How much did you lose before you went down a pants size?



  • i'm finding it is taking A LOT to lose sizes. but you can't stop just because its taking longer than expected. keep pushing forward!
  • healthytanya1
    healthytanya1 Posts: 198 Member
    I'm 5'7" and have very large legs and butt.
    200 lbs size 20
    190 lbs size 18
    180 lbs size 16
    170 lbs size 14
    I am now 167 and hope to be in a 12 very soon. I seen on another post that when you get lower in sizes they go by faster. But who knows. All my jeans were different brands too so I'm sure that makes a difference. My 16s ran small and my 14s I think run big and are a little loose. I can squeeze into my 13s but they are tight. I want to get a nice brand of 12s that fit my butt.
  • nekosimba
    nekosimba Posts: 239 Member
    When i read someone posting up “How long will it take before I (lose 50 pounds/get abs/fit into these pants)?”, i think that they are only interested in the results and aren’t really interested in putting in the time and effort to get there.

    keep working hard, and the results will come.

    Thank you for adding the last part. I am trying hard...maybe not as hard as some other people. Right now I'm just doing cardio cuz I don't have a gym that has decent weights, and I don't have room in my small apartment for videos (excuses...I know!) So I'm a little limited by outside and weather conditions.

    But I am trying and hoping to see the physical results, as right now I'm just seeing the scale go down.
  • dorenekimball
    dorenekimball Posts: 5 Member
    it took nearly 30lbs before everyone started to notice my weight loss and before i was solidly in the next size down. take it one pound at a time and don't get discouraged. success breeds encouragement but you need to read success in all kinds of ways... exercising... staying under your calorie count... a new size... someone noticed your hard work... the scale dropping, etc. keep going, darlin'! :smile:
  • mollypw1994
    mollypw1994 Posts: 80 Member
    I think it's different for everyone. But for me, I was in a size 16 (tight), and after losing almost 18 lbs, I'm in a loose 14. But i'm short, (5'3), so I think that 18 lbs makes more of a difference on me/my size than it would if I were tall. However long it takes, DO NOT GIVE UP! I wore a size 14 shorts today that I couldn't wear 2 months ago - and they were too big! I felt so happy, and loved the feeling of loose clothing on me. every lb counts. good luck!
  • R55T
    R55T Posts: 172 Member
    Thanks y'all for the feedback. From all the posts, it looks like dropping pants size depends on what sort of build one has. So for me as well, I just have to be patient & to keep working hard.

    My story is: I've lost 20lbs before starting MFP and a further 7lbs to date but I'm somewhere between a size 20 - 18 currently. My size 20 shorts are hanging at hip level without belting (waist & butt reduced a bit, I think) but my thighs as still too big to fit into a size 18. Yep, major case of bottom heavy I am. So for now, I'm stuck with wearing size 20s with lots of slack space between my waist & hips. Not a good sight.

    I'm doing cardio everyday in the hope that I can trim out my thighs especially so I can move down to size 18. No gym where I live so power walking/interval jogging up hills is all I can do at this stage I think . . .

    All the best in your weight loss & dropping size goals.
  • Sil_76
    Sil_76 Posts: 46 Member
    Down 26 lbs and 1 size down in the waist area. My chest and legs are getting smaller, i need my gut to get lost :):angry:
  • bawalker11
    bawalker11 Posts: 78
    It takes me two- three dress sizes dropped to equal one pants size down- my waist seems to shrink fast, but I usually have to lose 2-3 inches around my waist to equal close to one inch down on my hips, I lose it all up top first.
  • fufi04
    fufi04 Posts: 471 Member
    30ish pounds to drop a size...I'm down 2 :drinker:
  • missmegan831
    missmegan831 Posts: 824 Member
    38 pounds before going from a 20 to a tight 18 (was so aggravating... but another 20 pounds down and went all the way down to a 12/14 so it will happen.. we all lose weight in different parts of our bodies at different paces.... I noticed a bigger pant size drop as about 2 weeks after I added weight training into my workouts versus just all cardio... keep up the great work and congrats on your loss this far!
  • kelly101386
    kelly101386 Posts: 389 Member
    I went from a 18/20UK down to a 16 after 15lbs and I am still a size 16, they're a little baggy but not enough to get down to 14.
  • RaggedyPond
    RaggedyPond Posts: 1,487 Member
    I lose a pant size about every 10 lbs. Was a loose size 18 now a tight 10 or loose 12.
  • commandax
    commandax Posts: 38 Member
    In the high teens (from about 230 pounds to 190 pounds at 5'10"), around sizes 18 and 16, I found it was about 15 pounds between sizes. Now that I'm down in the low teens, the sizes are about 5-7 pounds apart. In the past year I've gone from size 18 to size 10.
  • adrianadciocan
    adrianadciocan Posts: 16 Member
    Not a single pound. Still at the same weight from4 months ago, but one pant size smaller.


    I've been going to the gym the past month and have gone down a trouser size but despite my weight fluctuating I checked the scales this morning and I weigh exactly the same as when I started going to the gym.
  • SammyCardsFan
    SammyCardsFan Posts: 7 Member
    There are so many free videos online via you tube and pinterest. Maybe with a portable laptop you can find more room in your apartment instead of the video where you have to be in front of the tv.

    Best of luck! You can do it :)
  • Lialena
    Lialena Posts: 45 Member
    I'm down 25lb and am nearly a size smaller. Pants are looser and I can fit into an old top I tried on the other night that use to cling more then it does now.
  • kellehbeans
    kellehbeans Posts: 838 Member
    I think it took 10lbs :-)

    EDIT: 57lbs down now, and I am now down from a UK size 16 to a UK size 6-8!
  • mazdauk
    mazdauk Posts: 1,380 Member
    I'm down to a UK 14 in most things now, but still mostly a 16 in Boden dresses and 14 or 16 in their tops (14 in skirts). M&S I'm 14 except in their sportswear where I'm 16, yet my Karrimore size 16 running shorts are getting loose......

    It would help is everyone did the same sizes (grrrrr).

    OP - I've lost a trouser size after 28lb, but I have quitee big thighs and calves so I know skinny jeans will never be for me! And don't get me started on boots.....:ohwell:
  • gogojodee
    gogojodee Posts: 1,261 Member
    I am apple shaped - I started in the 180s and joined MFP around 169 I think and I didn't notice anything til 155. All my weight is in my waist - I have small hips so my clothes fit kind of awkward. I'm about 144-147 and about 28 in pants now. It sucks/sucked not seeing anything for measure (no pun) but I felt amazing when I worked out or ate really well. Just keep going. :)
  • 89nunu
    89nunu Posts: 1,082 Member
    I'm a pear myself and while I can't buy tops fast enough cause the sizes just drop and drop and drop (2 sizes just in the past 2 months)
    My bottom half is still a lot larger. I have lost 1 size within the first month of mfp and than nothing for a long time... It's only just starting to come down again... Slowly... Very slowly
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