Super awesome cardio that ISN'T jogging....



  • lisaabenjamin
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    I actually do like running but I'm out with an injury at the moment so I am using the elliptical and the ski-machine-thing (what is it called?!?) at my gym until I heal enough to pound the pavements again. I was quite surprised to find that I do actually enjoy both of these things, whereas I hate running on a treadmill. Weird.
    I also like Pop Pilates videos on YouTube - the trainer mixes up cardio with pilates moves. It BURNS SO GOOD!
  • goldthistime
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    Tennis! I call it "accidental fitness". So busy chasing that ball around that I don't even think about how hard I am working.
  • Holly_Roman_Empire
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    Hiking, heavy bag or I just lift weights faster

    Basically this.

    I do spinning if I have a movie I want to watch.

    Step aerobics is something I am passionate about. I'd like to teach my own class someday or have a youtube channel.
  • 12by311
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    My HIIT includes sprints but also kettlebell swings, kettlebell snatch, 25 lb ball slams, carry 25 lb ball overhead lunges, goblet squats, and stadiums.
  • Holly_Roman_Empire
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    i'm surprised no one said swimming yet.

    Swimming isn't available for everybody, but I wish it was! I love it when I can!
  • JoRocka
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    jump rope
    stair master
    barbell complexes
  • Jim_G10
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    Tried running, didn't like it either.

    I waste a perfectly good 4 hour walk trying to smash a little white ball into a hole 18 times - on a regular basis!!!
  • msbeeblebrox
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    My cardio includes some running but only to stay in enough shape for obstacle races once in a while. Otherwise, I like circuit training, biking, walking, and hiking. When I used to have a gym membership, I loved the rowing machine as well.
  • joeyzuraski
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    Focus T-25. Easy cardio to do 25 minutes a day.
  • ironanimal
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    Walking, swimming, sex, bar complexes, sledgehammer
  • jonnythan
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    Mountain biking
  • MrsG31
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    -Dancing - Zumba, BodyJam, latin ballroon, swing....or just free-stylin' it in my living room with the kids
    - I used to LOVE riding my bike all over when I was younger. Not only was it a way to get around without asking my parents to take me somewhere, but I loved the wind in my face, the freedom. One day I hope I can get back into it

    I have a lot of friends/family members that are runners. Most of them started it not to lose weight, but because.....not sure. I just don't get it.
  • SingingSingleTracker
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    So for all the non runners...please list the cardio you LOVE to do!









    And above all, this...

  • Hornsby
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    Cycling...always cycling.
  • drmcglone
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  • links_slayer
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    sex - when done right, that is.
  • litsy3
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    I like running. :smile: And am not trying to lose weight, except maybe a couple of pounds, to help me run faster.

    But otherwise, cycling and hiking are also good. Basically anything you can do outside.
  • AllOutof_Bubblegum
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    But I guarantee you, you'll hate it a thousand times more than you ever hated jogging. It's hell. Sheer, torturous HELL. But it makes the legs nice. :wink:
  • laserturkey
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  • i'm surprised no one said swimming yet.

    Swimming is awesome if you can do it outside. But I find swimming laps in an indoor pool can get pretty boring after awhile. Eventually it becomes sort of like running on a treadmill except you're drowning too.

    IMHO any cardio that can be done outside is pretty enjoyable. Perhaps try finding some nicer places to exercise, like parks?

    HA HA..I literally laughed out loud at the drowning comment..

    I actually enjoy running.
    Rock Climbing.