Those who started at 300+ pounds!



  • osothefinn
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    Was 485 pounds in January 2013. Down to 388 now. You can do it!
  • LassoOfTruth
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  • kcn1972
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    I started at 310 back in Aug. I felt the exact same way, but you just have to be patient and I promise, it will come off. I wish it was coming off faster, I am only down to 275 as of this morning, but I know that the slower I lose the better chance i have of keeping it off. Hang in there!!!
  • salvaje913
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    I started at 310 lbs around January 15th. I am now down around 258 and halfway to my current goal of 200 lbs. It is slow going but is possible!

    I stick with logging and going by what MFP tells me less 300 cals for an error margin and I have walked/jogged at least 2 miles everyday.

    Good luck!
  • jymmeh
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    Joined january, gave up, restarted for good in March-ish. Started 437 lbs now 386 lbs and still dropping. Doing Zumba, walking, Have abowflex TreadClimber. I se a fitbit Flex and a Polar FT4 HRM.
  • sugarkissprincess
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    Starting weight was 279 that I recall, I got closer then that but that's the last number I saw when I start losing weight.

    Now @ 170, Goal 150

    It's achievable .. you just have to be strong and discipline yourself.

    Good Luck
  • Nuks37
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    I started at 412 pounds, currently go between 230-235 depending on how many beers i have on the weekend. It took me about a year to lose 170 pounds. Worked my way up from walking 3x a week (30 mins.~ 2 miles), to now walking 7 days a week. (1 hour a day, ~4 miles).

    Cut out the fast food, started eating a lot more chicken and healthy snacks (greek yogurt), salads, etc, and it eventually just comes off. Be active!
  • AleciaG724
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    I started at 327# in April 2013 and now weight 246# after 13 months. You can do it too!! Here is a link to my 1 year progress post for some tips:

    OP deactivated her account - but hopefully we can all still motivate each other to keep going and meet our goals!
  • eazy_
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  • die2fat4love
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    I started at 386. It is not a quick road or an easy one but I have lost around 200 pounds. You can do anything you put your mind too! Good luck!
  • CrimsonDiva93
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    Wow! Congratulations. You are an inspiration!
  • SFDonovan
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    April 8th, 2014 I was at 319.2. Today I'm at 308. Not bad for a little over a month. Started tracking my calories on another site, but came here a week ago. Much of my success as been Les Mills Body Pump and keeping my intake on or around my target. I have found it better to not weight myself everyday. High sodium days makes me retain water and my weight can shoot up a pound or two which is depressing.
  • livinatthegym
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    started at 330 and in 1 month 2 days im down to 292.5
  • Brumhilda
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    You are all my motivaters. Started at 307.8 but typed in the wrong number, so it says I started at 303.8. I am bound and determined to hit 199, though 150 would be amazing.
  • CrimsonDiva93
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    I'm glad this group exists. My starting weight was 316.2 and it's a week later and I am 310.5. I am tired of starting again and again. My goal is to get under 199 and then I will close in on my final weight.
  • Tamzy00
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    I was glad to see this post. I am 5'3" and my highest weight was 341lbs. I joined a medical weight loss clinic, found a medication that works without making me sick. I've been in the program for 45 days, turned 40 last weekend and have lost 26 pounds so far. I'm eating healthier than I ever have in my life and I feel great. My clothes are even starting to not fit me anymore.. and some fitting better :) Despite recommendations for surgery from family and doctor, I am determined to do this without surgery. So far so good. Would really like to make some friends to learn from and share tips and advice.
  • pajouey79
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    Started at 327 and now am going between 297-301ish. Maybe we can motivate each other! Looking to see the 290s soon I hope, but let my diet/exercise slip. :grumble: Feel free to add me!
  • Brumhilda
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    I'm officially under 300lbs...i weigh 299 now! woohoo!
  • emienne
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    I started at 304 lb (138kg) in July 13. I'm now 233 (106kg)... My goal weight is about 143 (65kg), but anything under 153 (70kg) would be great I think. The first 25 pounds came off easily but the rest have been agonisingly slow regardless of all the added effort I'm putting in. On the positive side, I can move around much more easily now and am fitter than I've been in more years than I care to admit to! I no longer have terrible back pain, no longer struggle to put my own socks on!
  • Smurfette4eva
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    I'm 338...yeah. This is my first week. I'm afraid to actually weigh myself. You know by the off chance that I didn't lose anything.