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Girls who don't add guys and VV



  • scrapjen
    scrapjen Posts: 387 Member
    When I first joined, I was very proactive in friend requests - I tended to friend those I felt I might have the most in common with, looking for similarities like other SAHM, those with 30-40 pounds to lose, etc. I'll admit I didn't friend any guys. Sometimes the weight loss journey can be so different for men and women, I just wanted those who were on a very similar journey. Dang guys seem to be able to eat so much more and still lose! *Ü*
  • __delete
    __delete Posts: 245 Member
    The only type of friends I like are
  • Timshel_
    Timshel_ Posts: 22,834 Member
    Because they are loyal to his/her gf or bf or wife or husband.

    But I don't see how having male friends motivating me online would be considered cheating on my boyfriend. I mean, each relationship is different, but I'm certainly not hiding anything from my boyfriend by using MFP.

    I don't have secret cybersex with all of the men on my FL.

    And some do. SO to each their own, right? Why does it matter if someone doesn't believe in it or not? It doesn't say anything negative or positive about a person. It is just a choice.
  • silver_arrow3
    silver_arrow3 Posts: 1,373 Member
    Because we are all pervs that want to steal them away from their husbands and boyfriends? :laugh:

    In for thieving pervs
  • vkc1978
    vkc1978 Posts: 63 Member
    Because they are loyal to his/her gf or bf or wife or husband.

    Hey, its not cheating if you log it... Just fit him/her into your 'Macros'

    *insert dirtyOlLady laugh*:laugh:
  • Aparz1
    Aparz1 Posts: 949
    I accept anyone but delete if they cross the creepy line lol :)
  • vjohn04
    vjohn04 Posts: 2,276 Member
    I have no men on my FL and I keep it that way. I figure my husband appreciates this gesture. He certainly doesn't require it, and certainly didn't ask me to keep my list all female.
  • chelseascounter
    chelseascounter Posts: 1,283 Member
    I have a few women like that on my FL. They post quite a bit about their bodies, and some things are more personal - time of the month, health concerns, sex, etc. I imagine they just prefer to not share that sort of thing with men. I add both, but whatever floats your goat.


    I don't add men for some of those reasons.
  • smantha32
    smantha32 Posts: 6,990 Member
    I accept male friends. I know some women have had some creepers though.
  • ketchupqueen
    I love having male friends on here. They tend to have much more balanced outlooks on weight loss and always have an encouraging word.

    In for more male friends! :flowerforyou: :love:
  • dwbees
    dwbees Posts: 8 Member
    This ^^^^ you should add who you want, I welcome friend requests.
  • twistygirl
    twistygirl Posts: 517 Member
    I have wonderful male friends who are married, single and gay and I support them and they support me and that's all that matters.
  • greentart
    greentart Posts: 411 Member
    I, personally, haven't found any males to relate to, nor am I comfortable hashing out my weight issues with a man. It's embarassing enough with another girl, but for some reason talking to a male about it makes it more substanial. And from what I've heard from a lot of guys IRL and online, its a lot of 'suck it up and deal with it'. I find women to be more understanding, more caring, and less harsh with their critiques and suggestions.
    Again, this is just with the experiences that I'VE had, and I'm in no way saying that all guys (or girls) are like that.
  • DaBossLady24
    DaBossLady24 Posts: 556 Member
    I send and accept requests whether male or female... shoot, I'd probably accept a unicorn if they give mutual support and have a positive outlook on weight loss, gaining muscle, etc.! :laugh:
  • ngressman
    ngressman Posts: 229 Member
    I've seen this come up quite a bit lately and I"m just wondering why or why not? It never occurred to me to not add men... I noticed some men don't add women either? I've seen reasons like "it's not a dating site, or my husband/wife wouldn't like it". i don't know about you but I"m perfectly able to keep my virtual panties on in the presense of my male friends. Am I missing something?

    I have some guy mfp, but have quit adding ones that only want girl friends. I have received messages from guys wanting pictures of my boobs, or photos of me in a bikini (which no one wants to see trust me), and I figure it's a waste of my time filtering through the ones that are on here for weight loss and the pervs. If I see a man posting and they have lost weight or I think I could learn something of value from them I add them. Otherwise I am fine with only my women friends.
  • What316
    What316 Posts: 563
    Girl above out of interest what if one of you're girl friends ask for a picture of you're boobies or you in a bikini .
    SPBROOKS68 Posts: 561 Member
    Because we are all pervs that want to steal them away from their husbands and boyfriends? :laugh:

    Only you could :wink:
  • ngressman
    ngressman Posts: 229 Member
    oh boy here we go

    Sorry, is this one of "those topics"??? I've only been here since March and I'm familiar with the Clean Eating vs IIFYM debate but not this one hehehe

    You'll also find the 1200 calorie debate, the eat your calories back debate, and if your weight loss ever stalls will either be told you aren't eating enough and your body is in starvation mode or the other side is to cut your calories way back.
  • tjthegreatone
    Not having a photo of yourself on your profile tends to weed out all the pervs. I have both male and female friends. The females are definitely more 'chatty' but I'm happy either way :)