Over 80 pounds of weight loss. Results with Pictures.



  • blindedbyawesome
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    You look like a different person!
  • Great job!!! You look amazing.
  • jon40084
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    Well done - you've clearly done really well
  • stephenryan758
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    Thank you to all the new wonderful people replying. It means a lot to me. Friend request me if you want. Would be nice to keep in touch with people that I have something in common with. :)
  • Great job! Keep up the good work!
  • jos05
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    This is amazing!!! I know you have to be proud! Keep up the good work. :smile:
  • Wow! You look amazing, way to go!
  • Holy crap, you look great! Congrats!
  • jmartis21
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    Amazing! Thank you for sharing!
  • Fabulous! How inspiring!!
  • askeates
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    You look amazing, and the smile in your last pic shows how happy you are! Keep up the great work, and thank you for sharing :drinker:
  • JamieMommy1985
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    Great job! What a change, thanks for sharing!
  • sunshine11111
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    Awesome! Thank you for sharing and reminding me how it is possible to make these big changes and keep at them.
  • hungryshay
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    You went from normal looking guy to Mark Consuelos! Great job!
  • Jessikah_Elise
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    Great Job! You look awesome!! I always love seeing before and after pictures because it gives me hope! :D
  • Cheri0830
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    You look utterly fantastic thumbs up all the way, your a new person. Keep doing what your doing!!!

    I abosolutely love that its free, I have been logging everyday since dec 12 2013, and it has really been the answer for me, I can't tell you how many times I lost weight with WW and I was so tired of paying for something I knew how to do, this really keeps me where I need to be, I couldn't afford to do WW anymore, So thank You MFP, and I love the people you meet here.
  • ZimmerFly
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    Wow! You don't look like the same person. It takes allot of motivation and commitment to get such great results. Your story is very inspirational!!
  • stephenryan758
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    Thank you to the new replies. It really means a lot. I have worked very hard. I come home or wake up in the morning and always make sure to get my exercise in and follow my fitness pal every single day so I reach my goals for the week. Your words of encouragement really make me proud but I stay humble at the same time.
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    Amazing job. Keep doing work!
  • sassyjae21
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    You look awesome!! BTW- you saved your own life. MFP just helped you along the way. Excellent job :flowerforyou: :drinker: