I want to love to run...



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    I hate the dreadmill! I find the first few miles is mentally hard but once I get past that I don't want to stop. Plus knowing I have the Dopey in January makes me want to get my miles done.
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    I thought I liked running until I found out how much more fun calisthenics are. Now I won't run unless I am being chased by spiders.
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    I have always hated running on the treadmill. Walking outside with a friend wasn't as bad, but I'm getting ready to turn 30 in about 17 months and like some - I always wanted to be one of those people who could run a 5k. So my goal is actually to do it by my 29th birthday, but if it takes me til my 30th, so be it.

    I started the Couch to 5k last week. I wanted to die during each running segment. I didn't follow it exactly (giving myself a rest day in between), nope I waited until the last possible minute of the week to get my 3 days in. I had volunteered a bunch of extra hours at work over the weekend, so I was unable to go on Saturday or Sunday. And Yesterday, I just didn't feel it. I made myself go tonight, and you know what? I've already increased my stamina. I was able to increase my running pace AND an extra running interval of 1 minute. I'm repeating the first week, by the way, to help increase the pace of the run. I felt pretty kick *kitten* after it, so don't give up. Wait to see how you feel after the 4th week. That's what I'm doing anyways.
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    I too always hated ruining, sucked at gym class because so much of it was running based. Always got exercise asthma which is why swimming was my sport. However, since I've started my health journey I realized I needed to exercise more and have a treadmill available to me.

    I downloaded the zombie, run c25k app and love it. I never wanted to run, but wanted to hear more so I would get on that treadmill. This last week I've been redoing wk 5. The two 10 min free form runs just kicked me in the but mentally. Yesterday, there I am puffing my way through, thinking I should give this up, I'm just not a runner, when I realize that, hey I've run for 7.5 min straight. I can do this!! Actually finished both 10 min runs. Felt awesome. Actually feeling really excited about running tomorrow. So, after time it does get better.

    And for everyone who said run slower than you think you should: excellent advice. When I slows myself down I was suddenly able to "run" a whole lot more. Speed will come in time, focus on distance right now.

    Good luck, add me if you want and we can commiserate together
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    i hate running, but i love eating. i run to eat.
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    Another vote for take it slow, get outside and MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC! I honestly can not believe I enjoy running now, and I love when I feel that silly grin on my face, yay endorphins!. Even when it totally sucks, I know that how I will feel about myself after will be awesome, and that helps me keep on going.

    Another thing that helps me is to think about how much time my run would take, and how that time is really just a small part of my day, and yeah, I can suck it up for 40 minutes because the results are so worth it. I still have quite a bit of weight to lose but, I swear, my tush is firmer and higher and I can actually see some muscle definition in my arms!

    But also, as others have said, if you really really hate it, find something else that you can be consistent with because you enjoy it.
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    When I was a very new runner (still run/walking) I signed up for a race, knowing that I didn't have to run the whole thing, but having a goal to work toward helped me run the whole thing. So maybe find a 5k that looks fun. Investing a little cash in it may help motivate you to get out and do it.

    That's what I was just about to say - for me, when I started out, I signed myself up for a 5k which gave me a goal to work towards and that helped me stay focused. And when I ran that race, and finished, I was totally hooked.

    And definitely get outside, it feels so much better and I feel more accomplished than when I am on the treadmill!

    Good luck, and keep at it :)
  • SueInAz
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    When I was a very new runner (still run/walking) I signed up for a race, knowing that I didn't have to run the whole thing, but having a goal to work toward helped me run the whole thing. So maybe find a 5k that looks fun. Investing a little cash in it may help motivate you to get out and do it.

    Also I agree with the folks that say run outside. And do you run with music? Having a killer playlist helps me.

    Fourth piece of advice, use a fun running app. So I use zombies run! I like getting inolved in the storyline of the zombie apocalypse rather than getting caught up in my headspace. There is a c25k version of it too. I didn't use it, but I know people really like it.
    I was going to say all of this. :) Plus, ditch the treadmill and run outside unless you can find something to really, really distract yourself while using the treadmill. I watch TV shows while I use my stationary bike. I've been working on Season One of Monk lately.

    Definitely sign up for a race. I don't love running, either, but I like the races. I have a half dozen half marathons and many, many more shorter races under my belt and I sometimes still have to coerce myself out the door to run three times a week. Having a race with a definite date and a training plan keeps me going out there.

    I usually joke that I run so I can drink beer. It's more than a little true. :)

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  • Joreanasaurous
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    It took me until after week 5 day 3 before I realized that I was actually enjoying myself.

    Running might not just be your thing. I hate zumba and yoga. Others love it. Just not my thing. Running might not be yours. No biggie.
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    When I was a very new runner (still run/walking) I signed up for a race, knowing that I didn't have to run the whole thing, but having a goal to work toward helped me run the whole thing. So maybe find a 5k that looks fun. Investing a little cash in it may help motivate you to get out and do it.

    Also I agree with the folks that say run outside. And do you run with music? Having a killer playlist helps me.

    ^^^ I agree! Register for a 5K race now! A race that's in like 6 wks or so.... each run will have purpose and you'll be working toward a tangible goal!!! A real finish line! So many people download and start the C25K app and never sign up for a real 5K race!!!
    The goal is to run a 5K at the end! So sign up now so you can be committed and stick with the goal. I promise you, if you register, you will be more committed and faithful to the trainings. AND you will learn to love running -- especially after the 5K! There's a great energy and magical vibe at 5K races.... then you cross the finish line and you feel so accomplished, so proud of yourself. And that feeling becomes addictive so you look to find another 5K!! And another race! And that's where you learn to LOVE running!
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    1) Run slower than you think you should.
    2) Buy yourself some super cute running clothes that make you feel super sexy

    And try going outside. Lots of people hate the treadmill.
    Oh yeah. That too. Outside always.
    Seconding--oh wait--Fifthing this.
    Good advice here: hit the outdoor/ditch the treadmill; know that you don't have to if its not your thing
    Also, this. Try something different or ditch it. I just finished my first run through a forest and I must say that I'm beginning to like running!
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    I've gone from HATING it to feeling indifferent about it, which I call a win.

    I go for a run outside when I need to relieve stress or just am feeling restless in the house and I do find it's good for that.

    At the gym I've learnt to just push myself on the treadmill and do intervals of 40sec run 20sec walk and I find that makes the time go by and I am concentrating more on pushing myself and doing better each time which is what keeps me going.

    I've made peace with the fact that I will never be one of those people that LOVES running. I will take a lifting over cardio any day, but do cardio simply to keep up my cardio health.
    I'm the same way and I run quite a bit. People always ask, what do you love about running? My response, when it's over!
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    Maybe running just isn't your thing. I don't do exercises that I hate...I'd never stick to a training regimen if I did.

    there are so many other things to do... do those instead.... at least give running a break.

    I don't like running persay- but I like how I can clear my mind- so I can do it 2-3 times a month and be satisfied- I'm busy enough and do enough OTHER stuff it doesn't matter.

    Try either walking away from it (pun totally intended)... give something else a go- rock climbing for example. spin class- fencing Zumba, Bokwa- just ANYTHING. You don't have to love running. no work out police will come after you if you don't.
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    Definitely in agreement with the PP's who say outside v/s Inside for running.. I could NOT do it on a treadmill (LOVED "Dreadmill"! LOL)...

    Music is a must.. If I'm listening to slow ballad type music, I might as well be out walking the dogs at a nice sloooooow pace (I love country.. but I have to rock - hard - when I'm running).. So whatever type music does it for you, build yourself an awesome playlist! - I personally like the late 80's-late 90's metal bands.. Hubs listens to rap.. I can't do the rap, I tried.. so whatever works for you, you might find really helps your run along!

    And yes.. run slower than you think you should be going. It has helped me a lot.. When trail running, I also try to scan ahead looking at the trail ahead of me.. snakes, holes, rocks, roots.. I'm not the most graceful person in the world!

    I "ran" a 10k trail race in WV at the end of last month.. my hubby was running the 50k, so I figured why not.. I have to admit, I had a HUGE sense of accomplishment, even though I probably walked more than I ran since there were some MASSIVE hills in it.. and this girl just can't run uphill.. but I ran a good portion of it and finished in under 2 hours, which for a trail race AND my first race, I felt pretty good about. :) So definitely pick out a 5k or a 10k even that you think you could run..and start it out. I see a lot of the color runs, and coming into fall, there will be a lot of zombie runs at night. :)

    Again, Good luck!! :)
  • Diem78
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    GOOD music will help tremendously!!!
  • SezxyStef
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    I love running...on a treadmill.

    I love how I felt after a 1mile run with the best music esp after I could see the time going down each time I did it.

    But for me which is a total contradiction of the above statements...I hate cardio for the sake of cardio.

    If the zombie apocolypse ever happens I will run like a bunneh but until there is not gonna happen and I have accepted that part of me...not all workouts work for people. I prefer circut training or weights.
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    Just starting to run for the first time ever this past Sunday. Just working on 2 min walk, 1 min run - repeat 10x's, until I feel comfortable with the 10 min of running and then step it up. I have to say, I found myself wanting to get my run in on Monday but couldn't find the time and felt really good after I got out last night. I definitely bring music with me and I am taking my time - broke my tibia last summer and had to have the screw taken out of my tibia just 4 weeks ago.
  • leilaphoenix
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    Run slow
    Run outside
    Book yourself a 5k race in 3 months time
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    I started running with C25K on a treadmill too, and I don't think I ever really loved it through that process. The pride of getting through it was much more of what kept me going. Running outside makes such a huge difference. Once I started going outside, it was next to impossible to get me on that treadmill. However, the treadmill is great for tracking speed and time when you're learning so I hope you find a way to push through it.
    It takes awhile to get into the feeling of running and liking it, but if it's something you want, it's worth it to keep going until you get there.
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    You've gotten lots of great replies. I agree that running outside is way more fun for me. It's the only time I'm on my own - no work or small children.

    The biggest thing that makes a difference though is pumping some great music and feeling all "eye of the tiger." Treat yourself to a new mp3 line up. Or I use an awesome pandora station I made on my phone.