I ran my first 5K!



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    Great job!!! i loved reading your story... i just started C25K and am getting ready to run day 3!!! i have signed up for my first ever 5K on Oct 27!!! so inspiring great job!!!
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    I'm on week 6 of C25K, and I may be running as early as the first week of September. Congratulations on your victory!
  • Angimom
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    Great Job! I am still debating if I want to run in public or not! I am super excited for you!
  • Great job!!! Your time is great for your first 5k :flowerforyou:
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    Congrats!!! So much fun!!
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    Fantastic work!!! So proud of you for running the whole time!
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    Congrats! the C25K app is wonderful. It makes look at small goals instead of the overall goal
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    congrats! such a great feeling!
  • I was honestly very worried about how I would look but you know what? NO ONE looked twice at me. In fact the guy that won the race was one that cheered me on and talked to me after about how great I did with my first race. The camaraderie with those running really is amazing. No one left until the last runner was in
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    Great job!! It does become addictive. I too ran my first 5K this year - 1 month before my 40th birthday. I am going to be running my 3rd next weekend, and my 4th the weekend after!

    <=== This is my running partner. My 9 year son. :happy:
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    Thank you for sharing. I am currently doing C25K and struggling but I'm signed up for the Color Run on September 7th and your story is wonderful motivation.
    Congratulations on the amazing job you've done!
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    Congratulations. That is wonderful. Watch out, the 5k bug is contagious. You'll love collecting your race bibs and t-shirts.

    I am another graduate of C25k. I then went on to 5k to 10k. I am not quite at 10k yet. Once I can go the 6.2 miles comfortably, it will be on to 1/2 marathon training.

    They are aweseome programs to slowly take a total non-runner safely through training.
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    Awesome job. Running can be addictive. I started last year. After an injury, I stopped, but I have gotten back on the wagon again. The atmosphere at the races are addictive. I have run several and afterwards, I am looking for another one. I am trying a half in November! My first one didn't go so well, so hopefully this one will be awesome! Keep it going! Congratulations!!!
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  • shaynes14
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    I am 48 by the way...it may take a little longer, but the journey is fine... I lost 67 lbs, but I have gained back 19! Thus the need/desire to get back out there! Keep it up!
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    Awesome, OP! I've got my first 5k scheduled in a little over a month. I haven't even finished c25k yet (2 more weeks).

    Again, well done.
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    Wow you are awesome great job way to go. Also thanks for posting pics it does inspire others.
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    :bigsmile: Awesome isn't it? :bigsmile:

    Great job!
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    Thanks everyone!

    Jonna I did the C25K app. LOVED it. When I started I couldn't run a block but I did the 3 miles. That app is perfect as it builds you up slowly to run the 5K

    Jonna, I just started this 2 weeks ago. I love it and the one I got was free. I am definitely not a runner, but I improved each time more than I thought I would have. It's an awesome app!!! I also couldn't run a block before. I'm only in week 2 of it, I had to stop for a few days my ankle got mad at me because evidently I wasn't wearing a good shoe. So I highly, highly suggest finding a running store in your area, go in, get fitted, let them see you run and suggest shoes. I bought mine and tried them out yesterday and I love them!!!