YAY or NAY: Pajamas In Public ?



  • ValerieMartini2Olives
    ValerieMartini2Olives Posts: 3,041 Member
    If I am really sick and just need to run in and out of Walgreens, I may not care too much about changing out of my pajama pants. But for the love of god... I was at this sushi place the other day and this woman was wearing pajama pants. Clearly pajama pants. Have you no shame? You look like a damn fool.
  • MysteriousMerlin
    MysteriousMerlin Posts: 2,270 Member
    Used to attend early college classes in t-shirt/sweatshirt and pj bottoms. Comfy.

    Now that I'm an adult? Nope. I wear them in the house and to take the dogs out in the back yard.
  • Candi_land
    Candi_land Posts: 1,311 Member
    If it's late at night, early in the morning, or I'm just having a chill day at home and I just need something quick from the store then yay to all of the above except the nightgown.

    Nobody wants to see my Granny in training flower print moo moo.
  • TravelDog14
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    Wearing pajamas in public is an admission of defeat.
  • SakuraRose13
    SakuraRose13 Posts: 621 Member
    Hmm I have not worn mine out in public but I'm okay with yoga pants real ones, you would wear for a workout if you wear a sweater or a tunic that covers your tush , otherwise maybe not the best look . But that's my opinion to each their own I say :)
  • Wearing pajamas in public is an admission of defeat.

    Try telling that to Hugh Heffner
  • MsJulielicious
    MsJulielicious Posts: 708 Member
    I got hit on recently by a grown man wearing an adult onesie...
    Just no.
  • icimani
    icimani Posts: 1,454 Member
    Just.... No.
    My thought is always : "It's time to grow up."
  • Always no!
  • tomwatso
    tomwatso Posts: 1,304 Member
    I has seen too many people in PJ at the grocery store in my lifetime. Just say no.
  • Ophidion
    Ophidion Posts: 2,065 Member
    I'm going to go against the grain and say I will and do wear whatever the hell I like...

    That being said I enjoy many different styles and outfits, I will never outgrow dress-ups, I like a nice fitted pinstripe suit, other times well my attire is less than conventional but I dress according to how I feel or want to feel, not for the adulation from others....If people request formal or smart attire for events or gatherings I attempt to meet their expectations as they were kind enough to invite me.

  • Ophidion
    Ophidion Posts: 2,065 Member
    Depends on the person wearing them, some people can rock the look and others shame themselves
    Very true, often not what you wear but how you wear it.
  • Ophidion
    Ophidion Posts: 2,065 Member
    "It's time to grow up."
    Every time I hear these words I just want to do an Admiral Ackbar impression "It's A Trap!"
  • asimmons221
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    I don't, it takes 10 seconds to put on a pair of jeans. At the same time I don't judge others for the decision.
  • GiGiBeans
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    I just went to the market and saw a woman in cat PJs, snow boots and a fur jacket. I vote yes.
  • Ophidion
    Ophidion Posts: 2,065 Member
    bump because I was unaware that PJ's would invoke such a knee jerk reaction.

    What if said PJ's were tightly fitting on a hot female *kitten* or if it was an unbelievably attractive male, does this change the equation?

    Is it really the attire or the people wearing them?
  • asgard825
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  • MyOwnSunshine
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    Can you go out in pajamas? I suppose.

    What does it say about your self-respect and the level of competence you project to others? Not much.

    Maybe the question should be, "How many people who make more than $80,000 a year would venture out in pajama pants?" I'd guess none. "How many successful entrepreneurs wear pajamas to Walmart?" None.

    My opinion would be that someone who can't make an effort to put on real clothes before leaving the house doesn't put much effort into anything else. As someone who is responsible for hiring and promoting others, if I ran into someone from work who was wearing pajamas in public, they'd definitely be placed on my "don't consider" list.

    I suppose if you're trying to rock the "teenager who doesn't give a *kitten*" look, pajama pants would be the way to go, but if you're older than a teenager, it just says "lazy" to me.
  • IPAkiller
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    Is your child sick and have to go to the pharmacy? Is you fall down the stairs at 2am while going to the bathroom and have to go to the ER? Unless it's a similar emergency in the middle of your sleep time, the answer is no, no a thousand times no. Seeing people do this makes me loose all respect for them.