Bye Bye Obesity: 400 days, 135 pounds lost with pics



  • stjoh01
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    Your pictures tell a amazing story. Thank you for showing the courage and determination it takes for one to become their real vulnerable self. You're beautiful.
  • JDubIsShrinking
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    You are an inspiration! Congrats on the loss!
  • lavender211
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    Congrats. Your story brought tears to my eyes I am living your pain of being fat it hurts. I am now working towards being overweight did not count days in but will go back and start . Thanks for sharing your story. Mary
  • BrotherBill913
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    wowwwwwwww...... :smile:
  • Very, very well written. I think you summarized how many of us have and still do feel.
  • Athena53
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    Congratulations- the results of your hard work really show. I really liked the eloquent details in your story- it gives me a better understanding of what many of the people here are up against every day.
  • You're lovely. congratulations.
  • WaterBunnie
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    Yep, a lot of those issues look familiar. Well done Kat, you've done so well!
  • Niccidawn092
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    You just made me cry a little! I felt like I was reading my life story.

    So very happy for you, and I hope to be joining you soon!
  • pacosal
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  • Miss_Meliss86
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    Incredible story. Amazing job in 400 days!!! :flowerforyou:
  • joyfuljoy65
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    Well done - you look amazing. Your story hit a lot of home runs for me and you are so brave to tell it.
  • ktpod1
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    Wow! Truely amazing transformation. Thank you for sharing your heart wrenching journey. You deserve all these accolades.
  • marilou0511
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    Nice journey. Great blog!
  • PJ_73
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    That's some train journey in a year, lovely!

    Congrats on your amazing journey and so wonderful to see that the changes are not just physical.

    Here's to pulling into the next station! :drinker: :drinker:
  • mayonie1
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    Wow you look fantastic.
  • weightedfootsteps
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    Congrats!! You look amazing!! :) So happy for you!
  • Oh my..... I very very much identified with many of the topics / events you touched on. It's encouraging to see that you have done so well. I'm just getting started but it's nice to know that someone so much like me has made it so far. Thank you!
  • dianesheart88
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    Thanks for sharing your story ( that many of us can relate to) and your amazing success! Congrats!! You look amazing!
  • spoiledpuppies
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    Beautiful post from a beautiful woman! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!