What do real people eat?



  • IanBee93
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    oatmeal with banana and brown sugar. :love:
  • rlp1975
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    My Diary is open.. feel free to add me...
  • rachaelbarton
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    I microwave a sweet potato and then put some Earth Balance and a little garlic salt or cinnamon on it :)
  • nancyluckhurst3
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    My Diary is open feel free to check it out for ideas.
    Please post if you share your food diary. I would love to get more ideas of mixing maybe 3 ingrediants together to make easy snacks, lunches and dinners. Easy stuff! Prewashed, premade. Like this: I just ate a whole wheat tortilla with honey and sprinkled oatmeal on it. no cooking invovled. Thanks!
  • ElizaB84
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    Oven baked Chicken breast wrapped in tortilla with a slice of cheese and some onions and greens

    That sounds great!
  • FitnFeistyLyness
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    mine is open, but i love to cook everything from scratch, but your welcome to look through

    anyone can add me.. or join my group


  • mockchoc
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    I'm not real. i tried sticking to unicorns but they escaped me. Starving Marvin now!
  • 2000chances
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    My diary is pen...I keep it simple.
  • FirecrackerJess
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    beef wellington.

    1. tenderloin of beef
    2. puff pastry
    3. duxelles

    easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

    So why are the cooks always getting yelled at for them on Hell's Kitchen? LOL
  • nikkihk
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    Other people?
  • sami_83
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    Tomato and avocado on toast.
  • jennifer_417
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    My diary is open. I am by no means a "clean" eater, but you're welcome to take a look!
  • jennifer_417
    jennifer_417 Posts: 12,344 Member
    beef wellington.

    1. tenderloin of beef
    2. puff pastry
    3. duxelles

    easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

    So why are the cooks always getting yelled at for them on Hell's Kitchen? LOL

    Because Gordon Ramsey's a douche? :grumble:
  • beertrollruss
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    I've been eating the same breakfast, lunch and daytime snacks with minimal changes for the last 5 years. I leave dinner open to accommodate my family.
  • MaritzK
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    My diary is also open, I eat meat but since I was a vegetarian for 7 years a lot of it is also vegetarian or even vegan :)
  • Hearts_2015
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  • I wouldn't know.

    I'm not real.
  • GiveMeCoffee
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    My diary's open, I eat just about anything all depends on what I feel like having. chicken, fish, poptarts, ice cream, very few salads oh and lots of BACON
  • ZealousMissJJ
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    Today's diary


    Lol, you can't read that smalll

    - Oatmeal with almond milk and blueberries for breakfast
    - Grilled veggies (zucchinni, eggplant, red pepper and carrot) for am snack
    - 80gr of grilled chicken with 50gr of quinoa for lunch
    - 50gr of smoked mackarel and an apple for pm snack
    - ground chicken burger with broccoli for dinner
    - proteinshake with banana and almond milk

    PS; I'll be working out tonight hence I'm a little over target.
  • lizless1
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    we shop once a week and do about an hour or so prep time and portion everything like our quaker old fashioned oats is prepacked just add the water and nuke it, raisins portioned into zip locks. We make a huge salad and portion it into zip lock bags squeeze air out and the stack in fridge then fluff out onto plate for easy lunch, eggs boiled and various salad toppings like turkey, peppers, radishes etc cut up into snack size zip locks we found zip lock method you get about 6 days the seventh the lettuce is fairly wilting but edible don't think I would want to push through to eight days. Pre pack stuff. We have vegetables sliced to stir fry and they are in the freezer. Was a little hard to start at first but getting easier. We plan meals for the week and shop accordingly. I will open my food diary feel free to scan it.