From NOT to HOT! Everyone post your pics! :)



  • lillybud31
    lillybud31 Posts: 29 Member
    @lillybud31 you look amazing, and your dress is awesome, looks so good on you!

    Thank you :-D Thought id try that dress on to see if I had any show if getting it on and it fit so had to take a piccy lol didnt buy it tho.
  • jeets888
    jeets888 Posts: 2,237 Member
    I have no idea how to post pics but at my heaviest was 96kg's ... now at 75kgs - can see the difference if you have a look at my profile pics.

    Another 5-7kgs to go :)

    Also - first 10km run in a time of 1hr20mins ...... last race i did 48mins and now aim to break the 45min mark by next month :)

    Life just feels a bit sunnier :)
  • zebszee
    zebszee Posts: 31 Member
    well done :)
  • MattsGirl90
    MattsGirl90 Posts: 63 Member
    These pictures are what make me keep on track :) Just waiting for the day its my turn :) well done and thank you for sharing x
  • Thank you for your post. Very inspiring. Shows what we can achieve with HARD WORK!!!
  • qxudc5.jpg
    Goodness! Great job!

    *fans self*

    You sir, are very inspirational! Well done!
  • K_armfield
    K_armfield Posts: 23 Member
    I still have 50ish lbs to go if I can ever break through this ridiculous plateau. I've lost 45 so far.
  • Amas77
    Amas77 Posts: 118 Member

    woah!!!!! looking amazing!
  • SmartBlogz
    SmartBlogz Posts: 37
    dont know how you guys/ladies did it but woooh! goodness, you've all really tried!
  • amazinglyanna92
    amazinglyanna92 Posts: 22 Member
    You men and women are truly amazing.
  • jenhen2752
    jenhen2752 Posts: 7 Member

    Here's fact, when I started, I was probably 7-8lbs heavier than in this photo but this is the only pic I have of me in a bikini!!!
  • dcmitchell01
    dcmitchell01 Posts: 76 Member
    everyone looks great! Thanks for the inspiration!! I needed that this morning!!!!
  • brucecarey750
    brucecarey750 Posts: 15 Member
    WOW!!! Fantastic!! That is amazing. Great work!!
  • kazaroona
    kazaroona Posts: 60 Member
    tagged as an inspiration thread...amazing!
  • britzzie
    britzzie Posts: 341 Member

  • britzzie
    britzzie Posts: 341 Member

    Trying again to post a pic!! - technology is not my forte!

    Lemme try to fix, JenHen!
  • watchursize
    watchursize Posts: 29 Member
    Looking great.
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