What's for dinner tonight?



  • Nadia222222
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    Gardengail whats your recipe for beef stroganoff?
  • KatieM46
    KatieM46 Posts: 27 Member
    Spicy chili!
  • beaches222
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  • JessyLovesJCS
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    Soft Tacos

    Made with Joseph's tortilla wrap, drained hamburger with seasonings, iceberg lettuce and spinach, tomatoes, fat free sour cream, and low fat shredded cheese
  • Gardengail
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    No real recipe, Nadia - I brown the beef, saute onions, add low sodium beef broth, some red wine, worcestershire (sp?) sauce, garlic, ground pepper, etc., as you like, and let it cook down. For the creaminess I'll add either plain yogurt when I'm heating to serve, or low fat dip - just enough to get some creaminess. We put it on Dreamfield pasta instead of traditional egg noodles since DH is diabetic.
  • jessmart83
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    I am making homemade red potato soup.
  • Rachelito
    Rachelito Posts: 119 Member
    Grilled chicken breast, white beans and spinach with garlic green beans.
  • QueenBishOTUniverse
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    Tomato basil soup and grilled cheese on jalapeno bread. Not great on protein, but I've upped that elswhere in my day to compensate.


    Soup recipe:

    4 chopped tomatoes
    32 oz tomato juice
    Simmer 30 minutes, remove from heat
    stir in about 20 basil leaves and 2tbs sugar
    use stick blender or cool and pour into regular blender
    return to heat, add 1/4 cup unsalted butter and 1 cup heavy whipping cream
    Simmer to thicken to taste.

    Easiest soup recipe EVER. You can substitute if you want to cut down on fat, I don't bother because I don't care....
  • msnucerity
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    Roasted Red Pepper shredded chicken, wilted spinach and some sharp cheddar cheese melted on top. YUMMO!!
  • myukniewicz
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    Pork Vindaloo with Coconut Basmati Rice

    =460 calories
  • chrisgarbiso
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    Nothing, I just signed up, entered my food for the day and I am over by 500 calories already.....and it's only 3 pm.
  • gloriaeffe
    gloriaeffe Posts: 75 Member
    Oven roasted salmon fillet in parchment paper with asparagus and a little sauce with juice and zest of one orange + 2 Tbs salt reduced soy sauce + 1Tbs grated ginger.
    Too bad it's only 10am here and there's still the whole day to go before dinner...
  • kbmnurse
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    Lean Beef Stew-2 cups with one low fat Grand Bisquit. = 550 cal Yum Yum
  • watch48win
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    Shepherd's pie made with ground turkey
  • kstandridge
    Wow, i made homemade vegetable beef soup and was really surprised by how low the calorie count was. Only 139 calories a serving. I paired it with cornbread and still got by with only around 400 calories.
  • Zenjaeie
    Taco salad- a big bowl of romaine topped with refried beans, salsa, jalapenos and a little greek yogurt in place of sour cream. I was planning on having a greek yogurt parfait, I'm big on breakfast... but it's Mexican food night with the family, so I switched up a bit ;)
  • wannabpiper
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    Zuchini and shrimp with a sauce made with chicken stock and white wine over jasmine rice. Mmmmmmmmmmm.
  • learning2fly4
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    made two things -

    Pork country style ribs - crock pot with some onion cajun seasoning and 1/2 bottle of bbq sauce
    second dinner was zoodles (zucchini noodles) with ground turkey, mushrooms, one bell pepper, and a can of diced tomatos.
  • heatherwhite0607
    made my own burrito bowl. Super easy

    Brown rice
    Black beans
    Chicken in a taco mix
    mild salsa
    and a little bit of cheese :)
  • mikeroybal
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    Are you using hatch chiles?