91 days to xmas what's your goal



  • Matt24442
    Matt24442 Posts: 324
    my goal is to see how long I can go without hearing one Christmas song
  • GemmaRowlands
    GemmaRowlands Posts: 360 Member
    I would love to lose 10lbs but I doubt it will happen, as I'm happy with myself the way I am now, the 10lbs are just being VERY picky so maybe I will just lose a few.
  • init2fitit
    init2fitit Posts: 168 Member
    Between now and December 21, I'd like to lose another 10-15 lbs.
    It's 9 weeks so maybe I'll be closer to 10. I just want to be in the 120s mainly.
  • Not to fall off my diet is my one and only goal. Last time I tried to diet I fell off the diet over the holidays because of all the food, promised myself I'd start back up after the holidays ended. Well, 2 years later I'm back at.
  • massivediet
    massivediet Posts: 54 Member
    150, my goal weight, and no longer overweight by the BMI chart--13 pounds to go! If I can make it through Thanksgiving, I can make it all the way. Best of luck to everyone!
  • krissym6994
    krissym6994 Posts: 3 Member
    10.5 pounds by November 23 and 20 pounds before Christmas
  • Hoping to be 47kg by christmas. I'm definitely on track so I'm pretty happy.
  • 11 pounds would b awesome putting me at 199
  • luluinca
    luluinca Posts: 2,899 Member
    Hopefully I'll be 20 lbs. lighter by Christmas. More importantly, I'm working my way toward swimming a mile in an hour. I swam my first 1/2 mile yesterday in 48 minutes so it'll be a challenge.
  • ny2298pdsgt
    ny2298pdsgt Posts: 62 Member
    I would love to be 180 by xmas, that would be about 13-14 lbs down. I am in the "lose 40 by new years" group but that's not going to happen, I am only looking to be down about 30 total to about 160.
  • By Christmas? I'd settle for 255. I'm 6'3", by the way.
  • reachinmygoal2012
    reachinmygoal2012 Posts: 64 Member
    20-25 pounds hopefully i would be 141-146
  • CrystalConsults
    CrystalConsults Posts: 67 Member
    I'm with ercaface, I'd like to also lose 3% body fat by (or before!) xmas! :smile:
  • ktpod1
    ktpod1 Posts: 83 Member
    Hmmmm. 6 more pounds until Onderland...that is my first goal,.but by Christmas...I think 15 pounds would be a doable goal!
  • 10kg !
  • guessrs
    guessrs Posts: 358 Member
    To reach my goal weight, last 3 pounds, it's very difficult.
  • mloumason
    mloumason Posts: 28 Member
    I would like to loose 25 more pounds by christmas
  • hstoblish
    hstoblish Posts: 234 Member
    I'd like to weigh less than 140 pounds so that I'm a healthy weight by the BMI standard (about 9 more pounds). And then to get through the holidays without gaining.
  • to find out what the fox says.
  • youcantfoolme
    youcantfoolme Posts: 79 Member
    To look and feel better than last chistmas.