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    Great info
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    This was an awesome thread to resurrect! :drinker:
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    i agree, great thread and I constantly need to hear or read this.
  • Great article. I did wonder why there wasn't a noticeable difference after I had lost some pounds. I do feel better and my body feels tighter. I'll keep doing what I'm doing. Thanks.
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    Great post! Feathers and gold. Really nice.

    I gave up the scale and use jeans instead. I know I weigh a lot now. Probably near to where I started, but it's made up of Greek yoghurt and 100s of hours of weightlifting now.
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    I had my husband hide the scale. I am not allow to weight until Sat. That will be 2 weeks. I might go weekly or every 2 weeks. Thanks for this post. It helps me stay off the scale and work harder.
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    Very good and informative article, thanks for the post!

    I do kind of feel sorry for all scales wherever they might be. Calling them liars is a bit harsh ;-)
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    this article is great! It's hard not to get caught up in the numbers. Thanks! :)
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    I don't get how the logic on weight fluctuation makes it more sensible to weigh yourself LESS. Surely it's pretty demotivating if, for whatever reason, you don't weigh yourself for a week and you've put on the four pounds from water retention or having a big dinner. Surely it's better to weigh yourself more often (say, throughout the day) and to learn about your body and what causes mass gain and what causes mass loss. You can then take a mental average which is more likely to be accurate than randomly weighing yourself once a week.
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    Great read. But even though I know all the above I still weigh almost everyday. It's a sickness, lol.
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    Great read I tend to have a hang up with the numbers myself. Thanks for posting. Makes me feel better.
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    Just read a report in a new nutrition book that the latest research shows that dieters who weight themselves every day lose about 25-33% more weight than those who weigh themselves once a week. I'm testing the hypothesis myself.
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    I so needed this today. I weigh myself every morning before breakfast...wish I could stop! This morning I had gained almost a pound and I felt so defeated...so this article came RIGHT ON TIME! Thanks for posting.