What's the worst thing you ever ate regularly pre-mfp?



  • beamie2687
    beamie2687 Posts: 95 Member
    Mine was (and still is) velveeta queso and tortilla chips. I could eat a cup of queso at a time. Granted, I would typically eat nothing else that day, but the thought of that gelatinous cheese in my body is not an imagine I want to think about.

    I still eat it sometimes, if it's available but I definitely don't buy it for myself. Remove the temptation, remove the activity!
  • LaLaVee13
    LaLaVee13 Posts: 54 Member
    Wow! Where does one fit an entire pizza?! I rarely make it past one piece. Obviously I didn't get fat off food, but rather alcohol! Never drank in my life til 7 years ago and since then til the new year I gained 91lbs. I'm not an over eater or a lover of junk(unless I'm at a certain point in the month) yet cutting out alcohol I only lost 6lbs in 5 months.

    (91 pounds of surplus from just alcohol? That's a lot of alcohol.)

    Yeah. A LOT! Yikes!

    Yup. Like an entire bottle of Malibu mixed with diet cherry Pepsi a day at least 3 days a week.. Mostly 4 or 5 though. Makes me sick to smell the stuff now.
  • lollipoprincess
    lollipoprincess Posts: 117 Member
    Chick fil a...
  • ashliij
    ashliij Posts: 54
    Pumpkin pie.. lots of pumpkin pie. And cheesecake. I could probably eat a whole pie of each a few years ago, provided I was running on an empty stomach. I'd probably vomit after two slices now, though. Still delicious when made correctly.
  • ashandstuff
    ashandstuff Posts: 442 Member
    Two pints of Ben & Jerry's icecream....in one day. :love:
  • Snapshotgirl
    Snapshotgirl Posts: 56 Member
    Holy cow, I've got to stop reading this or I'm gonna fall off the wagon big time! But my answer: McDonalds. I loved that place.
  • choochoobell
    choochoobell Posts: 147 Member
    Lots of soda, bread, and pizza at least 2 times a week!
  • scorpiophoenix
    scorpiophoenix Posts: 222 Member
    Chocolate coated tootsie rolls. Dollar Tree had them in the "theater style" boxes and I'd have a box a day. Before that it was mini pecan pies. One a night. Man I love sugar.... lol
  • DivaJadelyn
    DivaJadelyn Posts: 280 Member
    Buffalo Wings, an entire order (usually 10 wings) all to myself + Ranch. Those usually range in 1900 calorie range by themselves, and that was one meal.
    AHASRADA Posts: 88 Member
    Once a week I ate lunch in my car while on the road all day. My typical on-the-road lunch:

    a sandwich (packed from home, supposed to be my entire lunch)
    KFC popcorn chicken or zinger chicken wrap
    a full-size bag of Reese's minis
    a box of chocolate donut holes
    a quart of chocolate milk
    pretzels and/or additional chocolate

    In addition to this weekly binge-fest, I ate 4 peanut butter and nutella sandwiches and half a bag of cheddar flavored Rold Gold pretzels, every day, on top of my normal meals.

    BTW, I still eat lunch in my car once a week: 5 cups of broccoli, a piece of salmon and brown rice :)
  • AwesomeGuy37
    AwesomeGuy37 Posts: 436 Member
    Buffalo Wings, an entire order (usually 10 wings) all to myself + Ranch. Those usually range in 1900 calorie range by themselves, and that was one meal.

    I had 12 Buffalo wings for breakfast. @640 calories. The breaded ones are evil .. (Bwah-haha I said evil)
  • amirahdaboss
    amirahdaboss Posts: 921 Member
    Goldfish and Oreos. Damn them
  • SKME2013
    SKME2013 Posts: 704 Member
    Mc Donald's.
  • lovelyMYlovely
    lovelyMYlovely Posts: 1,066 Member
    pop... hot Cheetos... any flaming hot chips... I learned how to make red lobster biscuits so I make those regularly. I used to buy whole cakes and eat it myself within 3 days..... candy...etc..

    im not fat though so... its not a big deal... but im def not healthy...!! so .. that's not good
  • Slinky_BraveHeartBunsOfSteel
    Slinky_BraveHeartBunsOfSteel Posts: 10,278 Member
    Whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted... :blushing:
  • JessieSky
    JessieSky Posts: 79
    Basically any sweets and not exactly in moderation. Cheese, too, I could eat sooo much cheese. Soda was a big thing, too.
  • YoshiZelda
    YoshiZelda Posts: 340 Member
    Hot fries. Any flamin' hot chips really, in large amounts lolol.
  • brevislux
    brevislux Posts: 1,093 Member
    I've never been overweight and never ate at large quantities (I came here for fitness). But the worst thing must have been cookies almost every day.
  • MelodyandBarbells
    MelodyandBarbells Posts: 7,725 Member
    Large thin crust papa johns pizza, chicken, green peppers, pineapple I think. Wing zone couple orders of wings, both ranch and blue cheese sauce, chicken strips, and I forget if they're the ones with that waffle style fries. Pretty much every other post on this thread I was like year I used to eat a bunch of that, too :blushing: I don't think these foods are disgusting at all, I just probably couldn't control myself around a whole box of them. But if a large group of us are sharing I'll indulge.