Cauliflower "Alfredo" Sauce - LIFE CHANGING.



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    bump... I wanna make this!
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    I'm going to try this, the different responses in here have made me curious :)
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    Sounds great thanks
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    nom nom nom gonna have to try this for sure!
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    bupmity bump!

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    Thank you!
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    So how about putting this on Spaghetti squash with some shrimp or chicken.
  • I'm always up for trying a variation for alfredo
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    Bump! Will have to try!!
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    I'd prefer this with cauliflower broth instead of the chicken broth, over julienned cauliflower--it's almost like real pasta! I then like to puree cauliflower to substitute for the milk. It's so good, and it all tastes just like cauliflower.


    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    If you guys want to eat alfredo sauce, go right ahead. All you have to do is just ignore the recipe, you don't need to come on here and debase people who are just trying to share healthier alternatives. Get off your high horse. It's just sauce.

    Thank you for sharing. I like the community where we share good ideas. Don't be bothered by those who want to rain on a parade. Please continue to share ideas.
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    should have said you cannot make "authentic" alfredo sauce with just butter and parm. the real stuff also uses heavy cream and a pinch of nutmeg.

    not always. pasta water is frequently used to make it creamy and thick enough. the starch comes out of the pasta during cooking and thickens the sauce.

    Just to interject...ACG had it right. The authentic/original alfredo didn't have cream. It was butter and parmesan The butter that was used was so creamy in texture that cream or any additional ingredient (minus the parmesan and pasta) was not needed.

    That's interesting. I've seen the same thing happen with carbonara "sauce" and risotto - added cream which isn't needed. I've even seen a restaurant serve two versions of spaghetti carbonara - the Italian version made with eggs and the British version made with cream.

    I sometimes make pasta with just butter and cheese, and it really isn't a lot of a calories as long as you're careful about portion size. Both butter and parmesan have quite distinctive flavours and you really don't need a lot. I was surprised to see that the usual portion is 1200 calories (although it wouldn't surprise me at all in a restaurant). That IS a lot, but at home someone could just have a half portion, or use slightly less butter. It's lovely with salt and pepper. I also like to add some non-traditional petit pois for colour and sweetness.

    (I'm sure I might also like the cauliflower sauce in the OP, so thanks for posting! But the above kind of alfredo is so easy and satisfying).
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    I'd honestly rather just have real alfredo sauce over some cauliflower.
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    I can't wait to try this! Thank you!
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    absolutely hate cauliflower, but gonna give this a try - - thanks!