Food intolerances - spill 'em!



  • wtw0n
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    Bad bad lactose intolerance since junior high (aka forever ago). Thankfully there are quite a few lactose free products available these days (in Finland).

    I also have an intolerance or allergy to wheat, barley, rye, rice, kiwifruit and citruses. I eat barley and rice sometimes, but not much. I use whey protein powder and so far I haven't had problems with it (knock on wood). I can't eat pasta/macaroni/spaghetti/wheat noodles at all, and I seldom eat bread. Kiwifruits are also a big no. As for citruses, I eat tangerines once in a blue moon.
  • agdyl
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    I'm in the middle of an elimination diet to determine what I'm sensitive to. So far - gluten and quinoa for sure.

    I don't like milk or dairy - it always feels "stuck" in my throat and makes me cough and clear my throat for hours, which I hate.

    There are other things that I just avoid but I'm not sure I'm sensitive to - soy, etc.
  • laserturkey
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    Too much wheat gives me symptoms like I have a UTI. Pretty uncomfortable.

    I can't imagine having to give up peanuts. Maybe pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds would be a reasonable substitute.
  • CajunTexan33
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    I actually just did a food intolerace test! Was having terrbible digestive issues and my friend who is also a dr suggested the Paleo diet. I dropped 6 lbs in two weeks! So then we followed up with the blood work and discovered I am gluten and dairy intolerant! (hence the amazing success of the Paleo diet!) I also discovered I have issues with High Frustose corn sugar, garlic, chicken, and quite a few other things as well. So here I am one month later tracking and eating and finally back to working out. No more exhaustion or migraines and normally digesting food with a flat tummy again!!!
  • chanel1twenty
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    Severe wheat intolerance.
    Doc's hesitant to say I'm full-blown Celiac until I get a full testing for it, but she thinks I have Celiac Disease. If I eat more than a cup of anything containing wheat I get suuuuper unbearably severe stomach pains & won't go number two for a week...however I don't have AS bad issues with barley & rye, which is why current diagnosis is just "severe wheat intolerance" as opposed to Celiac's.

    My only full-blown allergy, besides outdoor stuff, is latex...which is extremely inconvenient & why I have two kids, bahahahaa
  • algebravoodoo
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    Are your intolerances diagnosed by a doctor or self? I'm struggling with an intolerance but cant tell what exactly or if its worth bothering a doctor with...any advice?

    If you have an idea of what the offending food is, you can try eliminating the food from your diet on your own. Keep a log of any symptoms or improvements for a period of time. (I did mine for 6 weeks.) Then reintroduce the food to your body, again logging results.

    If your food intolerance/allergy is anything out of the usual, this information can be very helpful to your doctor when it comes to a diagnosis.
  • mynameiscarrie
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    It's not specifically diagnosed, but I can't eat most fried foods. I had my gallbladder removed, so lots of oil makes me sick.
  • Alisha_countrymama
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    Most all grains, sugar, soy, legumes.
  • cwaters120
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    Dairy and gluten fun!

    this ^^ and my dairy is casein (milk protein) not lactose so no good subs for some things. also bananas. none of these things asserted themselves until late 2012 ( I was 37). sucks for a farm girl who grew up on cheap white bread and milk!!!
  • BAMFMeredith
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    Wheat/gluten makes my stomach hurt and feel all bloated, so that sucks, and dairy (particularly cow dairy---goat cheese doesn't bother me as much) makes my skin break out. Like we're talking 13 year old going through puberty break out. Made me sooo sad when I realized that was the culprit.

    I miss queso and pizza. Sometimes, I'll eat them and just suffer through the consequences because they're so delicious.
  • princeza9
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    I used to be able to eat kiwi, but then in 2005 I found that they made me sick. So I haven't tried kiwi since. Also, red wine doesn't like me, which is fine, I don't like it much either. My best friend, who used to work for a vineyard, told me that the tannins in the red could be the culprit.
  • Lumen1505
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    Whey protein - discovered through SEVERE pain after consuming my first protein shake & wheat doesn't do me any favours - bloating, discomfort & gakky feeling in my throat
  • mdcoug
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    I have Oral Allergy Syndrome, so many raw fruits don't sit well with me, especially peaches and cherries. I get itchy wherever I've touched it, including in my stomach and had an asthma attack after eating cherries. Avocados are in the same family, but don't bother me--go figure. Sometimes apples give me really bad stomach pains. I can eat all of these things if they're cooked though, but I really miss juicy peaches in the summer. I didn't have any problems until I hit 30, but my sister has had the same thing her entire life.

    I managed to pass down my seasonal allergies in the form of food allergies to my youngest daughter, unfortunately. She has peanut and most tree nuts, but outgrew an egg allergy. :-(
  • haleyechurch
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    All dairy, anything rice and related to rice (rice wine vinegar, rice flour, rice noodles, etc.) and then fruit when combined with sugar... you can't make these kinds of intolerances up!!! All cause serious indigestion and bloating (except dairy which causes a poison oak-like rash). Fun times!
  • GymRatGirl13
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    I'm doing an elimination diet now as recommended by my doctor (naturopathic doctor) to figure out what is causing 2 years of constipation with extreme bloating and gassiness. Ugh. I never had an intolerance to anything until 2 years ago. Out of no where...constipation that hasn't gone away. After two years and various medical doctors telling me I need every test under the sun, then surgery (on what...I don't know), I went to a naturopathic doctor and she suspects I am intolerant to diary for sure, and also has me doing the FODMAP diet to see if I am having a hard time digesting fiber. I never would have thought dairy was an issue becuase I don't drink milk, don't eat cheese, and the only other form of dairy I was consuming was fat free plain greek yogurt. I wasn't eating it daily, but was always constipated, so I didn't put two and two together until I realized that the whey protein and casein protein that I consume daily is dairy based. I am SO SAD about that. Protein shakes are a staple for me. She also thinks all the broccoli and cabbage I eat are no agreeing with me. I will quit eating anything she tells me to, though, if it will let me just take a S#*&!!!! Lol.
  • dwh77tx
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    I cannot drink coffee or diet sodas, spicy foods, tomatoes, citrus. If I do, I may as well live in the restroom :(
  • Acg67
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    Crappily made food