Ladies ONLY - Do you weigh more on your period?



  • AestheticStar
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    Yes. I can always tell when it's coming 'cause I seem to bloat & gain a little weight, from 2-4 pounds it seems. But once it starts or ends, it disappears. Makes me dislike periods haha.
  • FrauHaas2013
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    I put on a lot of weight, as well. I don't even have to get on the scale to tell - my clothes get tighter and I feel like my face gets a little chubbier! So I'm not sure how much I put on but I would guess anywhere from 5-7 lbs at least. And like everyone else, a day or two afterwards the pounds drop off and I feel "normal" again!
  • FrauHaas2013
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    Me, too!!! I lost 8.2 pounds last week, and recently my weight has been creeping up by almost a pound a day...but I am expecting my TOM anyday now so I'm chalking it up to that. I expect to see a big drop afterwards. Another good reason not to rely on the # on the scale, but the look/feel of your body!
  • Its weird but I actually lose a little bit of weight during my period..even though the bloating etc does happen

    the weight loss is short lived I normally go back to my normal weight a few days later
  • seltzermint555
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    No, I swear I feel so abnormal in this one area!

    For the past six months since I joined MFP, I have noticed a pattern in my weight loss.

    I lose 6-7 lb per month. 1 lb per week for 3 weeks and then 2-4 lb all at once in the 5 days leading up to my period. I don't go back up OR lose during the days I'm actually menstruating, but after my period it's 1 lb per week again.
  • ginakiki
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    omg yes i hate it i gain 3 pounds
  • Tesfaig
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    I feel so much better reading posts,I started today n gained three ins from yesterday
  • bizco
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    I weigh at least 3lbs. more the week BEFORE my period. And yes, continue to exercise even if it's just a brisk walk.
  • ineedalifetbh
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    I always end up bloated, I've somewhat gained the measurements I lost last weekend and this, roll on to the end of the period! :(
  • Tied2BeFit
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    I normally weigh heavier during my period and I FEEL IT, I am always bloated and nothing fits! With that being said the end of my period always feels amazing, I lose that pound or two I gained and then some! I would suggest not changing YOUR routine during your period. I have always found that no matter how crappy I feel or how crampy I am the second I start working out I instantly feel better. I will say it is hard getting to the gym when you dont feel rite though =[ keep up the good work and just keep truckin =]
  • SkinnyFatAlbert
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    As a man it's fascinating to me women never seem to figure out how something that happens to them every single month year over year after about the age of 12 affects their bodies.
  • Tied2BeFit
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    That is because a women's body is constantly changing. Some women's bodies are never ever on track every month. Our bodies will also change when we change our eating or exercise habits. If you actually read the thread you will see that a lot of the answers are very different...non of us our exactly the same.
  • mazmataz
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    Argghhh perfect thread for me to rant in right now! I've had a contraceptive impant in for the past two years, which means that I'v had no periods...yay!! I loved every minute of it, not waiting on the monthly plague that would see me gain 5lbs, come down with bad cramps, sore boobs and extreme lack of energy. Only this month the hormones in my implant have started wearing off now IT'S BACK!!! And it's making up for lost time...I feel like utter crap (like 10x worse than I used to feel when IT came), and the thought of working out and eating healthily right now makes me want to go home, get under my duvet and faceplant into a family size tub of Nutella!!

    I know it'll pass, and I know everything will settle down eventually...but that doesn't stop me from hating the world (especially men!) right now....blahhh!!!

    Thank you for engaging with my extremely irrational, crazy rant!
  • Yeah totally. I gained 4 pounds just for being on my period. Just drink a lot of water and that will help. By the time your off your period those pound will go away.
  • Yes. It's terrible! :(
  • Phew this post is making me feel saner... I'm 5lb up at the moment. I feel huge...massive tummy and hating it . I've not been this big for over a year :-( Not had a TOTM for 5 years due to mirena coil which just had out so sfter reading the above posts really really hoping that's what it's down to!
  • knra_grl
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    I just don't weigh myself that week, who knows? I suspect I would and it would bug me so I avoid the torment. :ohwell:
  • smithed812
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    I usually "gain" 3-4 lbs literally overnight, haha.
  • missyahall2
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  • ezloshead
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    I got almost eight pounds heavier, but it disappeared as soon as Mother Nature left.