Bad things that have happened since I starting losing weight



  • SunOfMan
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    The cold! Last winter was one of the worst I've ever experienced. I was wearing a vest, 3 T-shirts, hat, gloves and a jacket at work!
  • juliasays77
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    I keep thinking I'm sitting on something, but it's just my tailbone, which hardly has any padding anymore.

    When I was younger, I had a sexy hourglass shape, and it's gone now! I'm very rectangular. I never would have thought my entire shape would change, but my hips are much smaller than they ever have been. I thought they'd be bigger now that I've had kids, but they're not.
  • misscem94
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    My underwear don't fit anymore

    haha, this!
  • I've been catching colds more easily. I've got a mild one now and had another a few months ago. I'm not usually this susceptible to colds. :(

    are you eating enough/getting enough nutrients? It seems like the opposite should happen :/ . Try adding garlic to your meals, a staple food for me :). Hope you feel better,

    Thanks for the info. I thought I was, plus I've been taking a mulch-vitamin. I may need to revamp my diet.
  • Scarlett_S
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    My tailbone hurts when I sit at my desk too long.
    I am also cold most of the time.
    No one calls me "The Tank" anymore because I can't do 12 shots and keep going. I really can't even do 2 anymore.
    I never see the hot pizza delivery guy I used to be good friends with.
    If I miss two days in a row at the gym, people start texting and asking if I am sick.
    My kids whine about not eating normal food (McDonalds) like their friends.
    I could use an extra closet for my workout wear.
  • - pants falling down
    - belt doesn't fit
    - underwear falling down
    - expensive clothing is baggy and looks dumb
    - fiance is uncomfortable when laying on my shoulder/arm because its not soft anymore!
    - people commenting daily about my height (i guess looking slimmer also makes me look taller, and i'm already 6 feet tall)

  • Just_Ceci
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    I think i have to give up beer.. (crown is staying though!!)

    NEVER! (I run for beer!!)
  • glenelliott5872
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    (1) I had to buy thermal underwear to wear to stop me shivering at work.
    (2) My rings are getting a bit loose
  • Freedomgurl585
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    1. my underwear slide off....all the time.
    2. Bras don't hold my boobs anymore.
    3. Don't get to stop for a 15 minute break half-way through shopping at the grocery store
    4. I have now become addicted to full body moisturizer...before I was addicted to ice cream.
    But I love it and can't wait til I have more.
  • prdavies1949
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    I have just got back from town, I went in to buy some food for the garden birds and came back with £150.00 worth of running kit.
  • EmmiDahling
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    1. Replacing my wardrobe 3 times
    2. Trying to use safety pins to avoid replacing wardrobe pieces
    3. Finding clothes I love and having to say 'goodbye' as they become too big (I really need to learn how to do alterations)
    4. Having to replace shoes because apparently you can loose fat from your feet, too
    5. A former co-worker who asks what my total weight loss is up to now everytime I see him (I think he just doesn't know what else to say)
    6. Friends who can't believe that I order a hamburger when we go out to dinner
  • dunnodunno
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  • mrsctpace
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    Bump...can't wait to experience some of these "bad things"
  • laurenz2501
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    My $99 "booty jeans" fit like... regular jeans....
    My yoga pants fit like sweats, and tying them is no longer optional.
    I only have three pairs of dressier pants that are even close to fitting now, and I have to be careful they don't snag and come off.
    A few of the older (all married) guys in my volunteer organization started hitting on me, and I get ogled a lot at the meetings.

    Sorry for pic quoting but....

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  • shaynepoole
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    1) always freezing :) increased snuggling time needed to keep warm
    2) supporting the underwear industry as had to replace bras and underwear several times
    3) sigh... finding out my real bra size was a 36F instead of the DD's I was used to (see #2)
    4) random desires to go for a walk... with a fleece jacket... in 70 degree weather when other people are wearing shorts (see #1)
    5) lost my taste for KFC/McD's/Jack in the Box which means I actually have to cook my own food
    6) spending more money on clothes, because I can buy them anywhere now... and apparently I have no self control and I need more (see #1)

    This is just the start of all my new hardships :tongue:
  • k80flec
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    Bad things happen when you lose weight.

    I've just had a bath and:
    1) I needed more water (not very Eco friendly) to cover me as I was displacing less.

    2) A reduction in padding on my *kitten* resulted in reduced protection for my coccyx - discomfort!! took some of the gloss of the experience!!
  • wanttolose40lbs
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    All my clothes are baggy, but I don't want to buy more yet as I still have more weight to lose.
  • Miffylou
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    I now have a cushion on our wooden chairs at the dinning table as I've lost the padding around my butt.
  • pineapple1989
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    I now have an inflated credit card bill because of all the new clothes I just HAVE to buy... Also I can't hold my vodka anymore. Damn.
  • Annalisa_87
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    Some of these comments are hilarious and so true, I wish I could think of something worthy of posting, but basically all that I can think of is the fact my old clothes no longer fit.