Don't call me.....



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    Someone is obviously single.

  • victoriousO
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    Doll is my only pet name and it's OK....
  • MyChocolateDiet
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    Aiiigh!! I am stuck in a loop.

    That's for your fortune 500 thread. Muwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • TheSwollMinister
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    I can think of worse things to be called...
  • Ilb320
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    For the Win
  • kgbenny
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    I can not stand when I hear parents call each other "mom/dad" ..I guess so their kids will call them mom/dad?

    Anyway, it just creeps me out. I am not my husbands mom, that is just creepy.

    (Our kids did perfectly fine calling us mom/dad without us calling each other that)

    And "baby"...I agree, it is not a term of endearment I would want my husband to use for me.

    Haha, this reminds me of my best friend. She told her 3-year-old son to "go get your dad" for dinner. Her son smiled sweetly and promptly screamed his dad's first name, just as my best friend would have done. It was hilarious, but I can see why she might want to start calling her husband "daddy" for a while... her kids parrot everything she says.
  • spud_chick
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    My husband and I kind of ran with it creatively. Portmanteau words including variants on our names, language resembling the kind in George Herriman's old comic strip Krazy Kat (my favorite of those is "dollin", and always earns him a hug if he's not already getting one), various descriptives. No matter what else is going on, we do speak the same language and it's one we often forget others aren't in on.

    I don't mind that much being called baby or honey by random people, as I do live (and grew up in) the south and can tell that it's normally not meant condescendingly. But I really hate it when I'm in a bad mood and some random person (stranger or coworker) presumes to order me to "Smile!". It just makes me want to stab them in the throat. If they tack on "honey" then they're really taking their life in their hands.
  • ElikaCousland
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    I like most pet names...but I hatehatehate darling. It makes my skin crawl. An ex-boyfriend started calling me that out of the blue one day, months after we started dating, and even after I told him I hated it he kept it up. It's seriously the worst.

    Hun or honey annoys me too, but not on the same level as darling. Ughhh.
  • I'm not big on nicknames in general... definitely don't like baby. I get really annoyed when complete strangers call me hun or honey. Sweetie sounds patronising a lot of the time.
  • i dont mind sweetie lol reminds me of riversong from dr who every time someone calls me it sooo.... lol but i call my partner chris although i cant remember the last time we actually said hey chris or hey rachel lol we just kind of talk and hope theother is listening haha
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    Wow! My husband calls me baby and I him and it doesn't bother either of us. Funny, though, when I asked my son what my name is he said "Mom". I said, "No, what does Daddy call me?" and he replied with "Baby". After several attempts he did, finally, acknowledge he knew my name is Angela. My husband is Spanish and uses Mami a lot, which took me some getting used to as I felt like he sounded like a six-year old talking to his mom.

    My friends call each other Sweetie Pumpkin . . . Blech!
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    You can't be serious....

    Love that movie..
  • Fullsterkur_woman
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    Hey babe... yeah babe?... babe, babe, babe!!

    I don't like being called pet names by anyone but my family, but I really don't care what one they use.
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    Dude. I had a guy I was just starting to date call me "dude"....Ummmmm....No. I am not your beer buddy!!
  • mamamudbug
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    You don't have to call me darlin'...darlin'.

    You never even call me by my name.

    And I'll hang around as long as you will let me...
  • Fullsterkur_woman
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    My name is Melissa and I hate Mel and Missy.
    My name is Michelle and I hate being called Melissa. But apparently I should have been named Melissa, due to the number of people who insist on calling me that! :laugh:
  • beekay70
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    Big'n. I don't even know if that's how it is spelled, but it sounds like "biggin". A waiter in a Catfish King called me that at my heaviest. I was like, "what the eff did he just call me?"
  • Would you prefer to be called Joan, Leslie or Carla? These are the names of his first three wives. Lighten up! :wink:
  • sassypants0923
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    I love being called baby
  • FitCurves444
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    I don't know what's gotten into Mr. Man, but lately he calls me "kiddo" and while I know he is being me it is borderline condescending..... and here's a very weird one..... it's not that I hate it, but it feels weird when he addresses me by name. I prefer "Sweetie" and "Baby Doll" and even "kiddo" over my that weird? This weekend he called me a "goober"..... I chuckled.

    I wonder if he hates when I call him "baby"..... maybe I should drop it. I used to make him "blush" with "papi" not even close.

    And as a side note, now that I have a place to vent..... I don't like being called "girl" cousin will do that to me and I hate it...."Hey, Girl! How are you?"

    Really!? "Girl!?" This is where I prefer being called by my name.....