What is everyone's heritage?



  • 100% Ukrainian but born in Canada
  • emmalouc93
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  • BigDnSW
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    Scottish, Irish, Cherokee, and dysfunctional :laugh:
  • Mikemax125
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    Mexican, White, Japanese....racially confused lol
  • ButterPecanBaby
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    Predominately American white trash--NE pursuasion : )

    My cousin & uncle are the same person

    ^^^^^ This!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    Love that answer!
  • FerociousKoala
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    Scottish/Irish/German :) You can pretty much guess from my picture haha
  • littlelady2b
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    My Grandmother was a mix of African and Spanish descent from Honduras and My Grandfather was German all on my Dad's side. My Mother is a mix of English and Irish. I was born and raised in Canada.
  • uschi74
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    Dutch. Italian.

    It was super hard to set aside my issue with Clockwork Orange and answer your question! :)
  • Shanny5909
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    Proud to be Canadian.
  • shootergirlnc
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    Irish/Japanese Odd combo, I know.
  • SherZano
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    What I know for sure: Native American (Catawba) and German
  • SrJoben
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    I'm at least third generation American. My grandparents and great grandparents were mostly of English, Irish and Austrian/German birth or blood if i recall correctly.
  • Tiffa0909
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    100% Puerto Rican , of Spanish and African decent mostly
  • eric_sg61
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    Italian, hillbilly
  • ApocalypticFae
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    French, Swiss, Polish, German, Irish. :smile:
  • spider_mark51959
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    Irish/German and a bit of French Canadian for good measure. Clearly a 'mutt'!
  • MamaCatO
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    Grandmother on Dad's side was German and Swedish. Grandfather, we don't know much about, only Irish and ? Grandmother on Mom's side Prussian, German and Welsh. Grandfather 100% French.
  • I am about 75% Irish and 15% English!
  • cjcmrn
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    I am proudly Canadian, Welsh and Scottish
  • mchmoran2
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    Hi, I 2nd/3rd generation American depending what side of my family you ask. I am Mexican though but can not spell where my father is from. We also have Native American blood but no one can ever explain which tribe.