Foods that you are really lucky you don't like?



  • soda,hamburgers, peanut butter, condiments of any type, pies, candy, cheesecake, ice cream. I'm not real big on sweets.

    I can eat a cookie every now and then but its definitely something i can do without.
    I'm more of a salty type of person.
  • RobynLB83
    RobynLB83 Posts: 626 Member
    Beer. Bacon. Fried food. Fast food. Pizza. Burgers. Chips. Pasta.
  • KiwiJewels
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    SoDamnHungry - I thought I was alone! Fizzy drinks hurt my mouth as well (glad to know I'm not as weird as I thought - not about that anyway haha). Also don't really like any of the chain fast foods like McDonalds and Burger King - makes it easy to resist eating takeaways! Unfortunately that still leaves a lot of things that I do like that I can do damage with (and I'm trying, but I really can't understand people who don't like chocolate LOL)

    Don't like hard candies though - that has to count for something :smile:

    Oh and alcohol! Haven't met anything I like the taste of, so don't have to worry about those empty calories... Plus it makes me a cheap date ;-)
  • nickyfm
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    Olives and mayonnaise
  • Wow....all of you are quite picky lol. I love almost all of the foods that all of you hate. I'm not that picky. I love soda, chips, meat, and mayo. I love greasy, unhealthy foods. I drink regular soda most of the time because I'm currently not dieting. I drink diet sometimes. I drink water, but not much. I just can't drink water all day. It's too difficult. I love meat except I'm not a big fan of chicken. I'm more of a beef and pork person. I like some candy, but not all. I love chocolate, but not chocolate flavored things like chocolate ice cream. I prefer vanilla. I'm not the type of person who can just live off of fruits and vegetables even though I do like them. My body is used to eating sweets and bad foods. If I went on a diet, I would still have to eat those things once in awhile. Nothing is too sweet for me. I can't tell when something is too sweet. As far as things I hate, I can't stand tomatoes unless they're cooked, raw onions and peppers, mushrooms, olives, tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, peas, oysters, livers, some frozen and canned foods. I like mostly everything except certain veggies.
  • MysteriousMerlin
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    ^^ talk about being picky. The only thing I don't like and won't eat is okra.

    They're the devil's toenail clippings.
  • healthyfreak123
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    Potato chips and soda.
  • NatalieG525
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    Absolutely hate mayo. The thought of it makes me want to chuck up!
  • Cheesecake, ice cream, most candies unless they have chocolate and peanut butter. Not a huge fan of red meat. And BUTTERED POPCORN ugh it makes me cringe when people saturate their popcorn with "buttery topping" at the theater.
  • Caterpillar_17
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    Pop, coffee creamer, eggnog, bacon, sausage, biscuits/white bread, condiments, chocolate, pudding, cake, candy, most forms of pizza (only like homemade), etc...

    I'm very picky. :bigsmile:
  • Natmarie73
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    Over the years I've pretty much gone right off any store baught foods mainly cakes, pastries, muffins etc especially shortbread and I hate that thick buttercream icing and fondant icing. Chocolate or caramel mudcake is also bleugh. I don't like fizzy drinks, processed cereals, processed fruit juices or melted cheese, any fast food smells and tastes foul to me also especially Subway and McDonalds.

    Unfortunately I love icecream of all flavours and pannacotta.
  • oedipa724
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    candy, cookies, cakes, chocolate covered pretzels.

    mostly sweets, which is my husbands thing. i realized though that when i bake him cookies i would cut the sugar in half (healthier right?), but the they became more palatable to me. i've gone back to the full sugar amount because i'm less inclined to snack.
  • metulchik
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    deserts! I don't like cake, pie, brownies or basically any type of pastry, except donuts. Donuts are awesome!
  • ApocalypticFae
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    Cheetos, most chips, store-bought cookies/pastries, and butter.
  • PatheticNoetic
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    black licorice.
  • positivesky
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    cake. cream. donuts, cookies/biscuits.
  • DawnieB1977
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    McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, pizza, white bread, store bought cakes.....
  • cheese haha :')
  • RunMyOregonBunsOff
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    Pizza. It's ok now and then but f it were up to my husband we would eat it every day!
  • Dont like a lot of fast food, chocolate, cheese doodles, and almost all pies except pumpkin