Need to lose 100+



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    Feel free to add me. I am on everyday! Love to give and receive support!
  • I am not sure how to add friends etc on here. I am not on facebook but I need help as well. Just reading the few messages that were posted have helped encourage me. I started my fitness pal awhile back and did it for a couple of days. Had some tragic things to deal with the past year and still dealing with them somewhat. I need to lose 100-120 lbs. I am 55 and having some knee problems the last few months. My doctor said I will have to have a replacement but wants me to wait until I am in my 60s. In the mean time I have to get the weight off.

    I know we can do this!!
    After all, its the only body that we will ever have!
  • sassynkp
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    Any of you looking at/have had weight loss surgery?

    I would be lying if I said it hasn't crossed my mind, but I know people who have had both gastric bypass and lap band and it only worked temporarily. Initially they did well, but after about a year- back to old eating habits. A former coworker even had gastric bypass and then after gaining back about 50 lbs went back to have a revision and is again above her ideal weight. My cousin and his wife had lap band done and are now heavier than before the surgeries.
    I also know people who have had success and are maintaining. It ultimately comes down to relationship with food. It is a life saver for some. But it is still hard work.
    So for me rather than having surgery, I decided to change my relationship with food. Surgery will not help me with my emotional/ boredom eating.
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    I have heard both good and bad results with the surgeries as well. I am scheduled to have the "sleeve" next week. I have heard some great things. I am also in a complicated relationship with food. I have to be on a liquid diet for 2 weeks prior to surgery. I am currently on day 8 of my liquid diet. The first few days, I was so hungry/emotional/cranky......I felt like I had lost my best friend... Now I am feeling much better. I know there is a thin person somewhere in there. I always joke that if I was thin, I would never wear God made me chubby to keep me out of jail for running the streets nude....hahahaha!!
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    Me Me Me! I need to lose 100+ and I am digging this MFP. It's holding me accountable
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    Everyone add me to! I am 75 pounds away from my goal!! can use all the help i can get lol
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    Count me in.
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    I began the pre op diet June 4th, 2014 and had sleeve surgery September 23, 2014. I have lost 100 pounds since surgery and a total of 120 since last June. I still have another 100 to lose but I am confident I can reach my goal. For me, the most important thing is counting calories and carbs and every bite is recorded on MYFITTNESSPAL. I gave up bread, pasta and rice and it really hasn't been too difficult. Now, I am dealing with sagging skin and considering plastics when I reach my goal. The sleeve has changed my life:)
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    Everyone here is welcome to add me, too! I'm needing to lose at least 130, hoping to lose 155 total. :)
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    Anyone is welcome to add me! I am on daily and I strive to encourage and motivate my beautiful MFP family! :flowerforyou:
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    I'm looking for additional support/motivation. Would you be interested in adding one another?
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    I hit my highest at the beginning of April (260 lbs.) and I set my goal weight at 160 lbs. It's made all the more frustrating by the fact that at the middle of 2011 I was sitting at about 190. This is a frustrating and challenging road to walk and I'd welcome all the support and friends that want to join me along the way!
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    Sadly, I have reached that point where I need to lose >100 pounds.. I never thought I would get here. (being laid off sure doesn't help!). I really have to do something about this. My wife is due with our 3rd child in 2 months (she is 43, 9 year sibling gap, oooops!)... so just another little source of stress. I want to make the most this site.

    Feel free to add me if you wish.
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    Anyone is welcome to add me! I'm 44 lbs down and have another 60 to go until I hit my reassessment goal--depending on body composition, I may try to go lower. (My current set goal is still in the "overweight" range for my height.) I'm on here regularly, my diary is open to friends, and I enjoy supporting others. :-)
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    After flaming out a couple of times, I am back here, want to rebuild my support base, and finally lose the +100lbs I've been talking about for 20 years. Oy. <shakes head> Please add me.

    Time flies people. Take charge now.
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    Count me in, please. I have 100 more to go!
  • Feel free to add me. Got a 130 pounds to lose.
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    I am on my way to losing 100 lbs if you want to add me. I have 68 lbs to go
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    Feel free to add me, not only the OP but anyone that posts. I love having more friends on my page for support and motivation!

    I have a total of 60lbs to lose, I'm just doing it in chunks so it's not quite so overwhelming! :smokin:
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    PB&J or whoever stated this, it sound like lots of people want to join you on your goal. I too have been off an on this site for quite a while and now am again re-starting. I am posting to follow your great sucess, I know you will provide me with much needed support and company. Add me if you like.