From Obese to a size 4- 61 lbs down with PCOS!



  • Great job :)
  • mamma_nee
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    Congrats !! Your looking great !!
  • Congrats to you. You look GREAT!!! I have lost 49 pounds and have got 29 to go. Thank you for posting.
  • skcardiog
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    Wow ! Good job !
  • Fuzzipeg
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    Yours is a very inspiring story.

    I just wonder if there is anything you might be able to pass on which you discovered was of direct benefit, that another can consider in their life style.

    Very well done.
  • rencawdor24
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    Well done!

    You look beautiful both in your before and after pictures, you have a very pretty face.
  • chljlleal
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    Brilliant! Congratulations on your weight loss, I too have PCOS and it is SO encouraging to read this sort of story.
  • hananah89
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    Fantastic! This needs to be pinned to show all the women who post daily threads about struggling with PCOS that it can be done.
  • You are so beautiful!!!!! You are an inspiration, especially to us women with PCOS.
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    Fab job! Congrats.
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    Amazing work! You look so great, both before and after! :)
    Awesome progress!
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    You look amazing! Lot's of dedication! Congrats :smile:
  • Crystallee145
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    I just wonder if there is anything you might be able to pass on which you discovered was of direct benefit, that another can consider in their life style.


    Also, thank you for sharing. I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS and am struggling to find what works for me. I am getting my life back, and will not sit on the side lines!
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    You look lovely and happy; congratulations and kudos to you for sticking with it no matter what challenges you faced. ^_^
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    Amazing! Thanks for sharing x
  • fergy66
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    Wow! awesome story. mine is very similar to yours except I've never followed through. Reading this today gives me hope and encourages me to continue on no matter what. Thank you! and you are looking fabulous. so pretty, before and after, but you glisten now.
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    Congratulations!!! You look wonderful!
  • elisa123gal
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    You look so sweet and beautiful You remind me of my daughter. What a well written success story. I"m curious as to what you did and how you try to keep your PCOS under control.
  • _zombiegirl_
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    You look absolutely gorgeous! You've had that beautiful sparkle in your eye even before you lost the weight, I hope you never lose that :)

    I didn't take the time to read through the other comments, so maybe you already answered this, but I was curious to know if you noticed any of your PCOS symptoms diminishing after you lost the weight? I have it, too, and I've read about others getting relief, or PCOS practically disappearing completely, and just wondered if that happened with you?

    Either way, you look fantastic and I bet that's how you feel, too. :) You have every right to be proud!!
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    Good job on the loss! You look great and very pretty :)