10 Things YOU Hate About Being Overweight



  • zeal26
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    1) Feeling frumpy and unfeminine
    2) Sweltering in the summer because I don't want to show my arms/legs/anything
    3) All the hideous photos on Facebook from last semester. AWFUL. Double chin, no bone structure in my face, huge thighs... boo.
    4) Trying on jeans for an hour and finding none that fit right. It hurts deep.
    5) People don't seem to respect me when I'm fat.
    6) Feeling embarrassed to be eating or buying ''unhealthy'' food in public
    7) Not going out with my friends because I have no going out clothes that fit
    8) Sweating like crazy after very short walks.
    9) My naturally huge calves being even bigger
    10) Constant shame, constant self hate, fear of going outside my house

    Difference after losing 20lb (25 left to go):
    1) Starting to feel feminine again now that my body is shaping up
    2) n/a it's not summer yet
    3) N/a haven't had any pictures of me since losing weight
    4) I can now buy jeans! And not huge legged ones, nice fitted ones that make me feel great
    5) New people respond better to me
    6) Totally cool with buying and eating whatever I want in public
    7) N/a friends and I in different parts of the world at the moment
    8) So much less sweat! It's amazing.
    9) They're shrinking! They'll always be big but I'd like them to be as small as possible
    10) I wore a shirt to town the other day and didn't cover it up with a hoodie.
  • melissaedgerlyrustin
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    1) Going shopping for clothes and having to go into the plus size dept
    2) Going out to eat and thinking everyone including my husband is thinking why is that fat woman eating that
    3) Looking in the mirror
    4) Getting on the scale
    5) Sweating all the time
    6) Not feeling sexy at all at anytime of the day or night which makes me never want sex
    7) The constant feeling of being a failure
    8) Seeing my shadow and thinking omg I am so freaking huge
    9) Seeing pictures of myself when I was thin
    10) Feeling ugly all the time
  • ShyPar
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    1. Feeling winded walking up the two flights of stairs to my room.

    2. Being afraid of ordering clothing online because there's a chance it won't fit.

    3. Thinking I'm being judged by others all the time.

    4. "Wow, you're so pretty for a .... big girl."


    6. My family's looks of disgust when I get seconds at get togethers.

    7. Not wanting to try to look decent because there's no point.

    8. Having to settle on clothes I don't actually want.

    9. Constantly hating myself.

    10. Not wanting to take pictures of myself. Ever.
  • dsb188
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    My major issue was the plane. I will have to fly for work and at 300 pounds 6ft I'm so nervous. I'm down from 350 but I'm still nervous.
  • 1. The worst feeling is when u believe a girl is better than u because they are skinny.
    2. My thighs are my problem area so wearing jeans and having fat under ur booty is like ugh, but its worst when ppl say something about that area like what the **** do u care and u hate urself at that moment and every single day
    3. Having a crush and feeling so self conscious u can't even talk to him plus putting urself down and thinking he will never like u because ur very over weight
    4. Feeling like the whole world is against u, like ur a weird out cast
    5. Exercising and a stick figure puts u down or competes with u to make u feel worthless
    6. Looking ugly in all the pretty clothes u like
    7. No bathing suits shorts or nothing with out feeling uncomfortable
    8. Not having boy friends cuz no one likes a fat whale cow fatass double chin pig
    9. Doing drugs and excessively drinking into depression cuz u hate ur life as an obese loser
    10. Comments from random strangers about ur weight and feeling like ur heart sinks every time
  • hatake_kakashi
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    1. I hate not being able to wear tank tops like Rick Yune (Chinese guy) in the original fast & the furious movie, even if my friends said look like him, i look like his fat version
    2. i hate it when people says it's ok you're tall, then in my head i will say, tall and fatty
    3. i hate it when i injured myself playing basketball and blamed it on not warming up but in reality, i think i got injured because i was too fat and when i landed all my fatness broke my ankles
    4. i hate being conscious of man boobs, not being able to go in a beach or swimming pool or take off my shirt like a hot guy
    5. i hate it when i see buff or fit guys, i get insecure
    6. i hate it that i cannot motivate others because i dont have the right to motivate others because im fat
    7. i hate it because i felt it's not me, it's not suppose to be like this, im more than this but i've lost battles with food and busyness at work and i paid the price
    8. i hate it when i see people play basketball at my gym and i can only look because if i play, mr. fatty may break his ankle again
    9. i hate it not being able to wear whatever i want
    10. i hate it when i think about my exe's and if they see me they will say, whow you got fat! i hate it!

    and i'm sick of it! Today my friends is a new day, new blessing, new opportunity to get what we want and deserve! so i'm committing to anyone who read this that i'm getting my **** together and will get my damn results before end of this year, i will hit my 185 lbs. goal, so join me if you hate being overweight, let's do something about it! Add me, let's help each other out. Take care and blessings to everyone!
  • Hannahp1402
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    1. Never wearing just a dress without skinny jeans or leggings!
    2. Dreading photo's being taken of me - dreading social gatherings because I know this will happen
    3. Going on holiday and being uncomfortable the whole time and not even going in the pool which I love doing!
    4. Knowing people must think that I am overweight
    5. Feeling embarassed of myself
    6. Hiding behind my three year old child and feeling anxious if she isn't coming somewhere with me
    7. Having to get my engagement ring made two sizes bigger when I got it - embarassing
    8. The fear that went through me on holiday when everyone wanted to go on paddle boats and I nearly cried
    9. That I am sure my daughter's teachers are waiting for her to get fat because her dad and I are too.
    10. The upset of looking at pictures of me when I was about 16 and not believing how slim I was - just wondering what happened!
    11. The feeling I used to get at social times when I knew nice food was coming and I was desperate to make sure I got some - the thought of sharing food aswell ... OMG! (Im over this now by the way..... :) lol )

    Well thats my motivation for the day, thank you !!
    BabyJUDYKAY Posts: 38 Member
    1. Being asked when my baby is due. (That's number ONE)
    2. Never wearing a bathing suit or getting near a pool.
    3. Clothing
    5. Amusement park rides
    6. Breaking the toliet seat
    7. Having to ask for a seat belt extension on the plane.
    8. Bad photos
    9. Dieting as opposed to eating anything you want and never gaining a pound.
    10. Having to wear comfortable shoes instead of stylish ones.
  • Makterbro
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    1) Thighs rubbing Together
    2) Not being able top shop at any store
    3) Not being able to keep up with my friends when we walk long distances
    4) Not feeling pretty
    5) Not being able to ear what I want
    6) Being picked on by family members "You need to loss some weight"
    BabyJUDYKAY Posts: 38 Member
    The 10 things I hate about being fat
    10. Feeling like if I wore shorts and a tank top and happened into walmart, I MAY end up on the "peopleofwalmart.com"

    I can totally relate to that one.
  • oboeing
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    i believe that these feelings can be fuel toward driving yourself in a positive direction. i try not to say "i hate" anything... however, i do HATE being overweight and the way it makes me feel, and that, in turn, helps push me to lose the weight.

    1. i hate feeling my stomach jiggle every time i drive over a bump in the road.
    2. i hate being stared at when i order a smaller meal or box up half of what came on the plate.
    3. i hate being told that i look like i've put on a few pounds, whether i have or not.
    4. i hate not being able to fit into 3/4 of the clothes that i own.
    5. i hate what being overweight has done to my self esteem. i am a fabulous person, and i need to let my fabulousity shine.
    6. i hate being out of breath every time i climb a flight of stairs.
    7. i hate how my roommate laughs at me every time i fall off the wagon and have a bad meal, and says "yeah, sure you'll stick to it".
    8. i hate being a yo-yo-er. my will power sucks. it is a constant struggle.
    9. i hate being told that i'm fine just the way i am. i'm not fine. i'm clinically obese, i have high cholesterol and suffer from sleep apnea. all at the age of 35.
    10. i hate that this has been a lifelong struggle.

    and i'm terrified that it will continue to be a lifelong struggle.
  • 1. Looking in the mirror and seeing a 3-month pregnant woman (I've never had kids)
    2. Dressing is all about camouflage, I hide my belly under oversized T-shirts
    3. Not having guys check you out
    4. No longer being able to shop online
    5. Feeling envious of skinny girls
    6. Feeling the rolls when I'm sitting
    7. My arms don't hang down straight at my sides - they always hit the side fat of my stomach
    8. Being fatter than all my sisters
    9. Wearing muscle tanks and having fat rolls showing on the side.
    10. Getting sore feet in high heels because of all the excess weight weighing down on my feet
  • Here it goes, I am 6 foot tall, and I used to weigh 190 pounds back in High School. 5 years after and I weigh 285 pounds and its totally depressing.

    1. Tired after going up the stairs/ Heavy breathing.
    2. Nothing fits me, and its extremely hard to buy cloths that look good.
    3. I hate myself.
    4. No girlfriend... girls don't even look at me. I haven't had a partner since high school.
    5. Depressed all the time.
    6. Hate the way I look in pictures now.
    7. MAN BOOBS.... Very sad one, girl asked me if she could motorboat me once in Vegas couple years back.
    8. I cant stop eating its like an addiction.
    9. My friends playing around scoop my man boobs playing around, and it really hurts inside... I am sick of it.
    10. I have considered to remain single my whole life...
  • ShellyC1985
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    I thought this could potentially be a motivation thread for some people. I read something like this on another forum and it was really inspirational. It reminded me of all the reasons I hated being fat. It also listed things you hate about losing weight, but I'd rather stay positive. :)

    So, list ten (or more) things you HATE about being overweight (or hated)!

    1. Sex, I hate being on top, because I feel like I'm crushing my poor husband, or that it jiggles too much. Esp. lately, it's made me completely self conscience to the point I don't even want to have sex.

    2. I have PCOS, so I'm hoping that when I lose weight, my periods wont be so wacko, and I might be somewhat fertile. Also, I have a lot of body hair (on my stomach) that I hate, that I'm hoping will go away, perhaps, when I lose weight.

    3. Having to lift my stomach to shave "down there"

    4. Being paranoid when I'm out that people are staring at me thinking "She's so fat and ugly." or "Why is he (my husband) with HER?!"

    5. Not having any energy

    6. Not feeling like I have self control and being disappointed with myself.

    7. Looking at pictures of myself when I was 170-180 and remembering thinking back then "I'm SO fat, ew. I need to lose weight." And now looking and thinking "Omg, I wish I was that weight again. I looked good"

    8. The fact it doesn't look like I have a butt at all. I'm really curvy, and I have a large bust and wider hips and teeny waist, but, my butt is smaller, and since I'm overweight, you can DEFINITELY tell. My fat rolls look like they're shading my butt. :|

    9. My double chin and turkey gobble.

    10. Being scared to get on an airplane, amusement park ride, or something else because I'm scared I'm too fat.

    11. Feeling like I'm the fattest person in this country, and getting stares because I probably am. (I live in South Korea, most people are stick thin here.)

    All of the above!!! But stick at it, we can all do this :o) x
  • chadya07
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    ok... 10 things i hate about being overweight (i didnt read the others after the op so i wouldnt be influenced)
    1. the flab on my inner thighs
    2. shopping means i am limited to the what fits my body right, not necessarily something that lets me express my personality. i am learning that more as my sizes go down, i didnt realize my whole wardrobe was a compromise until i had more options.
    3. pre diabetes
    4. the feeling that i dont have the right to be places, and do things... like go dancing, or be romantic. because i have always been told that overweight people are not welcome in a romantic world.
    5. my respiratory disease is much much worse when i carry a ton of weight and dont work out.
    6. my back hurt all the time.
    7. i would get tired an hour into a fun excursion. and want to go home.
    8. if a bad guy (or bad girl) was chasing me, or a tidal wave, or a pack of zombies, i would never survive.
    9. my son was learning bad habits from me.
    10. i hated that food wasnt solving my problems. and if fact was making them worse like a viscious cycle...

    what i love about losing weight... is that i have the ability to face all these problems and deal with them and not hide from them and bury them in a full feeling. and therefore clear space in my head for ACTUALLY solving my problems.
  • sawwah
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    1. I can't dress my age. I am limited by the size and color of my clothes.
    2. I hate sucking in my stomach. LOL :(
    3. I dream of running races (I did 5k, 10k before) but I can't do it now because I'm getting heavier.
    4. I lost the self-confidence many years ago, and so does my self-esteem
    5. I hate being sick all the time
    6. Being ridiculed, being laughed at, making fat jokes because it's easy
    7. Being confined to indoor hobbies (I'm good at crochet, cooking, drawing)... I wanna run again
    8. I miss being happy. Seriously.
  • Missjulesdid
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    1. The need for 2 deodorants, one for my arm pits and one for under my stomach and my "leg pits".
    2. Having a navel that is 3 inches deep (LITERALLY) and needing to put deodorant in it every day with a Q-tip to keep it from stinking and turning all red and raw.
    3. Wearing out the crotch of all my favorite pants because of Chub-Rub
    4. Having my inner thighs BLEED in summer while wearing a skirt because of Chub-Rub
    5. Not fitting into rides at the amusement park
    6. Exceeding the weight limit to bungee jump or ride a zipline
    7. Pain in my joints and feet when walking/standing
    8. ALWAYS bringing up the rear when hiking in a group and knowing that the group has to wait for me.
    9. Feeling tired ALL THE TIME.
    10. Having small things like cleaning a floor on my hands and knees seem like climbing mount everest.
  • lisajo89
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    I think this is a great idea! I'll give it a go:

    1) Not looking good in clothes
    2) Having to hold your stomach in all the time
    3) Flabby arm jiggle
    4) Feeling as though food controls your life
    5) Being out of breath after going up stairs
    6) MUFFIN TOP!
    7) Not being able to wear shorter dresses, skirts or shorts for that matter!
    8) The indent of your pants, trousers or jeans in your belly - seriously! I can see the actual zipper on my gut at the end of the day!
    9) Unecessary sweating
    10) Not feeling like you are worthy of love, because you can't love yourself.
    11) Having your dream outfit be something that literally all of your friends pull off on a daily basis... All I want to be able to do is wear skinny jeans and a tight white top. Then accessorise with bursts of colour!
  • xixshaiyaxix
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    1. not feeling sexy when having sex
    2. feeling like the public is wondering why my husband is with me
    3. deep depression and multiple suicide attempts
    4. it is hard to put on shoes with laces so I often wear sandals and slippers which makes me feel and look like trash
    5. having to wear pants with elastic bands
    6. shopping for clothes is hard and embarrassing/ having to locate the plus size section of every store and if there isn't a plus section having to leave the store and look for another one
    7. having to buy the ugly, plus size clothing, when I am 22 and should be wearing cute flirty trendy clothing that is youthful
    8. feeling sick all the time
    9. feeling tired and sleepy all the time/ being looked at like a lazy bum
    10. never eating in public because I feel like people are saying "she shouldn't be eating"
  • laurenz2501
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    1. Refusing to buy bigger jeans=living in sweatpants. Something I never thought I would do.
    Sex, I hate being on top...Esp. lately, it's made me completely self conscious to the point I don't even want to have sex.
    THIS. All day. Also leaving a shirt or tank top on during sex..
    3. Wearing a jacket constantly at work no matter how hot it is to hide my stomach.
    4. The other day when I went to the hairdresser. I was dying for her to put the smock over me and mortified when she took it off and I saw my stomach.
    5. Avoiding the mirror when naked at all costs. I just don't look anymore.
    6. Yesterday I was at a baby shower talking about my brother finding out he's having a girl. I said "I'm so happy it's a girl" and a girl I just met overheard me and said "...Are you pregnant?" "No, my sister-in-law is." "Oh I was gonna say! You look damn good for knowing the sex already!" Nice save though on her part. Had to hand it to her.
    7. Breaking zippers and buttons on things. No joke...just broke the zipper to one of my favorite hoodies the other day. Have gone through 3 pairs of work pants in the last year. (I wear a dreaded uniform.) Can no longer wear the button up shirts. Have resorted to the polo. :(
    8. Being sublimely happy to have found pull-up dressy black pants with no zipper or buttons...that's not right.
    9. One of my friends who I always viewed as being very overweight now weighs less than me.
    10. Feeling like I can't do it.