Before and After pics NO STARVATION



  • I just read through all 20 pages of the initial thread and was unable to pull myself away from the screen. I joined MyFitnessPal today and then ran across this post and am so amazed at these transformations and success stories. Everyone looks phenomenal! It really brightened my day and makes me want to put this computer down and get off my butt and exercise. I just had to post my own comment first ;)

    It's been 3 months into my weight-loss journey, and I really didn't expect to have lasted this long as previous attempts lasted a couple weeks to a month at best. So, I didn't take any before pictures to my regret. I still have a lot to lose, but know that I'm getting close to a range where the weight will be dropping a bit slower. I'm so happy to be joining such a positive community to have the support of others and be there to support others in their own journey.

    I may take a current shot to post here and see if I can dig up a picture at my high weight a couple years ago for comparison. I've just shielded myself from the camera due to self-consciousness. I commend everyone who posted their pictures in being such strong individuals and having such confidence in yourselves and pride in what you have accomplished. You guys look absolutely fabulous!
  • cmira5ol
    cmira5ol Posts: 1,246 Member
    wow great progress
  • lollyish
    lollyish Posts: 75 Member
    OMG! You look like a completley different person!
    PS: I love your black and white striped dress.
    Seriously congratz this is amazing.
  • Yes, very inspiring! Congratulations!!
  • Danicacub
    Danicacub Posts: 41 Member
    HOLY.... you look AMAZING!
  • BranMuffin86
    BranMuffin86 Posts: 314 Member
    Wow this is a amazing! Saving for later to read the whole thread! Y'all look amazing!
  • missodu
    missodu Posts: 234 Member
  • JewelsinBigD
    JewelsinBigD Posts: 661 Member
    wow- just wow!!
  • melb_alex
    melb_alex Posts: 1,154 Member
    wow you look wonderful! Very inspiring and I needed the motivation. Thank you! I'm curious, did you workout a great deal to avoid excess skin? That is a major concern of mine. I am at 222lbs and goal is 150lbs and I worry about excess skin.

    Before 241
    After 157

    I've just hit target, it took 18 months ish :)




    Wow best transformation I have seen in a long while!

    I love that you were able to lose the weight and refine your physique; your figure is amazing!

    Go girl!!
  • snowflake954
    snowflake954 Posts: 8,258 Member
  • snowflake954
    snowflake954 Posts: 8,258 Member
  • Positively_Me
    Positively_Me Posts: 1,500 Member
    All amazing tranformations... Congratulations to all!
  • dietka975
    dietka975 Posts: 63 Member
  • Bump!!
  • JazmineYoli
    JazmineYoli Posts: 547 Member
    Small picture because my original is at work.
    5'4". SW 207. Picture Weight about 160.

  • KaosLynnRose
    KaosLynnRose Posts: 3,415 Member
    here's my b4 and almost after im still on my way to the goal

  • zebszee
    zebszee Posts: 31 Member
    Amazing must be feeling great
  • SgtWife25
    SgtWife25 Posts: 7 Member
    Your doing a great job.
  • KaosLynnRose
    KaosLynnRose Posts: 3,415 Member
    Amazing must be feeling great

    oh yea hellzto the yeah...that before pix is just scary lol
  • redlipsticklyfe
    redlipsticklyfe Posts: 164 Member
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