What level of physique is ideal to you:woman



  • jadedone
    jadedone Posts: 2,456 Member
    Somewhere between "normal" and bikini for me. But I have more muscles, so I would look bigger.
  • lolapedia88
    lolapedia88 Posts: 178 Member
    Absolutely none of these.
  • KRB28
    KRB28 Posts: 248 Member
    Bikini but with a little more curves :)
  • agdyl
    agdyl Posts: 246 Member
    bikini with bigger muscles.


    I like the muscle size of fitness and figure, but wouldn't want quite as much definition as any of those 2. However, I'd like maybe a bit more definition (and definitely more muscle) than in the bikini one.

    Same here. I don't want to as cut as the fitness/figure/etc. models, but I definitely want to maintain a lot more muscle than the bikini model. Also - seeing as how none of those people at fitness and beyond are maintaining that definition year round, it seems like a pretty ridiculous goal unless you are actually competing.
  • carlapendergrass
    carlapendergrass Posts: 42 Member
    Fitness model
  • back-to-school-new-groove_large.gif
  • Curvy . . . Nothing like any of these.
  • YaGigi
    YaGigi Posts: 817 Member
    A softer version of bikini.

    All others are my definition of nightmare.
  • meagsdionne
    meagsdionne Posts: 47 Member
    Fitness model
  • meagsdionne
    meagsdionne Posts: 47 Member
    Whoops....all done
  • AlongCame_Molly
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    Stop! Stop answering this question! I demand this derogatory question be removed!

    "Do you like apples or oranges best?"

    "Neither! I love BANANAS and I'm offended that you didn't include them, too! FRUIT SHAMING! FRUIT SHAMING!!!"
  • joshdann
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    I'm with most other people who have responded to this thread. The bikini example is still mostly feminine, but further defined just loses all attractiveness. The only caveat with the bikini version (for me) is that she look like she might have implants. Those will make any woman instantly unattractive, regardless of her build.

    Personally, 25-28%BF... with enough muscle to shape up all the right places... is right in my wheelhouse. Wouldn't you know it, that just happens to be what my wife is currently shooting for :)
  • Bikini.. and fitness... I love the healthy strong look.... I guess its all in the body fat really...
    We will see when I get there... :)
  • annasor70
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    First one totally... nice shape. The others look kinda scary ;)
  • HeyGoRun
    HeyGoRun Posts: 550 Member
    Mine at its best!
  • alisonlynn1976
    alisonlynn1976 Posts: 929 Member
    In between bikini and fitness model. Some muscular definition, but not muscles popping out everywhere.
  • RosyBest
    RosyBest Posts: 303 Member
    The one that comes right before Bikini