After 65 lb weight loss.. NOW being called fat?



  • dazzer1975
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    The beauty of what you are doing OP, is that you can lose the weight, the people who abuse you in the street will always be retards.
  • RAFValentina
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    OP... I personally hate this kind of bullying and fascism from idiots like them. There are some really unfit people at boot camp that I go to and in the gym but I never knock them. Why? Because I can see them there, working hard, getting a bead on, trying to change and make better choices and I wasn't always an angel, albeit I was never HUGE or very very unfit, I certainly wasn;t fit enough to pass the fitness test for work at one point and I had to work at it to get an excellent pass rate. So I know their pain and struggle and that it's gonna be loads harder for them, so I give them a friendly smile and nod in the gym, and lots of encouragement down at boot camp.

    I don't know why or how they got to the size they are or for the normal weight ones, how they are so unfit, all I care about is there attitude now and how they are working hard to change. That's what counts. Ignore the superficial trash that made you feel like that, get your butt back in the gym and do it for you... then when they fall out of routine and shape, you go kick their *kitten*!
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    You look fantastic. And at 65 down you probably feel really good too. Don't let anyone take that from you. I've been overweight for 20 years and I've seen the looks and felt the "less then" treatment, heard the comments. *kitten* them. 65 lbs. is a huge accomplishment. Don't let anyone take it away from you.
  • PikaKnight
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    Get your butt back to the gym. Why are you going to let a bunch of catty girls make you stop your progress? You lost 65lbs and that means something. It takes strength to overcome problems and not let excuses prevent you from succeeding.

    Whether you were getting teased and put down behind your back or to you face at 300+ or your current weight...what do THEY matter? The only way their words matter is because you let them. The only way to fail is to do what you are doing and not facing them at the gym.

    Stop allowing your insecurities to win and keep you down.

    Oh, and maybe get in some strength training if you aren't already. I know lifting weights hasn't just helped my body composition...but has helped my attitude as well. Give it a shot if you want (or but JUST GET BACK AT IT! :flowerforyou:
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    You look FANTASTIC from the weight loss. Ignore those people and do not allow them to slow you down or stop you from succeeding. I know for me personally when I lose weight I start to feel fatter than I did when I was bigger.. which is weird. But when I look back at the pictures of me then and now I can see a difference and I'm amazed that I never felt so big back then. Honestly those girls were probably jealous.. they may be thinner but probably not nearly as fit or healthy as you. For me I feel that I have more of a pregnant look now than I did when I was bigger... because unfortunately my boobs have gotten smaller and my belly is probably going to be the last area I lose it from. But guess what... back then I felt totally tight and bloated all of the time. Now my belly is much softer and I'm not bloated... I can sit more comfortably and am much more fit. Be proud of your accomplishments and show those people they are not going to stop you from succeeding.
  • Cinloykko
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    omg!!! these insensitive, judgmental jerks!!!!
    i make it a rule to never judge people. everyone has their own history and their own reasons... you never know what someone else is going through, hence, nobody should ever EVER judge like that!!! SHeeshhhhhhh....

    dont let these people bring you down. you back to the gym and get in their faces and work out until you feel better. your health is number one. what other's think shouldn't have this much affect.... you're losing weight for YOU.

    CONGRATS on the 65lb loss btw!!!!! keep going!!!

    Theory - sometimes people who see super overweight people dont even bother to comment because they assume something is wrong. but when they see slightly overweight people/chubbier people, they feel like they can comment because they assume that person is just being lazy or whatever. They dont know how far you've come.... they are just judgmental A-holes. you're in that middle stage between where you were at and where you want to be. Keep going until you get to where you want to be and people will definately shut up :-)

    Dont let these people get to you. ignore them. go back to the gym. and kick some *kitten* ;-)
  • 80sFanatic88
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    You look better at 265 than I did at 230. :O

    I've gotten those remarks all my life. It's like if you're in between skinny and obese, they get confused or something...?
  • Xalanii
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    Who cares, you look better and are DOING SOMETHING to change it.

    It's more than most people can say about their lives in general.
  • You look amazing, and are an inspiration. Forget those girls. Add me if you like.
  • WendySPWarren
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    Wow, what terrible people! This is absolutely unbelievable. Christ all mighty... I wish I knew who these people were so I could give them a piece of my mind and defend you as if you were an old friend of mine. Bloody hell, no one deserves that. Those people ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    On a happy note, HOLY HELL! You've made such an impressive journey, great job! You look like you could be the cover girl for one of those outrageously impressive success stories.
    You should be proud of yourself. Screw everyone else.
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    Those girls are idiots! Why do you care what they think? You are doing a great thing for your self and that is all that matters. Keep your head up and keep pushing on. Screw what those dumb B____'s think. I personally would use this as motivation. I love it when someone tells me I can't do something or makes a judgment about me. That just makes me reach down deeper and show everyone I can do anything I set my mind to.
  • Msbarnes91
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    You look amazing!!! It will always be someone who will try to kill your spirit, but it is up to you how you let it affect you. Keep up the great work and move forward. The way people treat you is their karma, the way you react is yours.
  • alduvall
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    Yep, I'd lost 15 lbs once and was feeling good when a guy asked me if I was pregnant! It happens, we just have to move forward. You're doing great and sometimes you just have to celebrate your own success because others may not look at you and be able to see your journey. Keep up the great work!
  • Smiling_Sara
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    First of look freaking awesome!!! Don't let anyone tell you different.

    Second....anyone who makes fun of another person are miserable inside, and will do anything to try and make someone else feel as bad as they do. I truly believe this. There is no other answer.

    Please don't get discouraged. You are doing great.
  • clarkeje1
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    First of all, I think you are doing great! Don't let their idiotic comments discourage you. Basically, people are stupid. I'm 155 and I get called fat and people ask when I'm expecting also. DUMB! lol And when I get to my goal weight of 125 people will probably call me anorexic and a stick, even though I'll be healthy and fit. People just say stupid things. You have been doing so good so far, try to not let their comments get to you.
  • snazzyjazzy21
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    There was an obese man at my gym who could smash anyone on the treadmill. Dude was a legend.

    Also those girls at vapid idiots, pay no mind. You're doing fantastically!
  • MyaPapaya75
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    the world is a small place 2014 u will see them again....u decide will it be 60lb lighter with a grin..or will u be hiding from them.......seriously get your shoes on and walk back in that gym
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    Congratulations on your amazing work so far. I am inspired by how far you have come, your photos show a huge difference.

    I think your post has touched a nerve for so many people, judging by the huge response you have had. I haven't read all 11+ pages of posts, but it is clear you have a lot of support from like minded people, so I really hope that reassures you that not all people judge others the way you have been judged.

    That said, there really is nothing you can do about other people's comments, we have no control over each other, just the way we react to things. So wishing you all the best as you jump back on the horse, it looks to me like you have the commitment and resources to get to your goal. And we are all here for you along the way (friend me if you want, although I guess you are flooded with friends now!)
  • Irene8509
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    You're not doing this for anyone else but yourself! This is your journey, and those comments are irrelevant. I have not seen it happen at my gym but a friend spoke to me about visiting a sister gym where some "college" girls there on a free pass had been making fun of paying patrons during a Zumba class. My friend and those individuals who are serious about their health were furious. They complained, you can too. You matter. Hold you head high and know you are there for all the right reasons!! By the way you look awesome:heart:
  • niftyafterfifty
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    Please don't give up your quest for better health! People can be unbelievable mean sometimes, but they are not worth giving a second thought to. I know that's easier said than done, but you deserve to reach your goals. Don't let them take that away from you.