What's your 'Can't have in the house' food?



  • socrates02
    socrates02 Posts: 143 Member
    Frozen white castle burgers

    me too i love them
  • twinsmom03
    twinsmom03 Posts: 90 Member
    donuts, cookie dough, chocolate. yummmmmmmmmm

  • laughingnome
    laughingnome Posts: 259 Member
    double stuffer oreos
  • diadia1
    diadia1 Posts: 223 Member
    That gift from the Roman gods which is today known as Nutella. This includes the Ferrero Rocher candies which I often get from people as holiday gifts.

    Yup. And Nutella's equally evil cousins: almond butter, cashew butter, peanut butter, and really any kind of nut butter out there. There is no moderation for me with any of it, and while I pretend the kids love it (other than peanut butter, which my son eats on everything), I end up eating it alone. While I'm alone. And in easy reach of a spoon...

    All this, but especially peanut butter. One spoon.. then another... then another.

    I used to be really bad with having bread around but now I can have it around without any problem. I have learned moderation over the months that I have been changing my diet and exercise habits. I might have to try keeping some peanut butter around again without going crazy because it is good stuff.

    yep.PB i use to crave it so badly but not anymore. i allow my self to eat 1tbsp of PB (sometimes 2!!!) on 1 slice of bread every morning for breakfast with strawberry jam. miam!!! this way i know i am eating it in a healthy way...
  • zenalasca
    zenalasca Posts: 563 Member
    Potato chips!!!! If they are there I will eat them all. In one day.

    I still have them - just in small bags with lunch every now and then. But no big bags in front of the TV..


    ^^^ THIS!! I can not be trusted with potato chips in the house, so I eat them in small bags with a sandwich for lunch, or in a restaurant to feed the craving with built in portion control! Also pizza.... any size turns into a single serving. I have no problems with candy or sweets though...

    I can deal with potato chips but not sweets. I got heaps of chocolate biscuits though :-/ Wanna trade? :P
  • diadia1
    diadia1 Posts: 223 Member
    Thankfully I no longer have a forbidden food. Before I put anything in my mouth I look it up and ask myself. It is worth working out for XX minutes to burn off these calories. Usually the answer is no but if I do indulge I pay for it during workout time so my food transgression is forgiven. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies usually cause me an extra 30 minutes of cardio so they are not around too often.

    so true. It does work most of the time to see what you it odes equal in term of exercise. The best way is to avoid them simply or as a lot of person says to count them in your daily intake . but myself i prefer to CHOOSE NOT TO eat them except for chocolate,. I cannot live without chocolate!!! .
  • imhc93
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    Nutella and Condensed Milk

    ^ me too :(
  • smithed812
    smithed812 Posts: 289
    Used to be peanut butter and ice cream but I'm just trying my best to allow myself one serving at a time... But if I feel a binge coming on I'll go straight for the PB and Ben & Jerry's. And bread. I have a thing for bread.
  • MisterDerpington
    MisterDerpington Posts: 604 Member
    Pretty much any sweets like ice cream or candy. And snack foods like chips. It will be gone in a day if I leave it in the house.
  • CeCe_711
    CeCe_711 Posts: 35
    Craines popcorn!
  • diadia1
    diadia1 Posts: 223 Member
    I few weeks ago I bought some laughing cow single serve low fat cheeses for those days when I am below my calorie count. What a treat! Hard to have just one though! OMG they are so good! Can't buy those any more. No way. Chips and dips and ice cream either.

    yes these little piece of cheese are addictiv.i bought those to control my intake of cheese brick. but i ended up eating more than i should.when i joined MFP i saw those as a healthy food when i'm hungry but ONLY 1 piece.
  • diadia1
    diadia1 Posts: 223 Member
    now that i'mreading all the thread i realized that i have banished a lot of food that is used to crave for so badly.
    Well i guess it is true if you don<t see it,you don<t want it. But now i want it all back!!!

    Gummy bears i did forget i use to eat a lot of them and suddenly i stop. Too much refined sugars but so good and addictive....
  • onwarddownward
    onwarddownward Posts: 1,683 Member
    Nutella, Ben and Jerry's ice cream and Reese peanut butter eggs.

    I've ended up destroying so many containers of these by spraying window cleaner on the foods and throwing them away to keep myself from over indulging. Somethings are just triggers for me.
  • emilycarr71404
    emilycarr71404 Posts: 176 Member
    Pizza. I can't have pizza in the house as it sets off a chain-reaction.
  • Cedarwren
    Cedarwren Posts: 73 Member
    PB -- will eat the whole jar
    Red Vines licorice
    take-out pizza
    ripple chips
    Swiss rolls
    hershey's kisses
  • jmyrtle
    jmyrtle Posts: 44 Member
    BBQ, Sour Cream, Salt & Vinegar, Ranch, etc...chips, so starting subbing them for apple, sweet potato, and tortilla when I do buy a bag otherwise I don't :)