The awesomest thing your kid has ever said...



  • MrsBobaFett
    MrsBobaFett Posts: 802 Member
    My son is only 2 but this morning he said "wuv you this much mummy" and put his arms out as wide as he could.

    Heart melted :)

    He is also a huge Star Wars fan and yesterday I made a video of him with a blanket hanging over him like a robe, in the video he says "I am The Emperor, do do do, do do doo, do do doo" to the tune of the Star Wars theme.
  • crackur
    crackur Posts: 473 Member
    While watching football ........while punching his fist and dancing he said "smackem down, punch them in the face, wooooooooooo, smackem down" he is 3.

    Made a dad proud.
  • My 19 year old daughter told me the other day that I am her hero ♥
  • onwarddownward
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    After throwing a major toddler fit at a rest stop during a LONG drive, my two year old son Jon once looked his 16 year old sister in the face as she was buckling him into his car seat and said, "Thank you for considering my words."

    We were all speechless.
  • UsedToBeHusky
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    After throwing a major toddler fit at a rest stop during a LONG drive, my two year old son Jon once looked his 16 year old sister in the face as she was buckling him into his car seat and said, "Thank you for considering my words."

    We were all speechless.

    That is so cute! He'll make a great politician someday.
  • hellonheels88
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    To my ex-mother-in-law "My favorite super hero is *insert mommy's boyfriends name*" Tee hee boyfriend is a keeper :)
  • nessa2BFit
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    my very in shape teen daughter told me after measuring her waist for her military ball and me comenting that i am only 1.5 inches away from her said "thats bull crap" lol made my day hahahhaha... of course she also told me how proud she was of me that i have lost 11 inches in my waist
  • TheRunningGuppy
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    Was going on a bike ride with my 9 year old son last spring, and I told him to slow down and wait for his wimpy mom, I was having a little bit of a tough time going up a hill. He said to me, "Mom, you're not a wimp, you're the toughest mom I know!"

    And for funnies, my younger son, who is 4 and a little obsessed with super heroes, went with my parents to our local Walmart last week. It's in the process of being converted to a super walmart. In completely serious voice, he told my parents that super walmart can't fly.
  • ChristinaOrtiz23
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    not awesome, but funny lol

    My 4 year, Jai'Shaun

    Me (while working out to Insanity): "Ugh i hate doing this"... Jai "Then stop doing it" ....Me: "I can't, i don't want to be fat anymore " .....Jai: "Mom, then stop being fat" .......smh, i couldn't stop laughing.....
  • Carlyannabelle
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    My 6 year old daughter told me " Momma, you are beautiful, even if you had an ugly face, I would still think you were beautiful"

    It was hard to control my laughter!!
  • TPlenge
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    When he was little he wrote me a note that said, "I love you more than chocolate ice-cream and blue sky."

    He is a teenager now and he wrote me a note on facebook that said,"I wanted to say I love you and thank you for being my mom... I know you go out of your way to make me happy... I'm so grateful to have such a caring mom and I love you so much, I cant even think about what its going to be like when you pass away for more then a second before I feel like please don't go away anytime soon."

    Awwww! He is a good kid.
  • Mia_RagazzaTosta
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    My then-5 year old to my dad while reading (couldn't read yet) his birthday card, upside down, to him:

    "Dear papa, You are old, but I love you. Happy birthday"
  • They were doing a paper for Mother's Day and it had a statement that you had to finish and the statement was:

    My mom is good at...

    My daughter wrote "being pretty"

    Made my heart melt
  • BranMuffin86
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    It was my niece, but her and my nephew were talking about getting smiley faces at school. My niece was saying that we always gets green smiley faces. My nephew decided he would tell us how she got a yellow smiley because she colored her monkey pink when it was suppose to be brown. In response my niece says "That happened last morning. Why are you bringing up the past Isaiah?" I love her!! That's my line for everything.
  • logicman69
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    Mine was my daughter, at 2 years old (she is 4 now), standing at the couch yelling at the lightning and thunder.. Everytime the thunder boomed she should throw up her hands and say "RWAR TO YOU THUNDER" at the top of her lungs.

    It was awesome
  • qtgonewild
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    When my daughter was about 4 years old, I was driving her to school, she was sitting behind me, and out of nowhere she said "Sometimes I can't believe this is real life." Amen, sister!

    i love this <3
  • codapea
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    I was cleaning the bathroom and my 3 year old daughter walked in and started giggling when she saw me scrubbing the toilet with the toilet brush. She asked, "Mommy, are you tickling the potty? Is that the tickler?!" It was so funny.

    Other good one's, also from when she was 3 (funny age!); we were pulling into the library parking lot and she informed me that we need to be very "qui-bary", her word for quiet in the library. Also, she wanted us to name her baby sister "Big-Tall Foot".
  • karenjoy
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    I was breastfeeding my son when we was newborn, and my Daughter was watching with great interest, and asked me what I was doing, I said I am giving him some milk, and that I had done the same with her when she was little. She considered this for a while and then said 'is it juice in the other one?'
  • this1bigdog
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    Mine tells me, "I love you bigger than google"
  • MrsSausage58
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    When my twin boys were really small one of their toys stopped working. I had a look at it and said I thought the batteries had run out. One of them had a look and said "no, they're still there!" Couldn't stop laughing. :love: