What's for supper???



  • larrodarro
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    Tonight's supper wasn't what we had planned. I thought I had the rare Friday night off, so the wife and I were going to join my sister and BIL for a night out. But I had to work after all, so the wife and I went to El Jalisco in Blountstown before I came in to work. I had the Pork Carnitas {just like JessG11}. It was very good, and I ate too much. Thankfully I had worked in the garden all day so I had calories to burn. I still walked a mile when I got to work.

  • sparklelioness
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    still debating between Trader Joes Lemon Chicken Arugula salad, or homemade sloppy joes made with lean pork and manwich sauce, and a side of broccoli.

    leaning towards the sloppy joes.
  • I wanted to snap a pic of dinner last night but I was too hungry to go get my phone. I made Pork Chop Marsala with white rice and roasted asparagus. It was so good. Except for the mushrooms... I hate mushrooms. I like the flavor they add, but the texture is horrid. Good thing the wife loves them.
  • yallllah
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    Honey-Sriracha Salmon with Olive & Cucumber topped Salad


    Used the extra honey/sriracha/lemon juice dressing as the salad dressing, too. Best idea ♬
  • A homemade honey glaze but without the crushed pineapple and substituted the whiskey for Rowse Honey. It will be glazed over lamb with a side salad and apple juice. :)

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    Saturday is a cheat day, I'll either be having Papa Ginos pizza or some clam cakes :p
  • larrodarro
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    I have the local Creek Indian tribe and a wedding reception at work tonight. There is no telling what all kinds of food that will include, but it's a good bet it won't be low calorie. I've been walking all morning trying to build up a calorie bank.
  • Mischievous_Rascal
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    Tonight my hubby is grilling up some bacon cheeseburgers, and I'll be making a caesar salad to go along with it. I love sunny days!!!
  • Timelordlady85
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    black beans, spicy guacamole, basmati rice and tilapia filet.
  • asdowe13
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    Well since we are having a bon fire it will be weiners, salad, chips, and SMORES
  • Sinisterly
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    This. Again, granted I get up to finish my second serving.
    Did 2x the rice this time, same amt. of chicken breast.
  • 24lol25
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    I'm not sure yet. Perhaps some Tilapia? Or a microwavable meal lol.
  • Vixy1989
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    2 Chili Cheese Dogs and a salad
    2 Boiled all beef top dogs 220 cal
    2 Walmart hotdog buns 180 cal
    2 Tbsp Homemade Chili 13 cal
    1 Tbsp mozzarella 36 cal
    2 Cups Superstore bagged salad 15 cal
    2 Tbsp Kraft ranch dressing 140 cal
    Total = 617 cal

    Not bad for my hubby with his 2900 limit*, but I can't have snacks now unless I go walk for a few hours lol

    *He's super tall...
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    When DH came in last night he was too tired to eat (I have never ever had that problem!!) So, we will have last nights menu tonight. I did eat one serving of the chicken but there is plenty left.

    Cream cheese crockpot chicken (this is really yummy)
    Carrots and potatoes added to crockpot chicken
    Roasted Okra and tomatoes
    Roasted zucchini - and I might throw in other veggies also.

  • larrodarro
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    I ate with the Creek Indians tonight. I had a drumstick, deviled eggs, chicken enchilada casserole, coleslaw, shells and cheese with ham. There was no fry bread or filed peas this year. But even after walking two miles this morning, I'm still in the red. I guess it's a good thing there wasn't as much to choose from.

  • larrodarro
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    Swai fillets with mango pineapple salsa, grilled turkey sausage, sweet potato, mixed veggies, green beans, a tomato, onion and cucumber salad, {to which I added some of the salsa instead of dressing}. Later I had a slice of the low sugar Margarita pie. It was all very good.

  • Sunbrooke
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    Looks delicious!
  • larrodarro
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    Looks delicious!

    It was mostly leftovers. The fish, salsa and sweet potato from lunch. {My wife cooked while I was working in the garden} The turkey sausage was from a couple of days ago. I did prepare the veggies and make fresh coffee at suppertime.
  • larrodarro
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    I had two customers who were eating tonight. The Quilter's Club have a themed birthday party the last Monday of every month for any of their members having a birthday. Tonight's supper was purple themed, Purple cabbage, potatoes and corned beef, purple pasta shells, two kinds of blueberry desserts, and non-purple salad and banana nut bread. It was all pretty good.


    And our local Christian thrift store has a chance to buy the land and building where they are. They had a fund raiser tonight toward that goal. Grilled chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans and a yeast roll. Also good.

  • Rebamae
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    larrodarro could I come eat with you?? Your meals always look soooo good!!

    Tonight we had cooked cabbage, homemade sloppy joes (I really like this recipe)
    DH also had potato salad ( he always needs his potatoes!!) and carrot cake.

    I fixed a great salad for me at lunch:
    sauted imitation crab, added mushrooms, onions, cherry tomatoes & spinach!! I did not use any dressing as I used olive oil for the cooking - it was wonderful!