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Do you get hit on?



  • salembambisalembambi Posts: 5,654Member Member Posts: 5,654Member Member
    Does an old man telling me "My, you look mighty Savory today" count?

  • irleshayirleshay Posts: 102Member Member Posts: 102Member Member
    More when I was younger, not a lot anymore. When I was about 23 I got propositioned by a woman and man in a nightclub bathroom who said they were married. (I doubted that.)
    Nowadays if it happens I either find the person creepy or I'm caught off guard like a deer in headlights. lol I'm also not single.
  • DemetraDawnDemetraDawn Posts: 60Member Member Posts: 60Member Member
    I do, but I don't see myself as worthy of getting hit on, so its even more uncomfortable and awkward than it might otherwise be.
  • dcroberts3dcroberts3 Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
    Nope. You're really cute. I rarely get hit on too anymore since right before I got married. A lot definitely has to do with how you dress and making eye-contact with people. I don't make eye-contact with people I think might hit on me and when they do I keep on walkin! LOL. I will say that I worked with one girl (we were the only two 'young' girls there and it was with the public). I'd say we were comparable pretty wise and people asked if we were sisters. She was shorter (I'm not tall--5'5) and she was getting pretty chubby. BUT, she wore cleavage shirts and 'flirted' or at least acted flirty with everyone. She got hit on ALL the time! And me, rarely. Also, I do realize some people like girls a little more thick, but I think it was because I didn't act flirty at all and didn't make much eye contact. So, don't feel like it has anything to do with how pretty/fit you are!
  • SpeSHul_SnoflEHkSpeSHul_SnoflEHk Posts: 6,343Member Member Posts: 6,343Member Member
    Wow! I could have written this same thing about myself! Come on let's paddle this boat together! :)

    Hey! I've hit on you before. You just rebuff my advances.
  • chloeealiceechloeealicee Posts: 204Member Member Posts: 204Member Member
    Never ever ever but i get more than enough attention from my boyfriend to let that bother me :laugh:
  • EEfromJerseyEEfromJersey Posts: 219Member Member Posts: 219Member Member
    No I need some help with this.
  • redtreediaryredtreediary Posts: 69Member Member Posts: 69Member Member
    Does an old man telling me "My, you look mighty Savory today" count?

    Awww. You lost a chance to be Grandpa's Little Sausage!

    *runs away screaming*
  • SpeSHul_SnoflEHkSpeSHul_SnoflEHk Posts: 6,343Member Member Posts: 6,343Member Member
    Oh. And yes. yes I do.
  • generallyme2generallyme2 Posts: 392Member Member Posts: 392Member Member
    ^This. Getting hit on or checked out is nice even if you're not out to cheat or anything. I like to give and receive compliments from men or women because it's a nice thing to do and nice to feel like other people appreciate how you look too. I've walked up to random strangers just to tell a girl that she looks amazing in that dress etc.
  • surfinbird_1981surfinbird_1981 Posts: 946Member Member Posts: 946Member Member
  • HerbertNenengerHerbertNenenger Posts: 453Member Member Posts: 453Member Member
    The use of your bait, the cranking motion. The top water action. It has been expertly used.

    This is golden
  • MapleFlavouredMaidenMapleFlavouredMaiden Posts: 595Member Member Posts: 595Member Member
    ALL THE TIME! I have to beat them back with a stick.

    Same here, I'm not even joking, the women just throw themselves at me. It's a hard life to live!

    Yeah and you do a super job at turning them down too :p
  • JestiniaJestinia Posts: 1,165Member Member Posts: 1,165Member Member
    Rarely. Of course I do have my patented "Talk to me and I'll rip your face off" expression when I go out. I don't really like people much these days.

    Only problem is, a face like that gets to be a habit, and when and if I do decide I want someone to hit on me, I might be out of luck.
  • nurit1979nurit1979 Posts: 92Member Member Posts: 92Member Member
    I do and I'm not even that pretty or skinny. They are probably intimidated by your good looks :)
  • ryborybo Posts: 5,437Member Member Posts: 5,437Member Member
  • sarafischbach9sarafischbach9 Posts: 466Member Member Posts: 466Member Member
    You look great, by the way!

    I don't get hit on as much as I used to, which I'm fine with. I got hit on more and was stared down by men BEFORE I lost weight. Before I was 135 lbs ( I am 5'3.5" ) so I have never been overweight, but I had a curvy hourglass figure. There were certain things about my body I didn't like, which is why I decided to change it. For example, I didn't have a small stomach like I do now, and I got bloated easily. I still get bloated now, but not to the extent I did back then. I also didn't like the roundness of my face ( sorry for rambling ).

    I lost almost 30 lbs.... just about done now, or else I will get too thin. I'm about 108-109 now and have dropped 4 cup sizes in my bra, so that might be why I don't get hit on as much. I also suspect I look much younger now so men might think I am a minor. In fact a lot of people think I am 16 or 17, but I'm 25.

    I am glad I am not bothered as much! It is nice to know on occasion that you look good but when it gets to the point that you're being hit on all the time, that gets annoying.

    I think men might not hit on you because your body might intimidate them. After all, you look very toned and strong. But I wouldn't worry about it either way!
  • bzmombzmom Posts: 1,352Member Member Posts: 1,352Member Member
    Yes not often but yes and the two times that I know of girls checking me out my husband was the one that caught it and told me. LOL!!
  • NikiaSueNikiaSue Posts: 287Member Member Posts: 287Member Member
    Does an old man telling me "My, you look mighty Savory today" count?

    Awww. You lost a chance to be Grandpa's Little Sausage!

    *runs away screaming*

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