Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred...reviews?



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    I haven't read all of the posts so if I'm repeating, please forgive me. If you don't want to drop any cash, check out YouTube first. if you can't get what you want, TRY THE FREE LIBRARY!

    You may have a couple days weight, but the local library will likely get you a copy of anything you want for free. Talk to the ladies (men?) there. If you explain that you'd like to really do the 30DS, they may check it out to you for 30 days...my library ladies would probably give me 150 days if I asked...make friends there. Seriously though, request it there and ask them about it. You can probably work something out.

    And if you're like me, you'll find a technological way to make it so you can make a copy and move on while you check the forrealz copy back in. Message me :)

    Edited to add: Always try CraigsList for workout things you want. Now is not the best time since everyone on the planet is feeling fat right now, but in a month plus, Craigs List will go back to it's normal state of being full of everything to do with working out...DVDs, treadmills, gear, etc....for free or super, duper cheap!
  • I'm about to start the 30 day shred tonight. And tips or suggestions?
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    30 day shred is awesome! When I tried it the first time I lost 6 inches in my waist in 2 weeks. The one tip I would give you is its hard on the knees, so if you can use some knee support while doing it I would highly suggest it. Specially for us older ladies and gents who have quite a bit of weight to lose. I never realized how hard it is on the joints and such to carry so much weight.
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    I saw that in the store the other day and actually bought her kickboxing dvd and yoga....I have been doing combos of both of those for a few days and I will just say this, she looks like she does for a reason. I am a huge fan and plan to buy 30 day shred today. I don't care about losing weight, but about losing inches, feeling strong and looking better in my clothes :) Have fun!!

    Her yoga DVD is hardcore. In general I think of yoga as relatively relaxing. Hers is by no means relaxing. It's a full body work out.
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    When I did it, I STAYED on level 1, lost 9 pounds and 3 inches off my waste and 2 or 3 off my arms and legs!!
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    I'm about to start the 30 day shred tonight. And tips or suggestions?

    Take rest days. Don't try and do it 30 days straight. You'll make yourslf crazy and maybe hurt yourself.
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    In another post, someone gave the following equation to find out how many calories you burn completing the 30 day shred...

    Take 3.267 and multiply by your weight. Then divide that answer by 3. That will give you the number of calories burned. I just created a new exercise and titled it 30 day shred. I logged it as 20 minutes.

    So using my weight as an example: 3.267*201= 656.667 Divide that by 3... 656.667/3= 218 calories burned

    hope this helps

    Genius! Sounds about right :) Thanks!

    Glad I found this...I have done 30 day shred in the past and didn't know how to log it...Planning to give it a try again!
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    I'm going through 30 DS for the second time (on day 21) and yes it works!! I actually loaned (or lost) the DVD and picked it up again at Target for $9. I've done a few of her DVDs and it's my favorite. I plan on doing Ripped In 30 again after this. As others have mentioned Level 2 is the hardest and you will definitely feel the difference from Level 1. Just stick with it. As Jillian says, "don't quit!".

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    I think it is a great way to get introduced to working out. I completed it last year and had awesome results! It took me a little longer than 30 days to complete it because I only did the shred 5 days a week.

    My advice is to listen to your body and if you need a rest day take one, but if you can push though muscle soreness, then go for it! There is nothing wrong with modifying moves to accommodate your level of fitness. Also, add more weight if you feel like you aren't getting enough of a workout. I started out with 5lb weights, but finished using 8lb weights and 10lbs for some moves.

    When I finished this program I felt super accomplished and it pushed me to try out other workouts I never thought I could do.
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    Wow Kevin, awesome results! :drinker:

    I'm currently moving to level 2 in a few days after having to restart level 1 after a lapse. I LOVE 30DS so far, it's challenging, but still do-able.
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    I just started it two days ago. So far it seems like a good workout! I've also purchased her yoga DVD but have yet to pop that one in.
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    Personally, I found it boring. The first couple days of each workout were fine. But after that, it just got really boring. Hearing the same comments and "jokes" every day got to be annoying.

    The workouts themselves were fine. Couple of them hurt my knee (I've had problems with it) more than anything, so I didn't feel like they gave me a good workout.

    But if you don't mind a bit of monotony, and you don't have knee problems, then I'd say you'll like the videos, and they'll be effective for you :)
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    I LOVE JILLIAN MICHAELS DVDS!!!!!!!!! your best bet for beginners are definitely 30 day shred and ripped in 30, the level one moves are really beginner friendly and the last level on each is great for the advanced. the 3-2-1 (3 minute strength, 2 minute cardio and 1 minute abs) system is very effective as it allows you to work each muscle group whilst including periods of HIT training to get the most of the workout i.e sweating , breathing hard and lying on the floor at the end. a great step up is the 6 week 6 pack that really focuses on ( surprise surprise) the abdominals and cardio - this is the one i probably do the most . in No more trouble zones, the exercises are mainly strength with little cardio involved but still a great workout.

    i would say that if you are a beginner/intermediate this is a great way to start but now i dont really feel much of the moves on level 3 even with heavish weights , so for the advanced , what i do is i go through each level in one go , 1,2 and 3 and it is definitely exhausting!!!
    have fun!!! :):);)
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    Hi Guys, I have one month to slim down a bit to fit into my wedding outfit! I am a runner but recently have encountered some hip pain. I am interested in trying the JM 30DS. Like someone else mentioned above - what kinds of supplies are needed to do the program? Do you guys think that I will be able to do this with my hip pain? Also, I live in an upstairs apartment and I don't want to disturb my neighbors too much. Does doing the 30DS cause a lot of noise? I plan to do it before work in the morning.
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    i will give you some of the exercises on each level:
    but not in order cause i don't know them of by heart :0
    level 1: this has cardio such as jumping jacks, skipping, punching, butt kicks so a little bit of jumping up and down, also has push ups, lunges, squats in many different froms

    level 2: really cant remeber this one much to be honest since i only did it once before moving up to the next level but it has mountain climbers and plank jacks in plank position,

    level 3: lots of jumping but you can always modify , eg. double jump rope and rock star jumps make a bit of noise but other than that there nothing else noise wise you should be aware of - i think

    the only equipemtn you will need are mix weights so you can progress in :3-8 pounds or 1-4 kilos and a mat if your working on a hard surface

    as for your hip pain, im not a doctor but i would recommend that you dont go extreme on the excersies , still push yourself but once you feel the pain stop, take it lighter so you still get some excersise in without aggravating your problem,

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    I bought it a week ago and am a little scared to start it...lol

    Seems to have good reviews so I think I'll open it tonight :-)
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    Personally, I found it boring. The first couple days of each workout were fine. But after that, it just got really boring. Hearing the same comments and "jokes" every day got to be annoying.

    once i learned the routine, i put the video on mute and played my own music - much more enjoyable experience.
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    I finished day two yesterday of JM 30DS....ow!
    Hoping to keep it up for the full 30 days. Jillian doesnt play around!
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    Hey all! I have a question and im hoping someone has an answer :)
    I started the 30 day shred ( on day 3 now) but unlike the recommendations i cant do the workout everyday, i can only do it 5 times a week with 2 rest days back to back. If i stay on my diet, and give the workout my all when i do it, will i still see results?? I know its had to say but just an opinion would help. Thanks!!

    I do it 5 days a week and am seeing good results. My body is toning up nicely and I'm really happy. And I only finished level 2. Starting level 3 tomorrow. I find that I am able to push harder after the rest days.