Half the Woman I Used to Be: 300 to 140's with Pics



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    Amazing! Great work
  • jlanz10
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    Truly amazing!!! Congrats, and contunuted success!!!
  • Wow! YOU are amazing and inspiring! Congratulations on all your hard work and perseverance. As someone who has to lose a lot of weight, I admire you for sticking with it. Truly amazing! :)
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    AMAZING! Well done!
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    Congrats! Wonderful post and motivational message for us all!:bigsmile:
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    Your post is exactly what I needed to see today! You words and pictures are an inspiration to many of us. We all have those cracks you referred to and your light shined into mine today---THANK YOU!
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    100% awesome and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.
  • What an amazing accomplishment. Such great words of wisdom as well. Congratulations on turning your life around!
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    Brava! Great story, great work, great accomplishment.
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    You've went from looking like the mom to looking like the daughter. Awesome stuff.
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  • Super inspirational! This is the first time I saw the picture in your workout clothes, you look fantastic!!!
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    Great post!! You look amazing and I LOVE your message!!
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    Great journey and amazing transformation. You are truly an inspiration.
  • you've always been beautiful. now you've just decided to be healthier, stronger and fitter. thank you for inspiring others :) you look great!
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    Your words, Kat, are heartfelt and true.
    All of us here appreciate you!


    I especially thank you for this, it states it perfectly, doesn't it:

    Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack in everything
    That's how the light gets in.

    Not sure what song it's from, though!

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    Thanks for sharing this with us. Congrats!!!!!

    And Leonard Cohen is fantastic.
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    Wow!!!! You have lost so much weight, and you look so much younger! What an inspiration. I hope that you are proud of yourself every day.
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    You look so much younger! Great job!