What do you eat for breakfast?



  • ayalowich
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    I'm usually in a hurry during the week so probably 4 days a week I have a banana, energy bar and a few oz of juice. Often keep this to 400 calories or less. I don't subscribe to the theory of having breakfast as a heavy meal.

    On the weekend, I'll go for oatmeal one day or waffle of something more substantial if I do a longer run.

    A good treat is Casadian organic granola with strawberries and bananas.
  • craftykat12
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    protein bar & fruit, or Cereal & fruit, an I always drink 16oz of water after I eat. I have loss 69 lbs,
  • GradatimFerociter
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    I don't.

    Coffee, tea.
  • lexbubbles
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    Fat-Free Greek Yogurt with blackberries or strawberries…..

    High-five, fellow yogurt-and-fruit person!
  • LishieFruit89
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    Its 10:24am where I am and all I've had so far is 3.5ish litres of water, 40oz of coffee, 1 splwnda packet, and like 3oz of almond milk.

    When I do eat, I'll be having 2 fried eggs and a hearty chicken sausage (*giggle*)

    As others have said, if you don't want breakfast, don't eat it. It not the 'most important meal of the day' as some people preach
  • I don't eat breakfast. I'm never hungry in the mornings so my first meal, lunch, will be around noon or 1:00.
  • kbanzhaf
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    I usually eat oatmeal -- sometimes with brown sugar and cinnamon, sometimes with sugar-free syrup, sometimes with sugar-free Coffeemate (my favorite way), and (in the summer) with Greek yogurt as overnight oatmeal.
    I didn't eat breakfast until after I saw a nutritionist several years ago. That was one of her BIGGIES. :-)
    Rarely do I skip breakfast. I'm not always hungry when I eat it (shortly after I get up), but I for me, it is an important way to not overeat at lunch time.
  • JojoEffeckt164
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    Bread with mustard, cheese or meat and tomatoe (plus tomatoe salt)


  • Lisa1971
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    So many ideas! Thanks!
  • missjones513
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    During the week I'll usually do one or two of the following:
    > Oatmeal
    > Banana oatmeal muffins
    > Yogurt parfait
    > Yogurt and a protein bar

    On the weekend it's usually scrambled eggs and turkey bacon.
  • ren_ascent
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    This morning it's a Bel-Vita breakfast cookie, an apple and a hard boiled egg. Oh yeah and coffee. Gotta have the coffee.
  • fairygirlpie9
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    I don't - the sooner I eat the more I want to eat. Don't normally have any food until around 12-1 pm.
  • megsmom2
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    Eat your biggest meal when it suits YOU. Don't pay attention to other people's "shoulds "....find your own. (Except the whole calorie deficit thing...that one is for real)
    For breakfast today I had banana pancakes....one ripe banana, one egg, one egg white, 1/4 cup oatmeal and a sprinkle of cinnamon, process smooth, cook. Four yummy pancakes! Many days I make pumpkin oatmeal, or I have a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich...fast, easy, tasty!
  • rswalls
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    I just had 3 scrambled eggs and 5 pieces of bacon :-D
  • jakesauntie
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    Since losing weight, I don't eat cereals or anything sweet for breakfast now, much prefer my 2 slices of Nimble toast (no marg/butter), 1 poached egg, grilled mushrooms, tinned tomatoes and 1 Quorn sausage
  • JohnDowding
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    2 hard-boiled eggs, 2 strips bacon, 2 cups coffee, 1 banana. Convenient because I am lazy, and I can make a week's worth of eggs and bacon at one time, and fridge the rest.

    My doctor insists on the banana, otherwise it's pretty low carb.
  • Huffdogg
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  • MonkeyBars
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    2 x butcher sausages
    2 x eggs
    2 x bacon


    fat don't make ya fat :)
  • thebigcb
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    Porridge when Im good

    When I am really good, 2 or 3 protions of VEG and a couple of eggs/steak/chicken breast

    More often than not Coffee and a Muffin
  • conniemaxwell5
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    It doesn't matter when or how much you eat at a time as long as you are under your calorie goal for the day. I typically eat 2 breakfasts - some egg whites and cheese before I work out and a yogurt parfait or egg sandwich on an English muffin after I work out. I'm hungry when I get up in the morning and need food in my stomach but not too much before I work out and then I'm hungry after my workout. That's just me and the way I do it. My biggest meal is usually dinner.