I'm Sexy and I Know It - My First Year of Strength Training



  • SpecialSundae
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    You look fabulous!

    Edit: Just a question, are you still lifting at home?

    Holy you are an inspiration !!!

    I'm still lifting at home. I do 1-2 sessions in the gym a month but I have about 150kg of weight plates at home and fair while before I'm likely to hit that level!
  • itzehoe
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    WOW - GREAT JOB!!!
  • lebbyloses
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    Wow! What a transformation! You look radiant, strong, and of course sexy! Congrats!
  • ZB17
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    This is incredible!! You went through this entire transformation without any cardio?! :O
  • GeekAmour
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    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

    So much win! I love that you eat the food, and that you are strong in body and mind.

    Bravo Lovely Lady, bravo!
  • Your post is so helpful and you look amazing. Lifting heavy is the way to go!
  • ironchick84
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    Congratulations on your progress!
  • Awesome and amazing, what a difference a year makes.

    I am just starting out and I am focusing on weight training and strengthening. I have fat to lose but I am not going to worry about that.

    You are more inspiration for me to keep at it and not get lazy. I am starting out with body weight and dumbbells,
    And on Monday I am going to see if the mechanics at work have a spare pipe I have use to start training until I can get to a gym with barbells.

    PS: I love that dress
  • BeefyBFit
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    Wow! Congrats to you, amazing transformation!
  • You look wonderful. Congrats!!!

  • mustgetmuscles1
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    Amazing progress.
  • cbart2818
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    Amazing transformation!
    A true inspiration to keep me focused on Stronglifts. The results will come!
  • csi4us
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    Great Job! such an inspiration! Thank you!
  • Aww wow, I love your story so much. I'm a size UK16 after having 2 babies and you're my new inspiration!!
  • heatherloveslifting
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    You are completely gorgeous and inspiring! :heart:
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    Wow !! Amazing results !!! You look great !
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    Great job!!!!!!!!!!!
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    crazy. thank you!!
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    bumping for later
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    You are an inspiration....you look fabulous and like totally a different person..thumps up for your dedication and all the hard work.....good luck with the competition :)