• ginakiki
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    Ice cream Ben & Jerrys...Hagen Daz.... Cake Cupcakes.....hostesses products twinkies, cupcakes.... ho hos ...and drakes products devil dogs good
  • Graelwyn75
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    Anything with the combination of wheat and sugar basically.
  • kellyyjean
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    Definitely Chips! I can eat a whole bag of Wise by myself in one sitting! :bigsmile:
  • Stilllosing26
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    Anything with vast amounts of sugar in it, once the packet/tub is open and I've got the taste for sugar the binge will ensue and only end when the packet/tub is empty.
    ice cream
    anything sugary :sad:

    We are twins!
  • Stilllosing26
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    I'm envious you each only have a couple of foods.

    If my taste buds perk up and say "ummmmmmm" when I take a bite, then WHOOSH, that crap is GONE. Down the face hole.

    Peanut butter is the worst.

    And yup, whole jars, me, hiding in a room with a spoon, just taking "one spoon at a time"

    Or an entire box of granola bars, or little Debbies. Anything lunch-snacky

    A pan of brownies, one at a time.

    Cereal... who was it that said you can eat that stuff forever and not get full? I KNOW, right?! I'm a cereal junkie, and I will eat ANY cereal. ALL of the cereal. One bowl at a time, bowl after bowl....


    And Krispy Kreme hot donuts are made by Satan. Who mentioned them? Oh... so good. My daughter and I saw the hot donuts sign last week, u-turned, and got the dozen, which is 14. Six made it home to hubby and the boy. The rest were eaten in the car. Mostly by me.

    You are literally my twin
  • Jess732008
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    What food do you have to keep out of the house? For me it's birthday cake oreos. 1 chocolate or golden birthday cake oreo, and I can't stop. This sets me off on a binge!

    dairy, sweets, peanut butter ( major problem) junk food in general
  • Jess732008
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    chocolate moose track ice cream, white cheddar popcorn with cayenne pepper sprinkled on it, dove minis, m&m's

    That reminds me. Baskin Robbins peanut butter chocolate ice cream is definitely a problem food. Fancy chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I ate almost a whole cake when I was a lot smaller.
  • Jess732008
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    Sugary cereals are a killer! As well as Nutella! And reeses!

    I had Nutella once and I really think it is glorified chocolate candy.
  • Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies... mmmmm. Thank god I went gluten free!!! Now they can't get me anymore! :P
  • JasonKnight85
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    Buffalo wings and beer. I could have that every day for the rest of my life and still couldn't get enough!
    Ohhhh i'm right there with you on that one! Love hot wings with ranch for dip and beer.

    This ↑ oh how I love me some hot wings and beer, esp. while watching hockey... and chili, soups, and stews. Comfort foods.

    What helps me the most is not eating those kinds of foods, and if I do, making them from scratch and measuring everything out by weight or volume, and using higher quality ingredients without adding extra sugars or salt. Recording what goes in is an eye opener for sure.

    I've come to appreciate so many other spices for their unique flavors and qualities... I think it's made me not only a healthier eater, but a better cook also.

    ***Forgot to mention only making enough to serve a single serving for my family... cause when it comes to things like chili it's so very hard to stop at just one bowl.
  • LassVegas
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    Bread. I'd shoot it right into my veins if I could.
  • LB30
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    Craft beer!
  • ibleedunionblue
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    Ice cream.
  • AwesomeGuy37
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  • DavePFJ
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    chocolate covered cabbage
  • Feliciapooh
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    Cookies,Cookies and more cookies!!
  • Anything involving chocolate
  • Stilllosing26
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    Nutella, Peanut Butter, Marshmellow fluff, cookie dough, cake, ice cream, hot fudge, cupcakes, reeses, birthday cake oreos, golden oreos, milkshakes, fudgy things, BIRTHDAY CAKE. Yuuummmmm
  • Stilllosing26
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    Cookies,Cookies and more cookies!!

    I hear ya!
  • emmanap91
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    Lay's Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream chips. I could eat the whole bag if I wanted to but I have to limit myself to a small bowl.

    Reese's peanut butter cups miniatures. If I have a big one I can eat one or two. But if there is a bowl of small ones out, before I know it I have a pile of wrappers in front of me and I didn't even realize I'd eaten so much!

    Cupcakes. I didn't care about cupcakes until a couple years ago, I would have none or maybe one if we made a box of them, but now I love them.

    Mrs. Field's Chocolate Chip cookies. We have a recipe to make them at home and I could eat several cookies if I wasn't paying attention. The only time I ever buy these is if they're at the 99 cent store and they have a macadamia nut or something other than the chocolate chip ones we make fresh at home.

    Mulligan. Macaroni noodles, tomato sauce, ground beef, and maybe a little cheese. It's comfort food from when I was a kid and I usually want 2-3 bowls of it when it's made fresh (leftovers aren't nearly as good).

    all of those things are on my list as well, except Mulligan - my family has a similar dish: "Football Casserole" (because it was quick and easy, so my mom made it on nights my brother had football practice or a game when we were in highschool) is basically almost a pound of cooked shell or elbow pasta, a can of campbell's condensed tomato soup, 1/2 pound of cheddar cheese, and cooked ground beef, all mixed together in a casserole dish and baked until crispy on top.

    I make it about once every month or two. I limit myself to one "portion" per day because it's very high cal. Unlike your Mulligan, Football Casserole leftovers are just as delicious and addicting as when it's fresh haha