30s & 40s Motivation!



  • pinkraynedropjacki
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    38 here. I'm always active & ALWAYS motivated.
  • Yes, I'm 41 and always down for active, mutually accountable friends. :)
  • Sexy76Me
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    37:smile: 38 in jan:sad:
  • Alisontheice
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    Turned 40 in June. Can always use more friends. Feel free to add me anyone.
  • cwilliams080676
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    Me me I am 37, active, a mother to 7 and work at home. I am a busy bee and LOVE it
  • mom2doublej
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    I'm a 38 year old stay at home mom of 2 boys! Very motivated!! Looking to add friends. Feel free to add me :)
  • manda79rn
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    I am 34 but feel like I'm 28 but sure..add away! lol :)
  • Hello, Dee here trying to start a healthy new life. So far I am 37 pounds down. Start date May at 217, current 185.
  • Coley1980red
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    I'm 33 and very motivated to change! I'm looking for friends who need support and encouragement. In particular, I'm looking for professionals who understand the stress of working 50+ hours a week while balancing being a spouse and parent. I'm trying to find a new schedule that carves out "me" time where I can even just squeeze in 45 minutes for a nice walk.
  • 43 here, and need motivation to keep weight off and build strength in muscles! I have not lived a very active lifestyle and would like to change.
  • scottjoh
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    46 here and have already lost over 50 pounds. Always willing to motivate new friends,
  • 41 here and can always use extra motivation. Feel free to add me.
  • RuthRW
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    36 and over half way to goal :-)
    Feel free to add me if you want support, we all need cheering on through the rough spots!
  • Hello, My name is Brittany and I am 30 years old. Like lots of people I've always struggled with my weight. I've lost, I've gain, over and over again. This last time I jumped on board I decided enough is enough and I will make a change for the good. I've been on board since the beginning of August and don't plan on stopping because I like where this is going. Feel free to add me as a friend because I love to motivate people and for people to motivate me. There's nothing like a great support system for a successful outcome.:blushing:

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  • Hello all. I'm Silas, 34. Spent the last year year cleaning up my diet and exercising close to 80lbs of fat thus far, now the last 10ish!! Since I found this place tracking my food is unbelievably easier!!
  • chelstakencharge
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    38 right here:)
  • yoovie
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    Im actually looking for a skateboard... this might be the wrong room
  • missyjane824
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    anyone feel free to add me. Just turned 33.
  • Hello, 38 and new to all of this! Feel free to add me. Could use all the help I can get :)
  • craiggq2
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    I am 37 and could really use some advice. I never give up but I am having a terrible time staying on track. I eat responsibly for a few days...up to 10 or so and then I "fall of the wagon". I think I have a really bad relationship with food because I am eating the wrong things for the wrong reasons. I am eating when I m stressed...almost like I am on automatic pilot. And when I do I go way overboard....I am "starting over" again tomorrow but that is issue. I commit to starting over, do good for a day or two and then somehow lose my mind and discipline and go off the deep end again with food. I need to try something different which is what is prompting to post this. Obviously, being stuck in this cycle literally for years is not working.

    I will have 3 kids in less than 4 years (third one d in Jan). That has really re-shaped my life. I have been using kids as the excuse for poor eating but it is really me.

    The really sad thing is when I signed up for myfitnesspal because I was getting heavy I was at 193. I am now about 215-220! And I hate it.

    Thoughts, feedback would be much appreciated. Knowing what to do is not my issue. I know the behaviors and choices I should make. I just really struggle staying on track. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    Also how do include my lbs lost tracker in my posts? I see everyone else can do that but I have not been able to figure out how.