the same?
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    I'm sorry but I've never heard such crap
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    Need to watch this later.
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    Well, if it's on the internet, it must be true...:-P
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    You can tell she's pretty fake. She can't even make it through one of her whole work outs. Every second she gets she stops and starts talking about pointless and worthless commonsense "tips". blah blah. She's just really annoying and obviously skinny fat in the vids I saw.

    Not to say the workouts are worthless, just that I don't think she can perform them.

    While I do agree that some of her comments are pointless, I have yet to do anyone's workout video where the trainer actually did the whole entire workout. Tony Horton in the P90X videos doesn't do the entire workout either.
  • george_sweeten
    Regardless of if she's fake or not, she's still good at getting people active again, and some of her workout DVDs have put me in the best shape I've ever been in. I don't care if she's had drug problems in the past or whatever, no-one is perfect.
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    I watched the utube video a while ago and was pretty shocked by the claims although allot of it seemed plausible (I think she is probably a bit of a b*%£h!) - However I don’t really care, it is her personal business. I buy her DVDs and I get a good work out - job done........ the guy seems like a bit of a hater anyway :noway:
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    who knows if this is real legit. info, but either way, I enjoy 30DS and she has helped me a lot in my weightloss
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    Jillian is known to be a royal B*tch. In fact, she won't even speak to the contestants of the Biggest Loser unless she is being filmed. I never cared for her before and cared for her even less after hearing that from a friend who's been around her.
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    Well shes helped me with the 30 day shred so i don't care about anything else.

    Same here. I only watched the first 10 seconds of the video posted. Seemed like a waste of time to watch. I love her DVD's, so I can care less about the other stuff.
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    whoa :noway:
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    I don't care who it is, anyone who attains any kind of success in their field is going to be criticized and/or lied about. So I have come to be very skeptical of the "National Enquirer" type of stories that come out about them.
  • watcheronthewall
    There is absolutely nothing feminine about her body shape. Nothing.

    By whose definition? This sexist rubbish....