13 months - 129lbs lost - with loads of pictures!



  • jam1010
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    You are prettier now. You look like Bela Padilla (actress from Philippines)
  • Vex3521
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    You look simply Amazing! I just keep going back and watching you look more confident and happy in each picture. Really REALLY Well done!!
  • RosaliaBee
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    Gah, not meant as an attack on your father but I actually felt my heart sink when reading his response to you telling him you wanted to lose weight:

    "You've failed before, will this time be any different?"

    Why do so many people believe it's necessary that you are certain of success before even trying? What about "try, try again"?
    Why do so many people feel the need to remind you of past failures if you've decided to try again? It's so common!
  • Texasparis
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    We'll done on your amazing loss! What an achievement! You were pretty before, gorgeous smile lovely skin but you are absolutely stunning underneath the excess weight! Here's me always struggling to lose this last 10 lbs! This should spur me on to get my act together and use MFP properly!
  • arbata9
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    Wonderful progress, very inspiring!
  • Just wow! Great job!
  • SkinnyMarni3
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    wow! really inspirational! You look gorgeous!
  • Wow! Fantastic!
  • nehmon
    nehmon Posts: 54 Member
    like your dad i only have praise for you :-)
    Congrats on the weight loss and keep the good work. I enjoyed reading your Posting.
    Thnak you for sharing
  • tessiebear40
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    Wow. You look amazing and so pretty. What an achievement. Thanks for sharing :flowerforyou:
  • leelo2003
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    wow thats so fantastic you look amazing well done on your great transformation
  • Daisy80
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    What kind of results did you get with T25? You look great! Well done!
  • lorarte
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    Wow, what a fantastic transformation. You look amazing and I just love that smile. Really inspirational and thanks so much for sharing. My son is taking a picture of me each week to diary my weight and shape changes, I haven't looked at any of them them but I am tracking inches as well as weight.
    Thanks also for the practical tips, things like smaller portions (it's easy to start piling up that plate and pretending that everyone eats that much lol), having something snack-size rather than go overboard, it all helps others! :-)
    Well done on your weight loss and keep up the amazing work.
  • CubicalF13
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    Amazing! Well done. ;)
  • i m speachless.........excellent ......
  • FirecrackerJess
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    Wow, just wow, AWESOME job.
  • martymum
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    you look so happy now...well done on all your hard work...a true inspiration!
  • Stunner. :heart:
  • Smuterella
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    Incredible - thank you for sharing.
  • Simonino
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    omg! you are such an example of determination and dedication! Amazing transformation! Congratulations!